[EDIT] Buildwalk 1.3.1 - Build as you walk [1060]

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    Current Version : 1.3.1 for Bukkit Build #1060

    This plugin allows you to 'Build as you walk!'

    * Currently only builds in stone (Great for bridges)
    * Buildwalk Radius mode to build paths, roads, bridges easier, etc.
    * Buildwalk Radius can also be used as a mountain cutter!
    * Defaults to OP-Only permissions (does have permission nodes)
    * Buildwalk Radius command with aliases:

    * Buildwalk command with aliases:

    Known Bugs:

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    * N/A

    Permission Nodes:
    buildwalk.use - Allows people to use /bw
    buildwalkradius.use - Allows people to use /bwr

    Version 1.3.1 -
    * Removed a stupid typing error on my part, which was actually really important to the plugin xD

    Version 1.3 -
    * Stops the current mode before initializing another one (to prevent bugs)

    Version 1.2 -
    * Buildwalk Radius mode added :D

    Version 1.1 -
    * Chests are safe when using the plugin, you can walk over them and they won't be replaced!

    Version 1.0 -
    * Released the plugin! ;D

    Open for suggestions and feedback (Hit Meh!)

    Download Count : 419 (Updated every day)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    If you notice any bugs or problems with this plugin, Give me a call at 01388POSTAREPLY (Joke, just post a reply below ^.^)
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  2. Nice plugin, should be useful.
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    Nice! Do all of those commands do the same thing?
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    Yes, I made it have so many aliases Just incase users forgot the command, to save them having to look somewhere for it :)
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    Oh ok
    You should add more materials. :p
    Overall it's really cool!!

    [​IMG] [SSSS]
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    This is cool for building sky lands and etc. No need for sneak or fly. Def need to make grass and other materials but good job mate.
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    This is really cool!
    I want to integrate this into my plugin Instabreaker, Or better yet, make a
    whole new one out of this.

    If you do not mind, is their a source code for this?
    If you let me, I could put a radius on it, and make it destory as you walk. (BreakWalk)
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    That could be cool too, but how can you use that?
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    Make water routes, make easy designs, Road placement, If you put a radius on you can walk towards a moutain and just walk though it, before anything hit you it would break.
    Although if you just stood still, you would sink :confused:
    But that can easily be fixed.
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    Set sneak to go down.
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    Make commands that you can type and item name and then it will do that, and you should try to fix the smalllll bug when you are jumping while on this command from glitching for a sec
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    Hey emerica, maybe you could help me if you know how to do that item name command
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    I can
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    That's the pastebin for my playerlistener, can you see if you can fix the bug, I basically tried to make it replace the block above the player with AIR
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    Cant really find out, I mean im sure you can make it so that when you jump replace two blocks above to air
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    anyone got any Suggestions or opinions on the plugin?
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    just really cool and useful is all.
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    Not trying to promote other plugins on your page sorry. but Lazy Roads is something you might be looking for.

    Suggestions would be able to change material used. other than that this is an amazing tool along with lazyroads. Very usefull. Thanks much.

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    Not to pull away from ur plugin but people looking for something a liitle more detailed about roads and bridges should try lazyroads plugin
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    Nooblike, I just learned it's nearly impossible to make a mod that hasn't been made, and after you do, someone will also make a mod similar.
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    The update is coming, very soon, /bwr - Buildwalk Radius Mode, creates a 3 wide path/road wherever you walk or whatever you want to use it for, you can walk through mountains with it, etc.
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    so on the walk radios can the blocks appear in front as you walk? be great for making bridges across gaps. and yes add other material
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    The Blocks do appear infront of you as you walk :) And I am working on different materials, I really want to get all of the base commands/functions sorted out first though.
  25. Nice but is this not the same as what Lazy Roads does? or will you eventually allow it to build houses?
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    This is absolutely genius...
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    The buildwalk radius mode could be considered as 'what lazy roads does' but it was added because of demand, I also don't exactly know what you mean by building houses but I know that the regular buildwalk mode can be suitable for creating the outline of a house.

    Thanks, :)

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  28. Okay, thanks.
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    You should make this is so it is useable for the average player in servers. Not many servers will let their players have an infinite source of stone. That make this an admin building tool, but there are many admin building tools that already make it much easier to build for them. You should turn this into a player building tool, where server admins wouldn't have a problem letting their players use. This would also differentiate your plugin from other plugins.

    To do this you should make it so, it takes the item you are holding it. This would allow you to use any type of placeable block and it would not create an infinite source of free items.
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    Definitely working on it

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