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    Voxel Box

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    How do make VoxelSniper work with permission node? I want snipers that are able to snipe in a creative but can't snipe in a survival world....
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    Using /b or /vi or /vr or /v doesn't work.
    It says "Invalid name. Player not found!" So this basically makes VoxelSniper impossible to use.
    Also, /Voxelinstall or any /voxel commands don't work It just says something like "need to write the help", so I had to manually download a VoxelSniper.jar from this thread and I don't even know if it fucking works.
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    What does it say when you type in /voxelplugins
    ScreenShot would be appreciated.
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    typing /voxelplugins gives me this:

    Also thank you for the replies.
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    Any errors or messages from VoxelUpdate in the console / log ?
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    No. To clarify, it actually says ' Could not find plugin "VoxelSniper" ' when I type "/VoxelInstall VoxelSniper"
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    Stop your sever.
    Find: \plugins\VoxelUpdate\VoxelUpdate.properties
    Delete that file.
    Find: \plugins\VoxelUpdate.jar
    Delete that file.
    Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/564/171/VoxelUpdate.jar
    Stick file in /plugins/
    Start server back up.
    Tell me what /voxelplugins tells you now.
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    Both VoxelUpdate and VoxelSniper now work :)
    Thank you for the help!!
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    Worldedit: //fixwater
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    Use /b d and set /v to water, it works.
  15. Hey

    I just set up a bukkit server with the Voxelplugins from Voxelupdate. I want to use the Voxelsniper to create an adventure map however when I installed the Voxelsniper plugin I don't have the arrow and gunpowder. I have put my account name on the admns.txt file and in the sniper.txt file. I have a feeling I am forgetting something to give me the arrow and gunpowder but I couldn't figure it out.

    Any help as to how I will be able to get the arrow and gunpowder from Voxelsniper in my hotbar would be greatly appreciated.

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    Kill a skeleton to get Arrow, kill a creeper to get gunpowder.

    Or, you know... you can simply spawn those items, or get them from the Creative Mode inventory screen.
  17. D'oh... I feel a little stupid right now :p Anyway it's working like a charm, thanks for the help and great job with the plugins by the way <3
  18. Is there a way to use a brushes that instantly "kill" all flora ?
    While terraforming, i usually try to remove all tree and flora (17, 18, 31, 37 and 38, at least) but i'vent found a way to do that in 1 pass ... multiselecting replacement material is possible ?

    Eraser brush seems to worlk, but it kills also ore veins wich i want to keep ...
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    There is an Include -- Exclude performers, also you could try the erase brush. /b erase
  20. do you have any doc on include/exclude performers ? there is not a single reference into the wiki ..?
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    I'm having a problem with the replace feature and such, I'm trying to lay down some water without touching any surrounding blocks. The commands I'm using are:

    /b vd mp
    /v 9
    /vi 0
    /vr 0

    This should make it so that the water only replaces the AIR correct ? If that's the case and I'm not doing anything wrong, why is it still deleting the blocks to place in the disc of water ? I'm trying to fill up a lake here. >_<

    Edit; Nevermind I fixed it, but I have one more question, is there a way to use the INK performer to replace flowing water to stationary water ? I've filled the lake but there's large patches of water flowing that I want to be stationary so it looks more natural ?
  22. sure :
    /b d i (disk ink)
    /vi 0
    /b 10

    enjoy fixing water :)
    this could be use to fill a lake also, you just need a block of water a the right height.
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    Thank you, thank you good sir ! :)
  24. przerwap, could you consider adding some preset slot mechanism in vs ?
    for example :
    use /d (wich take no parameter today ..)
    /d [1-0 ] save -> save current brush parameter in slot 1-0
    /d [1-0] clear -> clear slot (dont think this even usefull ..)
    /d 1 -> recall slot 1 brush parameters
    /d -> reset value, as usual.

    any thought ?
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    With the new world format rolling in eventually, I'm wondering what'll have to change for VoxelSniper (and VoxelPort) to work with it. Would VoxelSniper's devs have to change anything, is it up to Bukkit to maintain functioning plugins through the level format changes, or both?
  26. oh, another suggestion ;)

    Frost and defrost brush
    Frost brush put snow if there is nothing above (not under a tree ...) and ice water.
    Defrost, kill snow and turn ice to water :)

    /b frost, /b defrost.
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    I keep getting an error with Sniper.
    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling VoxelSniper v5.123 (Is it up to date?): org.bukkit.plugin.PluginManager.registerEvents(Lorg/bukkit/event/Listener;Lorg/bukkit/plugin/Plugin;)V
    I've replaced the sniper files, I've tried updating it with the voxelupdater nothing seems to work.
    Any suggestions?
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    Hey, could you please update to R5? :)
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    Can you please update your plugin to the R5 builds? :D I can't use R5 builds until your plugin is updated to support it because I love this plugin.
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    Is there a way to enable logging. I would like to keep track of some of my less experienced users, and would like to see which brushes @ what sizes they are using, and other relevant info. That way I can tell without logging in if they are really messing things up. Thanks, and awesome plugin!

    just do /b df for a round disc that faces you. it will do both vertical and horizontal placement. just add "f" too the end of a brush. If this wasn't useful or correct, could someone more qualified answer.

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  31. try making a ticket on bukkitdev webpage ..

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