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    ChunkRegen - Regenerate your world, bit by bit
    Version: v1.0

    Allows you to regenerate any part of your world, one chunk at a time or as many as you want so you can get the new blocks from any updates you might find.

    Download Jar

    • /regen - Regenerates the chunk you are currently in.
    • /regen region - Allows you to set 2 points, and then regenerates all of the chunks in-between.
    • /regen radius <radius> - Regenerates all of the chunks in a circle around the player with the given radius (In blocks).

    (Will default to op if you don't have Permissions installed)

    • Released plugin
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    ..Well, there goes the plugin I was working on. :p

    Though I was going to make mine automatically regen at an interval, I might as well suggest that to you. @bleachisback
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    I do need a plugin like this but not really this one and not one thats a regen but just a chunk generator.

    For example I'm making a 4,000x4,000 nether world. Id like to have it generate a 4,000x4,000 world so it does not cause more cpu time when players explore it generating now its pre generated.
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  5. mmh.. Been looking through quite a few regenration plugins, though all of them seems to have the same issue which sort of bugs me, and not entirely sure if its fixable or not (though I really hope it is) - when regenerating the terrain it seems like it just skips the ore.. Like if I mine a bit of coal ore, then use the regen function, smooth stone then pops up. At the same time, it seems to remove the tree's from the landscape as well leaving the ground completely barren.

    On other occassions however I do get it to regenerate some of the coal ore.. but only some of it, and not everywhere.

    It is very confusing >_<
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    Generate this plugin a new chunk, so that my buildings would be destroyed??
    Or is it just an update of the old chunk?
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    I get around 15 severe errors with b1000, I guess i ts just not compatible yet...
    I would love to be able to get rid of this giant TNT crater on my server with just some commands instead of ChunkRegeneratin it one by one which takes like forever :D

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    Are you still working on this?
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    possible to regenerate only chunks with natural blocks in them? this way when 1.8 comes out you can run it on your world, and any chunks that nobody has built in will be regenerated and get 1.8 content, but everyones buildings and such won't be erased.
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    yeah that would be nice... Its one of the very rare plugins that lets you cuboidly define an area to regenerate a big nr of chunks in one hit...

    but the option to only regenerate all the untouched chunks in the map, that would be really awesome...
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    I really like that idea.... I try to discourage users from building in the vicinity of my spawn.. and used this plugin to clean it up and it worked well. Having the area encompassing spawn regenerate would reinforce follwing server rules and also allow for nice scenery when new users connect.

    You really wouldnt even have to worry about the scheduling or interval part for this to be really useful. If you expanded the code used in your region tool to save named regions to a file and allowed it to be triggered from a command in the console I could just add it to my existing scripts.

    Not only does it allow fresh mining areas around spawn, but also would have created new block types like lapis when they were added without needing to travel far or expand your map if you wanted to restrict its size.

    This tool was really helpful as it sits, but can imagine great things it could be used for if it was expanded further. Thanks for releasing it.

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    I used regen region selected my 2 points and it cleared teh surface of all the buildings aswell ??? is there a rollback feature
  13. Thank you for this mod, it's brilliant.

    Some of my players got carried away with TNT and this solved the problem.
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    ajay xalaxaaxax

    Is there a way to regenerate only part of a chunk, say starting at the players location and above (or below)? I want regenerate part of my map but there's mines undernieth that I don't want to touch.
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    can you make it so, that you can UNDO it ? thx
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    Is it possible to add a feature to regenerate all chunks from a certain radius? Lets say I have a map where most of the important projects are 500 blocks away from spawn. I wan't to regenerate all chunks that exist right past the 500 block radius. Is that possible?
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    will this fix chunk errors?
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    Is there anyway by some miracle this works with latest RB # 1185?
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    I just confirmed that it in fact does not :(

    Sadly, the other Chunk Regeneration plugin does not support radius either.
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    @Drathax I have made a request for an updated version of this. Hopefully the developers pull through. You can still use WorldEdit's //regen command but it is a heavy plugin for this simple thing.
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    Can You add this future:
    Generate not generated chunks in given area(x1,y1,x2,y2 in chunks)?
    I speak very little English
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    What about a way of seeing the boundaries of a chunk? i would suggest replacing air blocks on perimeter with bedrock as a preview command. Rollback would be nice, maybe you could store the current block data in a file, then regen, then rollback just retrieves and applies data from file.

    Cool Plugin, please keep developing it :)
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    pls update
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    Hi please update your plugin!
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    pls update to 1.2.3
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    This plugin is so useful, pls update :)
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    Please! Update this beautiful plugin for 1.2.3
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    Has anyone discovered a plugin like this that is in active development?
    I really need this feature for after I TNT my fun world :D
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    SAdly I'm getting a [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\ChunkRegen.jar' in folder 'plugins'org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkit/event/player/PlayerListener error.

    1.2.5 is ok, but no strongholds or villages to be found (hence my wanting to regenerate an entire chunk where one should be).

    Any thoughts? Need an update for 1.2.5?
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    This plugin was last updated July 11th 2011.

    You wonder why nobody comments on it?
    You wonder why it's not working?

    Please look a bit closer before you ask to revive an ancient plugin.

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