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    AutoBuild - Build your 3D objects:
    Version: v2.1.3.1

    Im now on dev.bukkit!

    This plugin trys to help you building cool buildings.
    Its easily builds 3D objects in minecraft.


    1. Download AutoBuild
    2. Place the AutoBuild.jar in the plugins folder
    3. Convert your 3D object into *.binvox
    4. Place the *.binvox file into the "plugins\ab\plans" folder
    Features (v2.0):
    • Build an 3D obj
    • You do not have to convert the binvox file to txt anymore
    • Save building (Automatic building)
    • Stack buildings
    • Stop building progress
    • Propertys
    • Material selection
    • Undo (multible steps)
    Features (v1.1):
    • Build an 3D obj
    • Move the obj
    • Change the Material
    • Remove the obj
    • Supports UpdateInfo
    ---------Version 2.0 Beta------------
    Use at own risk. There is no undo ( is the first version with undo function) funktion at the moment.
    Please understand, that there still bugs, in case of only 3 days of

    Download Plugin:

    Direct download (Please suport me, by using the links above):

    Download Plugin:v1.1; v 0.2; v0.1

    Please use the links to support me:


    New version:
    • /ab new [obj_name*] (item id)- creates the selectet obj (* without ".binvox") out of (item id).
    • /ab stop - stops the first Building in the buildings-stack
    • /ab undo (step) {all} Returns a list off undo steps. If step is enterd it will undo this steep. If you enter 'all', everything will redo until this step.
    Old version:
    • /ab new [obj_name*] (item id) - creates the selectet obj (* without ".txt") out of (item id)
    • /ab undo - removes the last object
    • /ab change [item id] - changes the item the object is made from into [item id]
    • /ab [up/down/north/east/south/west] (step) - moves thej object (stap) blocks in the selected direction (default step = 2)
    To do List
    • Undo
    • Move Objects
    • Rotation Tool (rotate your Object)
    • ingame object creating (create an *.txt object out of an area on your server)
    • I have got some more ideas (comming soon)
    • Bugfixed settings
    • Undo function
    • Other bugfixes
    • Material selection
    • New Chat lib
    • Better propertys
    • Automatic building
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.0​
    • Complete new plugin
    • Build 3D obj out of binvox files

    Version 1.1​
    • up/down/north/east/south/west
    • change material
    • faster building
    Version 0.2​
    • new command system
    • undo command
    • material selection
    Version 0.1​
    • Added the ability to set an 3D object.
    • Releasing AutoBuild plugin
    PS:Sorry for my bad english but I am german!


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    Ok i think i will make a Video ;)
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    please add it to
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    Year I already thought about it, but im still not sure, which license to chose :confused:.

    The video is already rendering (1H left), but its german. I will ad subtitles.
    If anyone wants to do a english syncro, your free to do it!

    MfG Xenira
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    unfortunately i don't know german to make eng subtitles(
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    Thats why I will do this ;). Im actualy uploding it, but our intenet is not as fast :/

    MfG Xenira

    PS: If there are any grammar/spelling mistakes, feel free to correct me ;) Its helpful, to know my mistakes, in case I can learn from them.

    The first part is up. I will now write the subs for the second part.

    MfG Xenira

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  8. very nice job! need an italian translation?!
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    Plugin or Video?

    Sry, but I do not understand italian.

    Mfg Xenira
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    could you post a video about it with. jar for when viewing the video, it is. zip please post an in dev.bukkit:)

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