[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    Meaning hMod didn't have any of the fancy plugin bullshit.
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    What does that have to do with you not having the file in the correct place. Backwards compatibility? Look where that got x86 architecture. And what's the problem with using the old location as a failsafe location?
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    Wow, your logic is so flawed that I'm not even going to explain this to you.
    I'm ending this pointless conversation... now. I expect you to close this window
    within the next 3 seconds.
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    I must say that RamTam really was right calling you a kid, oh well.
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    Hey man, you can sit here and argue all you want, but your kiddie-script plugins won't be getting anymore users than they already have. On the flip-side of the medal though, my Plugin is getting many more hits thanks to your constant bumps.
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    Wow are you really 13? :) I do my plugins for my own server for two people and that's it. How do that even has to do with our discussion is beyond me.
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    I made my plugins for myself as well. For me and Ridge, but that still doesn't change the fact stated above.
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    True, you still have snipers.txt in the wrong place :p
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    There was not right place in hMod, only a /plugins/ folder.
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    That is true, bukkit also did not have it till later releases. But that really does not change much, I moved my config files too.
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    Not to butt in, but what does a forum join date have to do with how old a plugin is? Seeing as you're only a day older forum wise than Plague. :)

    Now the initial reason for my post! I read elsewhere in this thread that some form of permissions would come once Bukkit implemented their own permissions system. Well, it's here! Can we expect anything of the sort in the near future? :D

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    The plugin was started long before bukkit. Other than that, the plugin has a snipers.txt and a litesnipers.txt what else do you need?
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    The ability for individual permissions, there really isn't much needed to understand about that. Specially with VoxelDoop, would be nice! :D

    Also, that's why I asked how a forum join date has anything to do with a plugin, or why that was even brought up. ;[
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    What individual permissions?

    Also, this is the VoxelSniper thread not the VoxelDoop thread

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    Didn't the /b over d[#] command cover over air too ? Such as you'd point at dirt and it'd fill everything underneath it with dirt including the air below it ?
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    a little time laps made :)
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    ok i get the /b 5 example error thing. i have checked multiple times to see if my os (mac os x V 10.6.8) is hiding the extension to the file, but no matter what it seems to not work. how would i check? and if there are permissions that is probably what i am missing.
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    I need help... my VoxelSniper, while i was trying to figure out how to use the erosion brushes decided to just kept doing the following whenever I tried a VoxelSniper command.
    /b select-radius
    Example: /b 5 -- sets a radius size of 5 (11 spaces across).
    Example: /b idr -- sets an ink disc replacement brush.
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    question why i don't have any erosion brush the only one i have is random erosion brush but all the other brushes are their any guess why is this like that i really hope u can help me running buckkit 953
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    It's almost like he hates everyone *shrug*
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    Nah, this one wasn't their fault. Turns out an error in my Permissions Plugin was preventing any other plugin from functioning properly. Voxel works now. Now I just need to give myself all the permissions I need...
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    Hmm, is there a way to change the brush item? i could see some serious consequences to using arrows and such as a brush on my server. haha.
    Unless I overlooked it, and it IS an extremely long wiki... Regardless of an on-page search.
    Could you point me in the right direction here? I really need to change it.
    Thanks :)

    Oh, and i just spotted a minor bug... it's creating Snipers.txt in the wrong location.
    It's putting it in the root of the plugins folder, rather than in the voxelsniper folder, with the other config files.
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    Not a bug, as discussed above.

    As for the item I don't see why anyone would need to change from using the arrow as it has no in-hand use whatsoever other than what VoxelSniper provides; same with the gunpowder.
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    Am I the only one that didn't miss this?

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    I know lol my mistake lol
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    Just some annoyances that I have encountered since starting to use VoxelSniper:

    • You can not target anything when above or below the build limit. (I run into this when building tall things e.g. mountains) e.g. Being above the build limit so you can edit your build and see the big picture at the same time.
    • When using brushes on the bottom of the map, (Tested with "b", "v", and "blob") any part of the brush that normally gets cut off below the map gets put at the top of the map. Example, these pictures:

    It also does this when placing blocks near the top, in the same fashion.

    I love your plugin and use it all the time, on multiple servers. Keep up the good work <3
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    I just keep getting what I get when I type /b even when I type /b 5
    or anything

    any help?

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