[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    Voxel Box

    VoxelSniper for Beginners: Making A Road

    VoxelSniper for Beginners: Deleting Unwanted Builds

    VoxelSniper for Intermediate Users: Cleaning an Obsidian-Griefed Structure

    VoxelSniper for Advanced Users: Terraforming an Outcropping

    VoxelSniper for Advanced Users: Terraforming Oceanated Edges

    Be sure to check out other VoxelPlugins:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the update and this awesome plugin :)
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    Awesome plugin. I loved the videos. I just read the text in them. xD I love how the conversation goes.

    *sighs and daydreams to the past*
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    This is very neat!
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    Bam! And the dirt is gone!
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    Voxel Box

    Maybe we should have named the plugin VoxelEmeril.... =p
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    Amazing. Ide like a list f commands in a txt doc. maybe i need tom ake my own ? :)
    love this.. thank you. admin as become much easier
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    Voxel Box

    Deano~ Thanks for your interest in VoxelSniper. I will definitely be including beefier documentation for people to have on-hand in the next edition of VoxelSniper, when all the currently unsupported brushes are ported to Bukkit. It'll probably be an HTML file with embedded videos from youtube in it so people can see first-hand what we're talking about, but I will be sure to include a "Cheat Sheet" in there with the myriad commands, as well.
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    Would it be possible to have a mode where your inventory is used for any operations so blocks aren't ultimately created or destroyed? I'd love to use this plugin, but in many cases prefer to not "cheat" when it comes to materials.

    PS. If you need any additional interfaces into a player's inventory in order to achieve this, please let me know =p
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    Voxel Box


    Interesting concept -- Let me make sure I understand what you are asking. Is your question:

    Is it possible to implement a mode where one could only perform a snipe if the available material(s) to complete it can be found in the player's inventory, and the replaced blocks would "break" into their yielding components?

    Currently, VoxelSniper edits the map directly with no inventory interface or "placement" of block whatsoever. That could prove to be quite an undertaking. przerwap could definitely tell you more. We are developing a "lite" plugin similar to VoxelSniper but intended more for lower-level server members than admins. Perhaps a feature like what you mentioned above would better suited for that tool. I'll bring the thread to his attention when I speak to him next.
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    I was using this last night with Bukkit. It definitely adds some fantastic tools that I did not have from the other plugins I've thus-far found.

    I was watching this back-and-forth in the other thread. What exactly would the community do to support listeners? I'm not a Java coder (yet) but I've developed before and I'm always curious about that side of things, especially in the amaaaazing MC community that I've just found :D

    I popped onto your map last night briefly to look around. Good stuff, and I can't wait to see what you guys keep coming up with!
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    Hands down the best tool for a creative server. Very nice work.
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    Thanks I appreciate that at least some people acknowledge it ;)
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    Best tool for admins, too. Everyone uses degriefstick, iStick or something similar but VoxelSniper is exponentially more useful and powerful.
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    Voxel Box

    We are thrilled to update to VoxelSniper to v2.6 today!

    v2.6 brings back the monster brush's functionality (longtime sniper users should note that the mob declaration is now inside the monster brush syntax, not the "/v" command -- see the documentation for details), adds data variable (cloth color, etc) support into the undo function and faster, more reliable undo.
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    Quick question: Would it be possible to have a preview mode? Example would be hold down right click and the blocks appear where you're placing them with the brush. Then releasing right click would place the blocks there permanently, left clicking (while still holding the right button) would cancel, removing the blocks.

    This would make right clicking and releasing act virtually the same was as it does now, but if you're placing a risky brush stroke, you could always hold the button and then cancel if its not what you want.

    This could be a nice feature if its possible since you could actually see what you're placing before you place it. Granted you can always erase what you place or use undo, this could just speed up the whole process.
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    While the idea is viable, there is no way of telling when you release RMB, or if you are still holding it down.

    I will though disclose that there will be a clone-stamp brush coming soon
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    Ahh too bad. Well I look forward to whatever else you guys come up with. Keep up the good work.
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    Great plugin but could you add permissions support to this and your other voxel plugins?
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    Two things i've noticed. First and foremost, it seems to do everything twice. Every command I run, every click, the operation is run twice. Secondly, I'm not sure what undo does if it doesn't undo brush changes. What other changes are there? Using the default options I accidentally sniped a block away, tried to use undo and got "Nothing to undo" in return.
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    Voxel Box

    I have never seen this, nor ever heard of it happening to anyone, I would suggest going through your other plugins to see if there might be some sort of conflict, unless you are looking at the console which reports everything twice, then it should be the same for all plugin commands.

    Although this is possible and actually was part of the plugin at one point, single block snipes aren't saved in the undo command cache. They are ridiculously simple to repair with VoxelSniper and the undo cache is better served for those large server changing edits like disc or ball.
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    Would really love it if this plugin could be integrated with the Permissions plugin by Nijikokun...and then to be able to assign the very granular assignment of each command per user or per group. I would love to give my Admins and Moderators access to the single block snipe function, but NOT disc or ball options!
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    Voxel Box


    Permissions support is in the future for all of our plugins, but only after it is completed and not likely to recieve heavy revision. We have three more plugins in the suite to complete, including a second building tool that will be more like a low-impact VoxelSniper that will be better suited for builders and other server members. Once they are all working, we will revisit permissions to see where things are at.
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    is it possible with this plugin to 'move' something from Point A to Point B ?
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    Will be pretty soon [​IMG]
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    Chris Nordholm

    Are there vertical discs, instead of flat ones?
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    I once tried to make an ocean using some other tools on hmod and majorly screwed up the area.. It caused serious lag when going in the area due to water issues. I have refilled it all and made it look semi natural landscape and I cannot wait for the inversion brush to make a really nice ocean! Any idea when it might be working with bukkit?

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