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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: (InSovietRussia) PlotsPayYou!

    A bit about me: A fan of a good storyline a vivid storyteller (i've been told). Also a fan of a quality plugin. Knows a bit about the working principles of the plugins, not enough to make 'em.

    What I want: Ok so, what I want is a plugin that let's you mark an area, let's you name it (or even better use WordGuard area selection tool) and you type in (let's say) /area generate [name of the area] [ ADD or TAKE] [the amount of ingame currency to be taken or added per given time] [time in "ticks", "min" "hours"]. So what does all that do? Well it let's you set an area (again preferably with WorldGuard), you name it, you dedicate it's owners, and then you do the command for adding plots that generate a certain amount of ingame currency (iConomy etc.). So when a player buys a certain plot (that has a "factory" on top of it, or some other RPG element on it) it GENERATES money for him over a period.

    There are alot of plugins that do a similar task but all of them require a certain amount of money to be given from another player. NONE of them let you generate it by being the plots owner.

    Also a good features would be if the generated money could be EVENLY spread out on all the owners accout. So that (let's say) a friend of mine has a plot that generates 1000$. And I buy half of the plot from him or become his "plot partner". So he and I share the 1000$ evenly on 500$ and 500$ each.

    And give a certain option (or command) to let users see their generation account balance. (like "You have "(amount)" being generated for you !"

    Ideas for commands:
    /area generate add <-- it adds a certain amount of money, over a certain time period, to the owner of the plot
    /area generate take <-- it takes a certain amount of money, over a certain time period, from the owner of the plot

    The command itself should look something like this:
    /area generate add test_1 1000 2 hours
    test_1= name of the protected area that has a owner
    1000 = the amount of money generated (and given to the owners account)
    2 hours = the amount of indicated money being payed up every 2 RL hours

    Ideas for permissions: default : false ; op : true ; or a Permisions compatibility.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP, but i do recognise the amount of work that should be put into this due to dependency for other plugins.

    Similar plugin requests: None. (that i know off, and i've checked, twice)

    Devs who might be interested in this: Don't really know.
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    No one D:?
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    Hmm may take some time to do.....
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    It might be possible to do this using an existing plugin that rents plots, if the plot plugin allows negative rent. That would basically do what you want.
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    Will try it out, also posting the result ;).

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