Inactive [EDIT/FUN] MineMaze v1.6 - Generate Mazes with WorldEdit [2377] (1.3.2-R1.0)

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    Moved to devBukki:

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    v1.0: Private release
    v1.1: Addet 3 Generators
    v1.2: //undo-Support, Public release
    v1.3: Removed case sensitive
    v1.4: Updated to Bukkit RB1185 (1.8.1)
    v1.5: Updated to the new WorldEdit-Version
    v1.6: Updated to the newest WorldEdit-Version & Bukkit 1.2.3, now unsing WEPIF
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    it would be good if you created a command that makes it pistons and levers. :)
  3. That doesn't sound like a bug at all. There's a very simple explanation I feel I can provide.
    Ahem. You overtaxed the server by generating the maze (easily tens of thousands of blocks depending on the size), and it kicked everyone, including yourself.
    However, without you specifying what size you asked it to be and what size it turned out to be, nobody can say whether that was a bug or user error.
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    doesnt work, gives inturnal errors
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    What's the size of your maze?
    Bukkit and Worldedit version?
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    Does this work with 1.1?
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    It's still working fine on my server
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    Download link is dead ....
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    The link dosn't work :c But some days before, the link works, :c I need that plugin now! xdd Cool and simple plugin, congratulations :)
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    The downloadlink works now, thanks for using my plugin :)
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    Thanks for making this plugin. I've been wanting to get a maze plugin and i'm glad I found one, as long as you keep the plugin updated, i'll use it. :D
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    Great plugin! Is it CB 1.1-R6 compatible?
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    thanks for a plug-in!
    it works with 1.2 version?
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    I can confirm that this doesn't work with 1.2.3 (or maybe it's the latest version of WorldEdit). This is a shame as I was looking forward to using this as it seems ace! :)
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    I updated my mod for bukkit 1.2.4 and the newest WorldEdit-version.
    I also use now WEPIF as permissionhandler.
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    Worldedit already has /cs maze, and if one feels like adding torches, //replace 0 80%0,20%50
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    When i do //maze nothing happens any idea why? im using the latest version of the plugin and the minecraft 1.2.4
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    I think it would be awesome if you could add a feature that allows you to make the maze corridor width configurable. For example, instead of each path being only 1 block wide, you could make it 3, 4, or even 10. I don't know how hard this would be (or if it's even possible), but when you're not busy with school I would recommend adding this. Love the plugin by the way, it's really the only good maze generator out there. Keep up the good work!
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    Dear god this is one awesome Plugin!
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    • DUDE
    • UPLOAD
    • TO
    • ELSE

    i might be mean but its the truth

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    Rapidshare worked perfectly for me... give the guy a break. Do you have a virus blocker that's blocking the site for you?

    (Fyi, all caps and a large font makes you seem like a little kid trying to get his point across. I don't care if it's "the truth" or not.)
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    Merrick King

    ^^ I agree :D
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    //maze doesn't seem to work. Don't get an error or a maze D:
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    Where, if at all, can i download a version for minecraft V:1.2.3?
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    Im not very made notice of so i get ppl to notice me. I get server error when i try it now so ;P
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    Me And My Friend Are making A Amusement park, This Will Be Very helpful, trying if it works for 1.2.4
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    I tested it with this Build and the newest version of WorldEdit, and it worked fine.

    Did you forget to copy the plugin into your plugin-Folder? ;)
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    At first, Yes. But then I got an "Unknown command error".. Then after adding and restarting (derp), If I select a region and type //maze, Nothing happens. No error, No maze. No nothing :\
    Using the 1.2.4R1
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    this also happens to me
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    I also get nothing when I try to use minemaze. no error nothing.

    Here are my plugins.

    MultiInv, WorldEdit, BukkitCompat, PermissionsBukkit, CommandBook, Multiverse-Core, GlobalTime, dynmap, mChatSuite, Cenotaph, MineBackup, Nethrar, HawkEye, MineMaze, CommandHelper, BKCommonLib, Runecraft, mcMMO, NoLaggChunks, Residence, NoLaggLighting, NoLaggItemBuffer, NoLaggTNT, Multiverse-Portals, NoLaggItemStacker, NoLaggMonitor, NoLaggExamine, NoLagg, dynmap-residence

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