[EDIT/FUN] Cube Genetics v1.2 - Live NBT Editor [1.4.7]

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    Cube Genetics is a live NBT editing plugin for Bukkit servers. It lets you load the NBT structures of entities, tile entities (such as beacons, chests, signs, mobspawners), and players (both online and offline) right from the chat interface. Since it uses the chat menu along with Bukkit's conversations API, there's no client mod needed. Once the plugin is installed to your server, all players with permission (defaults to OP) can start using it to load and edit the NBT data of their surroundings.​

    To enter NBT editing mode, the user runs the /NBT command. Now the NBT data of objects you interact with will show up in your chat window. Since it uses the Bukkit conversations API, there are no other commands; rather, the plugin operates on your chat input. This minimizes conflicting commands with other plugins and makes interaction smoother. You can use the prev and next keywords to move through the results pages, cd to change directory, and up to move up a folder. You can create a new tag within the current folder, for instance newstring Name Awesome Sword, or you can edit a current tag, edit Name Awesomer Sword. Once you're done editing the NBT tags, the save keyword saves the tags back to the object they belong to, and exit or done takes you out of edit mode and back to regular chat.​

    Here's some examples of things you can do with Cube Genetics:

    - Custom item names and lore​
    - Enchant un-enchantable items to ridiculous levels​
    - Infinite dispensers​
    - Custom player heads​
    - Editing villager offers​
    - Duplicate items​
    - Editing written books​
    - Custom potion effects (including effects not usually attainable in vanilla)​
    - Change paintings​
    - Colored and formatted text, including magic characters (Items, signs, books, command blocks)​
    - Edit player data (Walking speed, flight speed, inventory)​
    - Use blocks as helmets​
    - Edit mob attributes (Health, attack time, potion effects, equipment, prevent despawning etc.)​
    - Create custom spawners for your mobs (Player distance, maximum nearby entities, spawn rate)​
    - Give yourself cookies! (Well you could probably already do this but let's not allow that to detract from the greatness of more cookies)​

    For a full list of NBT tags you can tinker with, check the minecraft wiki here and here.

    The best part about this plugin is it does it all live with no need to download .dat files, edit them in a standalone program like MCEdit or INVEdit, reupload them to the server and restart. It also doesn't rely on any other modifications or hacks of the game code. All this functionality is built into minecraft and would continue to work even if you were to uninstall the plugin.​

    If you've used inventory editors or SethBling's MCEdit filters before and wished you could do the same in real time on your bukkit server, this is the plugin for you.​

    Click here to go the Cube Genetics Bukkit Dev page to download a copy and learn more about the commands and installation process. (check the table of contents on the left to skip over redundant information)​

    This thread is a place for any comments or questions you may have. If there's something you're unsure of or you'd like some examples, don't hesitate to ask.​

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    Niceee gonna try this now
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    Hey I've updated the plugin to 1.01 to fix issues with older Java versions. So if you tried it before and were having problems, check out the new version.

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    Plugin's now updated to 1.1!
    Added copy/paste functionality and coded it to work with all craftbukkit versions from 1.4.4 onwards.
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    Updated to 1.2!
    Fixed a couple bugs and updated for 1.4.7
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    Nice man! :D

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