[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    It should do...
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    The single snipe can already be undone. The new undo system features sign undo, which will also replace the text on the sign. Neat stuff.
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    Wait, you mean it can be undone in the next release, right? Because it doesn't seem to work with the current release. And the sign undo is awesome! Looking very much forward to the next update! :D
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    Yes, that's what I meant.
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    Ok, cool, hope it comes out soon :)
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    Even if you are an OP, VoxelSniper does not care. You need to add your name (case senitive) to the snipers.txt file in your plugins/VoxelSniper folder. You will continue to get this error until then.

    Edit: also, question, I know there are ways to replace it afterwards, but I am using the Erode/melt brush with Gunpower on a dark wood (ID 17:1) but the logs added are just normal wood. Could you find a way to allow the melt brush to remember the "ink" number of the blocks it is affecting?
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    After 1.9/1.0 update we expanded borders. Now we can clearly see where old and new map begins by strange line. (See DynMap). Is it possible to soften that border with VoxelSniper?
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    Well, it would be possible to soften it, but it would take a long time to go around each border and make sure that it looks natural. especially on some borders I have seen on my server, where the border might be around 40 blocks tall in some places. It would definitely be possible to soften the borders though!
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    Reposting, since it got swallowed within all the other posts.

    To the developers of VoxelSniper:

    I love your plugin, and it's become a mainstay of removing ugly buildings and stuff. However, it shares commands with mcMMO, the (/p) command. Therefore, we can't use party chat on the server and global is getting crowded. Could you change the /p command to something different? Like /perf?

    Thanks a bunch, guys :)
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    So you are telling me that the creator of mcMMO is stupid enough to use a single letter command for chat communication? Within a party of people?? Rather than much more efficient and quicker to use chat symbols?? Seriously is it not easier and more familiar for a player to type in "!Herp derp, I'm in party chat" or maybe "@Derp herp, guild chat hiar" Seems pretty stupid to me if you have to "/p Herp derp, I'm in party chat"
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    Nah, the /p command just toggles between party chat and non-party chat, you don't have to actually type it every time. That would be terrible, I agree. But anyways, I've tried getting nossr50's attention to this matter (the creator of mcMMO), but he seems to have ignored my posts or not seen them amidst the rest of the posts in the mcMMO thread. I don't mean to be a bother, but would it be possible to switch your /p to something such as /perf?

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    when i use a command (adding a sniper) it always gives me the command! and i cant do anything, please help!!!!
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    The idea here is that the command is short like that for a reason; it is used A LOT every day. Now how many times a day are you going to switch between party chat? 5 ? 10 ? maybe 20? It doesn't need to be short, as it's not a real-time need. I'm not sure how Bukkit's alias system thing works, but if it is per-plugin than you could try to alias mcMMO's /p to some other command name. Tell me if you get anything figured out ;)
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    I think you need to add you name to the sniper.txt file. It's case-sensitive, so you will need to include any capital letters in your username.
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    I mean, I switch between party and admin and global chat a shitload, being the admin, so personally its used a lot. But I get what you're saying about it being short for a reason. I'm caught between two devs wanting their command to be short because the functions are used often D: And no, mcMMO unfortunately doesn't let you change the command for /p :/ I guess I will try nossr50 again to see if he will either add the changeability of the command, or just change it to /pchat or something.

    EDIT: is there some way to turn off /p on voxelsniper? I just use really basic brushes and stuff anyways.
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    Yeah, you can open the VoxelSniper.jar with something like WinZip or WinRar, and simply open up the plugins.yml that is inside the jar and remove the /p command entry
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    SWEEEEEEET. Thanks a bunch, man. Crisis avoided!
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    No problem ;)
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    thanks! when I tried /addsniper it wouldn't work, but your idea did! thanks!
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    I'd love a responce to my question..which I feel is significantly less silly.
    I was kinda shocked the erode brush didn't remember the "ink" number already. Or is there a performer I can add to it so I get the right kind of Log?
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    The erode brush is programmed in a very fast way of doing what it does it stores the id's of blocks in an array and than performs recursive actions on that data to achieve the affect that you get from the erode brush. To include data values we would have to double the work the brush needs to do, which is pointless imho when all you have to do is change those logs temporarily to sponge, use erode, replace sponge with log of choice by using 'mc' performer.

    You could hop on our Ventrilo (info about this is on our wiki) and ask one of the brush makers to either make an erode brush that accounts for data values, or to make an erode brush that works with performers, which would be interesting.
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    Every time I type a command such as /b jockey, or /b e lift, it always tells me "No Such Brush". Can someone help?
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    I´ll need a german translation pls!
    PS: That´s a very awesome plugin!(so it looks like)

    Sorry for my english im german :D
  25. someone please confirm...

    entity spawning of ender crystals wit this plugin? not to be confused with dragoneggs or anything else but the animated crystal entity in the endworld
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    Id like some help

    How do i snipe a ball of gravel on a landscape without having half of the ball replacing the grass/dirt on the ground
  27. /d
    /b b
    /p mm
    /vr 0
    /v 13
    /b 5

    Snipe !

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    /b b mm -b5
    /v 13

    Snipe !

    " -b " is a 'global brush parameter' which means it can be included within any brush selection command After the brush name

    There are 4 global brush parameters:

    -b[number] -- sets the brush size (equal to doing /b [number])
    -r(optional decimal number) -- sets the snipe range or toggles it's current state if no number is provided
    -l -- toggles lightning mode
    -e[material ID or Name] -- adds/removes a material from the /ve list

    If say I was using the erode brush and wanted to set my brush size when I select it and also use lightning mode you could:

    /b e melt -b17 -l
    /b e -b17 -l melt
    /b e -l melt -b17

    The order is irrelevant as long as it is a valid global brush parameter it will be read and won't disrupt any existing regular brush parameters
  29. great ! less command, more sniping :)

    [edit] and VS seems to works with 1.0.0 B1566.
    (haven't tested the ruler tools however ...)
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    need help plz ! voxel melt or smooth doesnt work what do i do?
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    need details before we could even start to help.
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