[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    found a weird bug with jockey brush, when riding someone, if they warp all my chunks un-load, and won't reload, no errors in the console, Craftbukkit:953

    what exactly does the force brush do, it only moves me around blocks

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    Love this plugin. Don't know if this has been suggested but a Density brush. It would work like the Shell ball but instead of removing blocks it changes certain one depending on what you put the percentage to.
    Stone 85%
    Coal 5%
    Iron 3%
    Gravel 4%
    Dirt 3%

    For a realistic looking and Mineable hill/mountain.
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    I need help, im trying to delete all the chests in a map essentially because of something we dont know, opening a chest crashes the server but newly placed chests dont so whats the best way using voxel sniper to delete all chests in a 5000x5000 area? thanks
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    do like
    /b 500 (big bush)
    /b vr (brush replace)
    /vr chest (replace chest with)
    /v 0 (replace the chest with air)
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    Voxel Box

    there are far more efficient tools than VS for performing an operation like this. i recommend MCedit.


    There is a splatter replace brush included in this version of VoxelSniper. You can try it for creating mineral deposits if you wish, I have not messed with it enough to know good settings for placing deposits over a large area, but i would guess with the right seeds and growth, one could do a stellar job of creating a mineble mountain with the correct processes. Read the "in-development" section of the wiki for more on this new brush.

    Bear in mind, VoxelSniper is and always will be designed as a creative tool, and no one should expect to place mineral deposits as if minecraft generated them. if you want to mine natural deposits, VoxelSniper is generally not for you. it's the anti-mining plugin.


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    This is an absolute brilliant plugin and I thank you for providing it, but my main issue is how can I change what item the voxelsniper uses? (Example: Changing the arrow's right click function to be on the gold sword.) I checked the few text files it created as well as snooping inside the .jar, but to no avail. If it does not exist, could you possibly add a feature like this and another one for the gunpowder's function to the sniperconfig.txt please? Thanks again.
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    Voxel Box

    You are correct, you cannot move the VS tools away from arrow and gunpowder. There should be no need to change which items VS uses, as its restrictions from from licensing in snipers.txt, not from the items themselves. Are you having an item - tool conflict with another plugin?

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    No conflicts, I just feel that the items that voxelsniper currently uses is rather strange. I guess it's just preference to have it on more unused items like the gold tools.
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    well he said "best way using voxel sniper" ; )
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    King Rat

    I'm an absolutely huge fan of VS, I use it constantly on my server for designing ridiculous landscapes :3 One slightly weird problem I had was the overlay brush overlaying the insides of caverns. I keep getting players having panic attacks after finding grass at bedrock level Q_Q Also, what about a mob-killer brush? Like WorldEdit's //butcher command, but with the brush :D
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    Well thats something new, also there is mob spawning but not mob killing.
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    King Rat

    Well no, surely the overlay brush overlays common materials with air above them. Thing is, that means it overlays the insides of caverns
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    ooh i was talking about the mob-killer brush.
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    For some reason, it keeps saying "Invalid item ID D:<" when I type /v 12
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    Lunar Delta

    The Jockey brush is now my new favorite. It has provided me and my moderators with hours of entertainment.

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    All I can say is great plugin.

    Thank you Voxel Box for releasing so nice plugins.
    Useing Voxelsniper for like 6months already.

    But I have a question. How's the fly mod called you used in the videos ?
    Searching it for like 1 year already , but I couldnt find it.
    Would be awesome if you tell me ! :D
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    is there any chance ov making it compatible with permissions??
    like so players can be lite snipers an ops get all or like no-ops onley get certain bruches??
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    Voxel Box

    Awesome screenshot LunarDelta! We have also made some of those stacks that we call "VoxelTotem"s =p

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    we did that too [​IMG]
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    For some reason i cant get it to work right. I type /b 5 and it just keeps giving me example. I retype it and it just keeps doing it
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    Gotta say, this plugin is awesome! Our new map would have been impossible without the terraforming that comes with voxelsniper.

    I have a bit of a bug/feature request though. We are currently oceanating large parts of our map. The memory usage is insanely large, however. Everytime i oceanate with the gunpowder it uses another ~80MB of ram. With me and another guy going around oceanating, the server is using 4GB of after only 2 minutes. 4GB with only 2 people on is insane! I'm pretty sure this is because of the 'undo' cache that VoxelSniper has - could you add a config option in to limit the amount of undos that are stored? This is a serious issue because our server just crawls to a stop when it hits the memory limit of 6GB.
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    I need help... when I use the disc brush and use it anywhere it just replaces the material that is there with the disc of the material ive choosen... how do i add disc up the terrain instead of replacing it??


    STONE: O
    DIRT: X


    and i want it like


    Help please :D

    what about adding a txt file with commands :O?
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    Hey first make sure you watch all the voxel sniper videos, then read more about the commands.
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    Update For 953 Plz. Don't work :(
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    Lunar Delta

    Of course it works; you're just failing at installing it.
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    please re-read the installation section again, it works on 953
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    So no one is helping? Q_Q
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    add your name to snipers.txt in your plugins folder then save & reload
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    Thank you.

    The problem is i cant edit it yet.

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