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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by CyrodiilWarrior, Feb 20, 2024.

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    Hello Bukkit community,

    I would like to create a brand new Towny economy server but I am unsure of what Minecraft Plugins would suit. I tried asking on other Minecraft forums, but I didn't get any response.

    I want players to be able to create/join towns. Complete custom-made quests to earn money. Set up shops to buy/sell items.

    I've used Towny Advanced with the BlueMap Towny addon. I've also had TownyCultures. I was unable to get TownyProvinces to work correctly and I doubt I will like TownyResources. I've played around with WorldGuard, WorldGuard Towny, with AdvancedRegionMarket (ARM) before too.

    What do you lot suggest I do to make a economy server which is fun and enjoyable? Vanilla Minecraft can get boring, so I want to give players their own set goals and objectives. So they want to play and return.

    Your thoughts and suggestions?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @CyrodiilWarrior Make it so that YOU want to play on it.
    Else there is no point in making the server to start with.
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    I need guidance with creating a plugins list to use and planning it out. I don't know about ranks for example.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    And how much do you need then?
    What do you want?
    Do you need many plugins?
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    I seek to create a successful Towny economy server which is fun and enjoyable.
    There's the essential plugins and additional plugins I would like to have.
    Essentials such as: Vault. EssentialsX & addons, Multiverse & addons, Towny & addons, Dynmap & addons, WorldEdit/Guard & addons. ChestShop. ResourceWorld. Etc.
    My structure: Spawn Hub World. Towny World. Resources World. Supported by Multiverse & addons.
    I wanted guidance on what plugins users use for their Towny servers, or servers in general. For gameplay, server mangement, player interaction, fun & enjoyment.
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    Sadly people haven't replied. :(
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    Better Teams: This plugin can complement Towny by offering detailed team management features.
    EconomyShopGUI: For a user-friendly shop interface, this plugin could be a good fit for your server’s economy.
    TheGoldEconomy: A gold-based economy plugin that’s lightweight and supports Towny and Vault, which might be a good alternative if you’re looking for something simple and effective.
    Vault: It’s a prerequisite for many economy plugins and provides the necessary API for economy features to work with other plugins like Towny. I would suggest rather purchase Autodesk AutoCAD LT cheap and move to another machine.
    Additionally, you might want to consider plugins that add quests and custom events to keep players returning. Quests and MythicMobs can be used to create engaging and rewarding challenges for players.
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