[EDIT/FUN/ADMN] TameGrass v1.0 - Take control of your servers grass! [1.0.1-R1]

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  1. TameGrass - Take control of your servers' grass by removing and spawning tall grass!
    Version 1.0_01

    This plugin allows you to get rid of all that disgusting long grass on your server or you can make more of it ;)
    Planned Updates (open)
    Set a radius in which tall grass will automatically be 'tamed'/removed every set number of minutes.
    Warning : Using a radius greater than 300 may cause most server to crash due to not having enough RAM. I would recommend doing a radius of 200 max per command as this is still a huge area. (A radius of 200 will check 40,000 blocks).
    • /tamegrass <radius> or /tg <radius> - Remove all tall grass within the specified radius
    • /spawngrass <radius> or /sg <radius> - Spawn tall grass within the specified radius
    • 'tamer.tamegrass' - Ability to remove tall grass.
    • 'tamer.spawngrass' - Ability to spawn grass.
    Changelog :
    • v1.0_1 - /sg and /spawngrass was spawning a dead bush instead of grass, i honestly couldn't tell the difference but it's fixed now :)
    • v1.0 - Initial Release
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    Original Idea I like it! :)
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    Mike Geitz

    Using '/spawngrass <raduis>' spawns that dead bush, not tall grass block (31:1)
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    It spawns dead bush. You need to change the block id to 31:1
  5. Couldn't tell the difference :p Thank you, I'll change this now.

    @Mike Geitz
    Spawns long grass properly now.

    Video added ;)

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    Don't work for me, juste flood me "/tamegrass"
  7. What?
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    very nice and awesome trailer xD
  9. Thank you :)

    @EmanuxJade @Shooty @CloseKnight @ Mike Geitz
    Would any of you and others who read this want the feature to 'tame' grass in an every every 'x' amount of minutes?
  10. Request:

    Permission node: tamer.tamegrass.x

    Where x is the max radius a player with that node may use.
  11. That's a nice idea, I'll try to get it included ;)
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    video ending fail xD
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  13. Yup, don't know why it was so long
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    Thank you so much! great work. Really needed this!
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    It works well, but when i choose to spawn grass over 1000 blocks, the server always seems to freeze and kick everyone?

    And also, could you make it so that it does what bonemeal does, so it doesn't on every block, only every 2 or 3, so there are gaps. :)
  16. @Empoleon416 Yes i might add the option for scattering. I'll edit my post to include the information but I thought it was common knowledge, anyways I'll explain. Modifying chunks in such a large radius 300+ will use a lot of RAM. When doing smaller radius's 100- not much RAM is needed and what little is is quickly restored but by trying to do a huge radius it results in that operator locking up all of your RAM which means your server can't run causing it to crash. I'd just suggest doing a radius of 250 every now and then and this is a huge area :D
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    it's a nice idea, i would it :D
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    Awesome plugin, but I had to remove it cos everytime someone used an item, it said wand id not specified or something like that. Really annoying since it spams the chat box. Any solutions?
  19. My plugin doesn't check items at all, maybe it's a problem with worldguard? If you pm me the IP of your server I can come on and help you out.
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    hrmm, i run a hamachi server, so I don't know whether you'd go through the fuss of doing all the stuff. I know how to port-forward, in fact, I have an open 25565 port. U can try if you want, Thanks
  21. Sorry, I hate Hamachi :p
    But are you asking for help or just want to show me your server?
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    can you reply to my pm please.
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    It's too bad it spawns grass on every block in the specified radius. I would prefer a more realistic grass spawn, that has "noise".
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    should be nice to spawn dead brush too XD anyway i can use worldedit xD (//fillr 32)
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    Mike Geitz

    The TameGrass download link to dropbox does not work. I also noticed the plugins on your website haven't been updated to build 953. I used to have tamegrass and it does work properly in 953, is there anyway you can direct me to a working download link for it? All other grass spawning plugins I can find also spawn flowers, which I'm not keen on. Thanks.

    P.S. - does yor 'Reporter' plugin properly work with build 953?
  26. I've stopped updating reported but you can use iWarning by @cronikkk As for the download just re-download I fixed the link and updated :)
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    Mike Geitz

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    This is sweet! You should add an option to remove grass blocks and turn them into dirt blocks
  29. Thanks :D
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    hello very nice plugin :) but can you make in next updates so it spawns something like every third grass, because this is just too much grass xD

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