[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    Like I say, I saw you demonstrated on the Craftbukkit panel at minecon (well, the videos of it anyway) and I instantly paused the video and sought you out.
    I think people would much rather have one plugin that handles everything of a similar ilk than lots of them to do it all individually, (less parts, less chance of things going wrong) That's my theory anyway.
    I only have WE so I can use WorldGuard and WorldPortal effectively (tho like i say, Copy/Paste is useful).
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    I found it thanks :)
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    Voxel Box

    You could use VoxelPort instead of your other portal plugin...
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    You should add optional permission nodes. Like in the config they can turn them off and only use the admn.txt or only use permissions.
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    I don't see why World edit and voxel can't co-exist. I am very used to and familiar with a few key features that, while might be included in VoxelSniper, I really can't see my self using voxelSniper for them, because working with imaginary cubes that WE uses are more predictable that imaginary spheres.
    That being said, there are a whole host of things I always wished I had in WE that VoxelSniper has awesome implementations of.
    For example the Erode Tool. Yes, WE has a smooth tool, but that only works for mountains, not overhangs, ever try smoothing the underside of a floating island? (Spoiler, it doesn't work very well)
    Another point. WE is, compared to Voxel, not terribly hard to grasp; the limited and simple features make it ideal for my server for a number of reasons pertaining to the users on it.
    Were as Voxel, is rather mind blowingly layered and pilled with feature, just looking at the list of brushes made my head hurt a bit. It really is like photoshop in that it can do damn-near anything if you know how to do it.
    I think I've said this in this thread before, but if I haven't, I will say it now
    Please think about making a SinglePlayer version.
    I just want to be be able to play with and mess up with out worrying about killing something on my (very populated) server.
    Seriously, if me throwing some cash your direction is what it takes, I will do it. I have money, and this pluggin looks fantastic.

    And to everyone begging for a 1.0.0 update, and saying "other servers have bukkit 1.0.0!", that is NOT a "recommended" build, those server are using it/testing it at their own risk, and are finding bugs in it regularly, and no pluggin developer in their right mind will release a pluggin for a bukkit build that is not the most stable, recommended, build.
    (well, no pluggin developer with a large pluggin that is, I could see really simple 1 or 2 feature plugins doing it)
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    Yeah, I agree with you. Seriously, we run WE on The VoxelBox ... I have no problem with sk or his work, nor have I ever seen him as an enemy of any sort. But I'm just getting fed up with all the fighting over 'which is better' so that's why I will simply have to make my plugin be the better one.
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    ...making your plugin the "better one" wouldn't happen to include making a single player version........would it........?

    Regardless, competition is the mother of... ingenuity?...or something like that....? Whatever. I'll be keeping an eye out!
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    I'm sorry but these two posts I'm quoting just have very conflicting attitudes. The former expresses that the plugin is simply being presented 'as-is' for the good of the public so everyone can use them, while the latter expresses a desire to make the plugin the best choice.

    As it stands, WorldEdit is a better choice for me not because of the feature set - but because it doesn't add to my workload. You want this to be the best option, but at the same time, you expect server admins to have to open a text file, add a user name, and reload the plugin every time they want to provide this tool to a new user, unless they want to provide to everyone with no restriction. That is not at all feasible for me, and I'm sure it's not feasible for many other server admins.

    You can double the amount of brushes VoxelSniper has and it won't make it better than WorldEdit until you support bukkit permissions.
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    Voxel Box

    Would you not want a plugin that is presented for the good of the public to be the best choice?

    If you want to give someone a toned down version of VoxelSniper, you can do it all though an in-game command. /addlitesniper <name> will put a user on the list for LiteSniper.

    I do not think that opening a text file and adding a name is too much of a hassle compared to all the hassle of what permissions is.

    It's terribly difficult to convert this plugin to single player (harder than you can imagine). One thing you can do, however, is run a local bukkit server (you don't need to open up ports - just connect to your local ip, or something) and put VoxelSniper in. Then it's just like single player!
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    Hey just wanted to say, we are making a Roleplaying Server, And without Voxelbox it would be Impossible to do, I have so many ideas for this, But NONE! could be possible without you guys, I think i speak for the Entire MineCraft community In just saying that the work you have done and will do in the future is just mind blowing. Keep it up and can't wait to see what else you guys Have up your Sleeve...
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    Glad you enjoy my work ;)
    Perhaps you might be interested in VoxelMotion when it is released, 'tis the next thing to fall out of my sleeve
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    that wasn't the answer I was hoping for :-(

    I've thought of the local server-thing; my laptop didn't like it last time I tried. I may steal one of the family desktops next time I go home for the holidays.
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    It's just more busywork. The thing I hate most about running a Minecraft server is all the little things you have to do maintain it, because the need to do them occurs often, and it feels more tedious each time.

    Permissions is not any more of a hassle than your text file system is. It's just user-groups, and specifying what user-groups can do what. You're essentially just moving the work for the initial setup, while making it so that a server admin has to maintain both rather than just one.

    So yes, it is too much of a hassle, absolutely.
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    Absolutely! I think that would be amazing, Every since that video of the gorilla ive been following it can't wait. Btw, I hope you have been able to notch the lag parts down a bit on it.
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    Lunar Delta

    You really seem to be blowing it out of proportion. It's really not that much work. If somebody really needs to snipe right now I will simply give them temporary permissions with the /addsniper command, and then add them to the text file later, time allowing. Yes, I would like SuperPerms support, but it's nothing so serious as to require a real complaint.

    Since VS is pretty much my favorite plugin ever, and I consider myself something of a VS evangelist, and more than a little skilled at sniping, I'd like to invite you onto my testing server sometime for a demonstration. I think that if you actually saw sniping in action, you'd feel a little differently than you do now, because truly, there are many things that VS can do better and faster than WE, and even some things that WE can't do at all. Don't get me wrong, I love World Edit, have it on my server, and I'd be pissed to have to give it up, but when it comes to certain things... well, it simply doesn't measure up.

    The reason I take an interest in this argument is because I've had it before with other people. Most notably with my friend JadedWolf. We often meet up to either share information, discuss problems, or commiserate about stupid users. He's a big WorldEdit fan and will talk about it at length if you let him. He's never used Voxel Sniper, but is still convinced that World Edit is the superior tool. I've shown him VS in action, but he either ignores it or claims to be unimpressed. I am still working on him. I *will* bring him around, sooner or later. ;)

    PGenesis.com:50500... I hope to see you some time. I assure you, you won't regret it. Hell, maybe we could even have a little competition, eh? ;)
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    this work with 1465?
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    Can you also make permissions? (something like Voxelsniper.snipe, what I can put in permissions EX)
    Because I have multi world in my server, one is creative and the other one is survival.
    Now the names I've putted in the file can use it in both worlds.
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    Okay, now imagine having to do that 5-20 times a day and you might see why it's a real complaint.

    It's not a problem for their server because they have their own permission system apparently. The rest of us administrating large servers have to put up with tons of busywork to allow the appropriate people to use VoxelSniper. The plugin needs SuperPerms support.
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    It has been nearly a year now of VoxelSniper, if it was 'needed' it would have been there a long time ago ;)
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    That is the worst kind of logic. Most people don't run large servers. Voxel Box is a large server - and it has its own permission system. Obviously, having one cuts down on the workload. So clearly, it is needed, because it has a form of permissions support already - just not anything we can use. Let the rest of us have that same benefit.
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    We don't have any special Permission system that wraps around snipers.txt. snipers.txt IS the permission system. And yes, we are a very large server and no, it's not a hassle for any of us to include a name of an individual trusted enough to carry the loaded gun that is VoxelSniper. If you wish, I will include an "permanently-addsniper" command that will add said individual to the snipers.txt.
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    I guess that will have to do. I really don't understand the aversion to SuperPerms.
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    I think the main thing that permissions on this plugin would be used for is if you want certain users to be able to use certain brushes or performers but not others, or if you want users to be able to use this plugin's features in one world (e.g. creative) but not another (e.g. survival). In the VoxelBox, I believe you don't have a survival world, since the server is mainly about inventing and building awesome architecture. (I may be wrong there with my limited knowledge of the VoxelBox server) Anyway, I would definitely like some users to be able to use a simple disc brush in my server's creative world, but perhaps not the oceanator brush, or the heat ray brush, which is why I think permissions will really improve this plugin's capabilities.

    Thanks for the really cool plugin!
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    To the developers of VoxelSniper:

    I love your plugin, and it's become a mainstay of removing ugly buildings and stuff. However, it shares commands with mcMMO, the (/p) command. Therefore, we can't use party chat on the server and global is getting crowded. Could you change the /p command to something different? Like /perf?

    Thanks a bunch, guys :)
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    It keeps saying that the kit does not exist or is improperly defined.
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    This is a very good point.
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    Dead Fred

    on the right side on the wiki is a download link, it isn't that hard to find.

    Hmm, just a question about materials and data values,

    Why are "Materials" just the item id's and if you want to have e.g. a colored wool you need an "Ink".
    Wouldn't it be simpler and faster if there only where materials, so color wool would be 35:datavalue.
    What is against this?

    Great Plugin btw.


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    Lunar Delta

    I am assuming you're asking about this because you want to place pre-colored wool, or objects that will already have a specified data value. You can do this with the "combo" performer. For example, /b v c will give you the ability to select a data value, a block type, and paint cubes of the desired color wool directly. Can be adapted to other brushes, e.g. /b d c, /b b c, /b el c, etc etc.

    You are not doing it correctly. Please check the snipers.txt file in plugins/voxelsniper and make sure your username is entered in the file. Keep in mind that it is case-sensitive.

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