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    Plugin category: Economy, Extra

    Suggested name: Tokens

    What I want: A viable tokens plugin that can hook to McMMo and other plugins. it will be a currency that they can get through voting with votifier or getting a rewards at a drop party or something similar. {I also want it to have a hook to chestshop( the plugin)}** or maybe in the plugin you can open up a shop in a chest witha fully configurable shop. We can assign item names and stuff. Basically an alternate currency. A hook with iconomy as well where we can turn these tokens onto in game money.

    For the redeem command, it would have a couple branches or so. one would be category McMMo Where they can redeem 1 level of mcmmo per token.

    I also wanted it where i could do a ServerSigns integration where players could buy commands for tokens. I don't understand how this would work, but please tell me if this is a possibility!

    If the convert token command could be a set value in the config, that would be great. Like 1 token = $15,000, which could be changed. I am not extremely positive on how the chest gui shop would work, but maybe have it where when they click on something, it opens another chest, and on top there would be an item named confirm purchase and in the middle the item and bottom left would be emerald blocks to confirm and in the bottom right it would be redstone block to cancel.

    For the person or people who make this plugin for me i would be eternally grateful and give you a rank on the server haha

    **I realize this will be extremely hard, so i would prefer the chest gui shop.

    Ideas for commands:
    /token - Main command that also displays amount of tokenns the player has
    /token give {Player} {Amount} }Admin
    /token take {Player} {Amount} }Commands
    /token set {Player} {Amount} }

    /token gift {player} {Amount}
    /token redeem {category} {amount}
    /token shop }Opens a chest gui on screen where there are items
    /token shop 2 }Opens a second token shop where more items can be put
    /token convert {TokenAmount} }Convert command for tokens to In Game money

    Ideas for permissions:
    - token.main }Not sure if this is necessary
    - token.admin.give
    - token.admin.take
    - token.admin.set
    - token.gift
    - token.redeem.mcmmo
    - token.shop
    - token.shop.second
    - token.convert

    When I'd like it by:
    ASAP, i want to release very soon, and this would be one of the cool custom or cool features of the server that i would like to have.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    iLethal I would love to this this for you and i can do it but i am kinda a new coder so i dont know how long it will take for me to figure out the GUI Part but i should get it done soon :D :D :D if you have any questions or anything you want to add please add me on skype GladiatorGalaxy
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    If no one else takes up this project, let me know.
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    Why Steel it when someone else said he would do it -.- that pisses me off
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    oh okie well can i please do it for practice???
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    kk Thanks :D :D :D I have Everything done except for the Gui :D :D :D
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    ahhhh i have the base if it down it has a currency scoreboard at the side with Tokens: %Tokens per player and it updates every 5 seconds and now today i am going to work on the guis :D :D :D

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