[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    So will you guys be ready for the Minecon release? Also, is the latest build compatible with RC2?
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    That's up to the Bukkit guys
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    So as long as CraftBukkit is updated for the release and you guys have the suitable build ready, then yes...?
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    If they update even pre 5.0 VoxelSniper should work.
    I don't have to update anything if the API remains the same
  7. The topic only says #1060. Can I conclude from the activity in this thread that it still works for #1337 though?
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    Mang, your a "Plugin Developer" of all people you should be one of the few that understand that the Bukkit API receives little to none revisions in it's core parts. Especially something like how commands are sent, or a PlayerInteract event...

    So yes, it works FINE
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    So the vl command lets me make a list, but I am not sure how to make that list the replace list. It still only replaces things that are set with vr.

    Also, just wanted to say, this plugin is way better than sliced bread. WAY better. Especially with 1.8 blocks =)
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    The plugin can always use all of the blocks in any new version, they just don't appear on the items.txt list automatically... but you can still use the new blocks if you crouch+click at one.

    Also you need to use the include or the exclude performer which are the ones that use the list.

    /p xm (eXclude material)
    /p nm (iNclude material)
  11. @przerwap
    But you can't know unless you test, can you? So I prefer to ask to make sure ;)
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    If there isn't an update: It works.

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  14. This is a problem for me also. (i'm aware of the case sensitive nature of the snipers.txt file and it's not that which is causing the problem as far as i am aware)
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    I am really good with the Voxel Sniper commands, i know its caps sensitive. Just isn't working right
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    very nice and ife no even downloaded it!

    searced through EVERYTHING ON THE WIKI
    i just cant find it!
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    Try the top of the first post?
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    I have WorldEdit 4.8 DEV and this VoxelSniper. The wooden axe is bug out when both installed. It won't just select the block but it deletes the block at the same time... well I am in creative mode flying with single hitting.

    It works fine with WorldEdit alone installed without VoxelSniper.
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    Never had the problem. I thought WE was at least made well enough to allow you to select those cuboid things from further than reaching distance ...
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    I am evaluating VoxelSniper for my server and was watching the "Making a Simple Road" video where the speaker says - "We're not going to use WorldEdit because it would just make a big square and that wouldn't look very natural." (paraphrased)

    Then, he proceeds to go through numerous operations to achieve what he could have done with WorldEdit in about 2 seconds with no risk of chewing out the side of a building with a 12 voxel diameter disk of air by using WorldEdit's wand (wooden axe) to select 2D plane regions (2 clicks) and set them to block id 0 (air) with a single op (//set 0). Then, it is similarly easy to select the underlying plane and set it to block id 3 (grass). You might have to repeat a WorldEdit region set once or twice, at most, to pick up stray corner blocks. But, WorldEdit lets you work in very large, clearly defined square planes or cuboids - extremely quick to build and tear down.

    I'm not saying VoxelSniper is bad - I'm sure it's great. But, this particular video is inaccurate in its presentation. In fact, considering all the time it wastes with needless clicking and extra operations, it is a better example of why to use WorldEdit INSTEAD of VoxelSniper. And, it's clear the presenter doesn't have a good grasp of WorldEdit, or he wouldn't have made the comment in the first place.
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    I don't know whether you are trying to troll me, but I will explain this to you clear-like:

    ONE: This video was made waaaaaaaaay back in January right about the week that Bukkit got released for the first time.

    TWO: plusnine (The speaker in the video, also an Admin of The VoxelBox) is correct in his statement, even now after 10 months. If you used WE and it's cuboid (notice the word 'cuboid' reflects a 'cube') selection you would end up with a massive rectangle. Now, I don't care if you are stupid enough to think that square (composes of 90^ angles) terrain is natural, but it IS NOT. He used a disc, as it is round, more natural, and gives a curve to the terrain making it look and blend in more with Notch's generated terrain.

    THREE: If you were to reproduce the same terrain with the //set command of WE it would not take you "once or twice, at most" It would take you countless 10's of left-right click + type command. Why? Because you can 'create' a circle with a rectangle, but a rectangle != circle, thus it would take you countless more operations to achieve the same effect with a rectangle.

    FOUR: With WE you have to select two points (from arm's reach, or else you need to use MORE commands) and than you have to type a command to tell it what to do with them. VoxelSniper allows you to perform actions on areas between two base points, which you can select from any distance away, simply by selecting the two points. And you may repeat as much as you wish. So even if you wanted to recreate that rounded terrain with WE by using rectangle selection tools, VS would still be the superior.

    With that simple statement you have undermined and contradicted all of your statements. What this statement tells me is that you are judging a book by it's cover rather than reading it and than evaluating. You say that plusnine has no knowledge of WE, whilst with this statement you clarify that instead YOU are the one with zero knowledge of the opposing plugin.

    And finally --
    Grass is ID #2
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    WE and VoxelSniper both works together and they both function differently.

    Structural buildings and long distance WordEdit has it advantage.
    World recovery such as //regen and //save //load //undo //redo /fixwater /fixlava //drain has it advantage.
    Simply //regen is the most powerful tool I ever seen.

    Now VoxelSniper, they are prefect tool for landscape reshaping, Dynamic smooth structures not cuboid. Such as modelling monster, sculturing mountain into shapres, scattering blocks in air. Instead of using WE which leaves big cube everywhere.

    Both combine is like.

    Photoshop (VoxelSniper) + Dreamweaver(WorldEdit).
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    Is //regen like some kind of Chunk re-generation command? Also Sniper can fixwater, and drain, faster imo.
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    Thanks for letting me know that VoxelSniper has those fix too. I started using it for a day so far.
    //regen is a chunk regeneration of the selected cuboid from your wand tool. It is buggy sometime if you have hollow structure under it and try to regen just the surfaces you will end up bunch of lava, water and mine rail, spider web and wood floating around.
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    Ha, I think I have a chunk generator brush. If not, I'll have one next update ;)
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    Lunar Delta

    Personally, I use Worldedit for "rough" work not requiring great precision, such as setting large flat areas to a single kind of block, or doing mass block replacements when exactness is not needed; things of that nature. I use Voxel Sniper for most everything else.

    Also, I see my comment about VS in the reviews section! :D You can put my name on it if you want, I have no issues giving my full endorsement to this awesome plugin.
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    Its true that selecting in World Edit breaks the block if they are both installed, I've had both installed forever though so I never knew that was a bug, its easy to just replace the 1 block though. lol.

    Anyway voxel sniper is amazing :D Thanks for the great plugin!

    Edit: also I noticed the /b set works different from //set with world edit, world edits seems to be more predictable, voxels has something to do with which face of the block you select
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    The gunpowder selects the block adjacent to the face of the block you selected, whilst the arrow selects the block itself.
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    I love this plugin so much.
    I use it er'ryday
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    Thanks <3

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