[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    Excellent plugin! One minor thing could be added. We have a multiple worlds and some worlds have per world inventories.. Now - clever players have found out a way to smuggle items from world to other buy listing it with /vs with some high price and then using /vs remove on the other side to get it. Permissions node for remove command would solve this.

    Then some ideas for improvement.. To prevent "jokers" spamming the market.. it would be nice to have some variables for "max number of items per player" (possibly permissions compatible, so higher ranks could have more) and "max price of item" (some players put price to some outlandish figures)

    Thank You for a really cool plugin!
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    I'm having some issues with MySQL here.
    I know MC can connect, since i'm using the same info with 2 other plugins.
    But for some reason VirtualShop refuses to work.
    I tested around a bit and got it working just fine when using MySQL on localhost, but not when using a remote MySQL database (which was the whole point, since website isn't on same server as MC)

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    using-MySQL: true
    port: 31065
    username: MCshopper
    host: IP to remote server
    password: notforyoureyes
    database: vshop
    dynamic: false
    exchange-base-price: 250.0
    exchange-item: 266
    multiplier: 0.05
    broadcast-offers: true

    EDIT: formatting gone wrong when posting to forum. the "tabs" in the config are there in the file.
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    hm, how do i sell birch saplings?
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    I think birch sapling is the ONLY thing not working. Try sapling:1

    Are you sure you created the DB

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    Yes :)
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    I must be crazy and missing something but I can't figure out how to download this...

    The one in your plugin list just downloads the WebUI

    edit: Scratch that got it off github. Just FYI though your plugin list points to the Web UI
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    I added the permissions and stuff but people can still sell in one of my worlds, why?
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    Your not alone my friend. I use iConomy and LWC through SQL perfectly fine but get the exact same console errors as you for this plugin. I know its connecting because its actually creating the tables in the DB but the plugin starts bugging out when someone sells something or trys /vs list.

    Also, for the web UI on the index.php page you have at the end a simple <? mysql_close($con); ?>, however you have already closed this connection when loading any of the the other pages through Javascript (transactions.php, topsellers.php, etc.) so it results in;
    Warning: mysql_close(): 19 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /public_html/blah/blah/blah/index.php on line 49
    because the connection is already closed through those individual pages. I don't know much about PHP but I assume a simple fix is to just remove that tiny code from the index page since the error disappears by doing so. Just an FYI.

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    i have an idea, instead of only letting people putting sell offers, can u let people put buy offers?

    so if someone does /vs buy 128 sand 1

    if there is not enough sand to fill the order it will be put in the list and people can see what price people are willing to pay,

    so when people do /vs price item

    it would show name buying 128 sand 1
    and name selling 64 sand 2

    so people can see what price to sell to instanly sell an item,
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    It would be great if you can only buy within one price bracket. So if there are 100 Iron for 50$ and 100 Iron for 60$, and you buy 200, you only get the cheapest 100. Then, a message comes and tells you that you bought 100 for 50, and that the next price would be 60. You want to buy more? accept/deny, then it will repeat that until you have bought 200. So you are better in control about how much you spend.
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    could it be that the mysql tables in the transactions for buyer and seller are reversed?
  13. Can you make it so you can have multiple blocks added to /vs rates?
    I'd like to have a more diverse stock markety thing.
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    Cosmic Break

    this is the perfect plugin!
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    I'm away for a bit so I'm not going to be able to work on this.
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    that is already in there,

    /vs buy amount item maxpriceeach

    /vs buy 5000 iron 50

    you would onyl buy iron for 50 or less
    so you would only have boughten the 50 or less iron, so you would have only gotten 100 iron

    ok again i will ask for the ability to put in buy orders,
    like if some one does /shop buy 100 iron 50
    and if the maket price of iron is 75
    the buy order will stay on the market and it removes the money from the players account,
    then if someone sells iron for less than 50 the iron will be giving to the player with the buy order,

    i know this might require a lot of coding, and you said your busy, but tell me how much money you would need to implement it?
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    people are constantly complaining no one is buying their items, which they then do not sell items, so i need people to be able to sell items instantly but to other players, so i really need this please, i know it will really help!

    ohh one thing, when your thinking of how to make it work, it would be nice if people can have both a sell order and a buy order of an item,
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    Is there anyway yet to add a Spout GUI for changing the prices, wanted items etc etc?
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    I dont understand? How do you pay? And how do you get the "money"?
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    How do i add items to shop?
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    Like this plugin very much. Just a couple small requests. Could you add the ability to exchange more than one type of valuable (ignore dynamic prices on all of them if thats too complicated). Secondly, could you add the ability to buy from a specific player. I know it seems absurd, but a large section of my player base likes to do business with friends etc, even if they don't have the current lowest price. Thanks for all the hard work.
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    This plug-in works well for my server. However, I do want to second jkeller4000's request to add a /vs buy feature but take it a step further. I would have it set up something like this:

    player1: /vs request 64 glass 10 [/vs request (how many) (item) (amount each)]
    A notification is sent to chat: (player1) requests 64 glass at $10 each
    player2: /vs sell player1 64 glass
    $640 is taken from player1 and given to player2 in exchange for the glass

    Also the complimentary commands;
    /vs remove request glass 32 if they no longer wish to buy 64 glass but 32 instead.
    /vs remove request glass to remove the whole request
    /vs clear requests
    /vs request list

    I really don't know how hard it would be to code this, but I imagine it would make the plugin much more valuable to the players on my server.

    Thanks for your efforts,
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    Can you make a command that as admin you can remove some advertis?
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    Great plugin, the server I play on uses this!
    Is there anyway to remove an item that a player is selling? It bothers me that some of the players sell planks for ludacris prices.
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    /vs list 2 Does nothing.

    Pages do not work :\

    We are using bukkit build 1060,and the latest version of iConomy
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    Maybe you don't have more than one page. Works for me.
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    Yes it does work now, but the problem remains. it's just a bit different. Some items, such as my own offer for selling 1 black wool, does not show in vs list. A few other offers by players do the same. It seems that vs list only shows about 80% of all offers made. The offers are still in the server, with vs price, but just not with vs list.
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    It shows the best prices. If you want to see your own list do /vs price Aust
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    Oh, well thats even better!
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