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    Voxel Box

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    Dead Fred

    i know that i just thought it was over complicated
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    You should understand that this plugin was made FOR the VoxelBox. Przerwap just decided to release it publicly.

    The permissions in place are much simpler than SuperPerms or PermissionsEx or anything else, because all you have to do is type a name into it, instead typing blah.blah.blah.blah and so on and so forth. I don't see what all the fuss is about.

    People have become far too reliant on permissions. Perhaps when my txt-based permissions system is done, people will change their mind.
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    While that is true, Przerwap wants it to be the best plugin now, as was mentioned before. I imagine it being showcased at MineCon had something to do with that. Therefore, I was stressing how important it is SuperPerms support is implemented.

    Simpler does not mean faster. Putting in a permission node and have it automatically apply to a user group is much, much faster than putting everyone from user group into a text file while making sure it's all capitalized appropriately. Furthermore it is very easy to move someone into that permission group.

    Doubt it.
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    I just think permissions is a good system for the moment, especially for command seperation per world and for command limitation. I know Przerwap said something about some "VoxelBox Permission" system that exists on the VoxelBox server and I would be ok without permission support if I could somehow access these "VoxelBox Permissions" but I cannot, unless they are some plugin I have overlooked somewhere? And about creating your own permissions system, it's fine by me, but until it is released, I would like some kind of permissions that work with the plugins already out there...

    And I am glad that Przerwap decided to release this plugin publicly, it has made my Minecraft life so much easier :)
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    PLEASE Update! I have got wierd errors. Not errors in console. But I think it would be fixed if you update. THANK U
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    Voxel Box

    General Question Answers:

    1. Download link?
    Click the wiki documentation on the top. You'll need to READ that, and look for the download link on the right hand side.

    2. Update?
    We will update when a Bukkit RB for 1.0 is out. We understand that Bukkit is "out" for 1.0, but we're only developing our plugins for 1.0 when the RB is out (RB = recommended build).

    3. Why does it say "Example:blah blah"
    You installed VoxelSniper wrong. Check out the wiki documentation. Links in the opening post.

    4. Bug!
    We're aware of about every bug. If you're on 1.0 and there's bugs, don't complain. We only support build 1060 (auto-install). You can add 1.8 blocks in the items.txt up to build 1337.
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    You shouldn't expect us to conform to your needs. We do not have to, nor are we going to. If you don't like it, why not learn Java and make a tool like this with Permissions support? :)

    Separation per world is not an issue. You should only give this tool to those you trust, and those who would not abuse it. Command limitation isn't a problem either. There are both LiteSnipers and Snipers, which for all intents and purposes are "groups". Why would you want to give someone the ball brush but not the voxel brush? They can both do the same amount of damage.

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    I don't know if you noticed, but I'm hardly in the minority when it comes to wanting SuperPerms support. Clearly the author(s) care about their end users, and there's nothing wrong with having a discussion about a desired feature.

    Because... why? Because you said so? No, it's actually a pretty big issue. It's another feature SuperPerms is capable of easily providing that we can't get with VoxelSniper, and it's another reason why WorldEdit is the superior plugin at the moment.
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    I must disagree with you. If you can't trust people enough to not snipe in a world where you don't want them to, perhaps you should not allow them to use it. I explained this in my previous post, but you must have overlooked it. We do care about our end users to a point, but not enough to redesign the plugin to work with permissions, when our server is going to get rid of permissions permanently soon. You must understand that it's not as easy as it sounds.
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    Yeah, that's true, I think it might be easier and faster for others with far more experience in Java than me to make the Permissions support though, since I have almost no Java experience... But if that's where this is going to go, I might go off and learn Java :)

    Yeah, I agree that sniper shouldn't be given to people you don't trust, but with a small server like mine, I think that it would be nice if everyone could have sniper in the creative world, and not the survival world, even including people I don't trust as much, so that they could build big projects or do experiments with things in creative. That's the main reason I would like per-world separation anyway, and despite what you say, it can be an issue sometimes.

    Although fairly similar brushes such as the voxel and ball brush can do about the same amount of damage, I don't want someone misclicking with oceanator in my survival world and making the main town an ocean since that brush can't undo... would really suck for me, and could have easily been avoided with permissions.

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    How Come I just get a list of commands when I try a command? I know im doing the command right.
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    Have you considered that perhaps not every server works the way you would run it? I 'overlooked' it because it wasn't relevant - not every server admin is in a position where he can put his full trust in every single user he hands out commands to. I'm not the kind of person that can know upwards of 50 people well enough to know nothing will go wrong.

    Furthermore, the lack of SuperPerms support makes it difficult to provide VoxelSniper as a creative tool while keeping it limited in survival.

    I can accept that it's a lot of work. But being told something isn't a problem because of the way you guys personally do things is endlessly frustrating.
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    Agreed :)
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    This plugin is awesome in every way of terraforming. However there is one annoying glitch. Sorry if this may have been repeated by other but I just feel like to point it out just in case. The annoying thing is that when Im using the masking tool to create 2 layers of grass, it effects the caves under it as well.
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    So 1) I finally got a localhost server going, and I'm having a blast with VoxelSniper
    already made Pride Rock and a canyon while I was experimenting.

    and 2) Re:
    I'm using the latest release versions of Worldedit and Vixel sniper, and I confirmed the problem, BUT, the block reappears shortly. Not like it blinks right back after a second, I've had time to switch to the block that disappeared and replace it before it came back, so it takes a little bit.
    I can't speak for the Dev version of worldedit, but in the release version + VoxelSniper, it does come back......eventually... :-p

    and re:
    you are not in the snipers.txt file yet. Even if you are an OP you need to add your name to that.
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    Lunar Delta

    While it can be frustrating at times, one simply has to look past it and be thankful for what they have. People should understand that VS (and Doop, More, Mover, etc, etc) are developed first and foremost for Voxel Box members. They then release some of them here as a courtesy; just to be nice. However, that doesn't change the fact that they are not developed "for us", they are simply released as-is. You can't expect people who are already as busy as they are to add a bunch of special features for an entirely different and unassociated userbase. Yes, I don't like it either, but I do accept it.
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    I understand that, and hopefully we will be able to allow the oceanator to be undone(it may already be undoable, our latest build is 5.08 and we added new undo features). Don't fret, if people occeanate a town, you may be able to undo it, no promises though.
    As for multi-world, I suppose I will look in to that. I could probably allow disabling in certain worlds, without having to implement loads of permissions. I'll have to talk to peter about it.

    I didn't say it wasn't a problem, I completely understand what you need. However, implementing permissions support would require loads of work. I could probably allow for disabling sniper period per-world, but I will have to talk to przerwap about it.
    We don't want you to be like us, we want you to do your own thing. But you should understand that things like this are not in our best interest, as we are completely doing away with permissions eventually, and we don't want two separate builds of VoxelSniper.

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    I cannot use the brush, i dont know why, i have put the names of the ones i want to they can use, also my name, but when i type /v 1, than i get an error that i need to set a block or something, and when i boot up, i dont get a line from that it is enebled or something, really weard, and i watched two diffrent movies to install, i did the same as they did, but it did not worked! help me please
    Ip's are:
    Hamachi, 2/6

    btw, i get this error:
    /v 0-94
    Example: /v 1 -- loads the sniper with stone blocks.
    while i type /v 1
    what is my problem??

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    Fast question, how do I make leafs stay on the tree longer away from a wood block then normal?
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    Yeah, I could settle for per-world permissions, and I also hope that the oceanator can be un-done someday, as I hope the snipe brush can be un-done too :/ Anyway, thanks for all your patience on this issue, and I hope that maybe someday full permissions might come, although I won't hold my breath... :)

    Two separate builds of Sniper would be a pain, and permissions would probably make sniper an even bigger file and slow it down more, but it would be very handy for server owners who have multiple worlds or who want to only allow certain brushes in worlds.

    I am definitely glad that the people at the VoxelBox have released this plugin, but I understand that they have a lot to do, and that they are busy with other things. I also understand that permissions would be tough to add, but it would be a great help for others running sniper on their server, and who knows, it could just make sniper more popular than WorldEdit... :p I am accepting that sniper might not have permissions for a long time, or maybe it might not ever have them, but I would like to try to get them added, and I like the idea of sniper having permissions for all the other people out there to use. (myself included)

    Oh, and sorry for the very long post.

    This can't be done with sniper, and if you watched the world tree video on the original post, I think it was mentioned that another plugin was used to make the leaves not decay. I think to fix this issue you would need to use another plugin.

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    Okay, thanks :)
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    Ok, i have fixed my problem, i typed my name wrong :p.
    it needed to be Tashafi, and not tashafi :p
    Ip's are:
    Hamachi, 2/6
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    I do not know about your voxelsniper plugins information, Which rank have full power? LiteSnipers.txt or Snipers.txt?
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    Can i set a hight limit or something???
    i want some more hight in my server :p

    and what is that sparkling stick btw?

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    Snipers have more power than LiteSnipers.

    You cannot increase height limits on servers without client modding, so this plugin (or any other besides maybe Spout) cannot change the height limit.

    It is the VoxelBox server's texture for gunpowder.
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    thanks ;)
    ill install spout than, hope i can increase my hight :p
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    Ok, spout is a client mod though (and a server mod), so everyone connecting to your server must download spout and run minecraft through that, and I'm actually not sure if spout can change height limit, I just thought it might be able to...
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    ok, i made a giant tree, but when i use the shb brush to dig it out, it doesnt works? wtf
    please help me
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    This is a hollow-out exclude-based replace brush: Any block within the brush area that does NOT have at least one face exposed to the /vr Voxel Replace material is replaced with the /v Voxel material.

    (Taken directly from the wiki on sniper from the first post.)
    To hollow out anything with air so that it just has a 1 layer thick wall, you would set /v 0 and /vr 0
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    so, when i have /v 0 and /vr 0 set, and than /shb than it works?

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