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    Biome - Change biomes
    Version: v0.3.1

    Have you ever wanted it to snow in the desert? How about having ghasts and zombie pigmen in your forests? Well, now you can, weirdo.

    Download - Source Code

    Use the /biome command:
    /biome set [biome name] sets the biome in the chunk you're standing in. (Permission: biome.set.chunk)
    /biome get tells you what biome you're standing in. (Permission: biome.get)
    /biome clear returns the biomes in the chunk you're standing in to their natural state. (Permission: biome.clear.chunk)
    /biome list gives you a list of biomes you can use. (Permission: biome.list)

    Having WorldEdit installed on your server adds the ability to use:
    /biome set-selection [biome name], which sets the biome for every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection (Permission: biome.set.selection), and
    /biome clear-selection, which turns every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection back to its original state. (Permission: biome.clear.selection)

    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixes a bug that would cause Biome not to work on worlds loaded by plugins before Biome initializes
    Version 0.3 (541 downloads)
    • Permissions support. OPs will still get access to all commands.
    • Stopped reporting the wrong biome in Nether and Skylands.
    • Allow global biomes to be set on a per-world basis, configurable in plugins/Biome/config.yml
    Version 0.2 (415 downloads)
    • Added /biome set-selection and /biome clear-selection, which require WorldEdit to be installed.
    • Changed data storage format to allow for sub-chunk accuracy. Old data will be converted seamlessly.
    • WorldEdit is not required, but will allow /biome *-selection commands if it is available.
    Version 0.1 (43 downloads)
    • Released plugin
    • Called everyone a weirdo
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    I have currently added this plugin into my new server, I want to change a Desert biome into a Jungle biome, could you by any chance tell me the command. Thanks.
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    "Nightgunner5 was last seen: Sep 6, 2011"

    Can someone pls pick up this plugin and continue it?
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    doesnt work for me, i tried typing /biome set forest and then tried /biome list but both returned /biome <set <type>¦get¦list¦clear¦set-selection <type>¦clear-selection>
    I have world edit so hoping this isnt interferring with it, is there something im not doing right?
  5. Please can you make this plugin to support 1.3.1? I'm getting an error that it isnt up to date and i cant use any command :(
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    Well. There alot of zombie around here :\. You didn't need to do that.
    If you can,please use the Source Code to up-to-date it.
  7. Damn.. I really need to learn how to code.. But i dont know how or where :(
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    this would be cool if it worked atm, anyone have plans to pick this up or is there another plugin?

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