[ECON] TradeMod v2.0_1 - Simple Trading Between Players! [1.5.2 R1.0]

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    Simple, Efficient, and Secure!
    Get it at the dev.bukkit page!
    What is TradeMod?
    TradeMod is a plugin designed to make item trading much less of a hassle, and much less of a gamble. There is no risk for other players to take your items, no risk for scamming, and no need for clunky redstone trade machines. By utilizing a simple "GUI", trading is better than ever. With features such as automatic trade canceling, to save items that you have no room for from being thrown on the floor, to compatibility with a wide range of economies (due to the very helpful and powerful Vault API), there has never been a better opportunity to encourage players to begin trading their items than ever before!​
    For Server Owners:
    • If you intend on using an economy with this plugin, you must have VAULT installed in your plugins folder.
    • The preferences text file is editable, as long as you do not change the property names themselves.
    How do I use it?
    There are a few commands you should know first:​
    /tm - This will bring up a list of all of the commands below.
    /tm req | request NAME - Request a player to trade with you.
    /tm acc | accept - Accept a request.
    /tm dec | decline - Decline a request.
    /tm con | confirm - Used to toggle whether or not you have confirmed an offer.
    /tm can | cancel - Cancels a trade.
    /tm open | open - Reopens the trade window after closing.
    /tm addc | addcoin AMOUNT - Adds the amount of currency to the offer.
    /tm remc | remcoin AMOUNT - Removes the amount of currency from the offer.
    /tm help - Opens the help, shows both text and video tutorials as well as the values of the distance and timeout properties.

    There are also a few things to know about the GUI, take a look:

    The green wool blocks are the confirm buttons, upon clicking them they lock your offer in, and become blue. If you click them again, they become green again and you will un-confirm, thus unlocking, your offer.

    The red wool blocks are the cancel blocks, they cancel the trade upon clicking them, instantly aborting anything done up to this point.

    The blue and orange areas outlined signify the offer windows. Each player is assigned one, and they can look at the chat-log to see which portion of the window is their own.

    Video (Extremely outdated, will be remade):
    trademod.cantrade - If a player does not have this, or if it's set to false, the player will be unable to use TradeMod commands and trade.
    trademod.currency - If a player does not have this, or if it's set to false, the player will be unable to use currency related commands.
    trademod.quickreopen - Without this permission, a player will be unable to right click the other player involved in a trade to reopen the window.
    trademod.rightclickrequest - Without this permission, players will be unable to sneak and right click a player to request a trade.

    About Errors (Exceptions):
    If any exceptions pop up in your console pertaining to TradeMod, please send them via PM to me. I would prefer that to having to look through all of the replies on this thread. Thanks!

    Known Issues:
    • None
    Planned Updates:
    • Add admin commands (trade reversal, trade logs within game, etc.)
    Recent Changes:

    V 2.0_1 (6/16/13)
    -Fixed several issues regarding Scoreboards.
    -Fixed a major dupe involving the new currency button.
    -The trade window will now re-open when currency is removed or added.
    -Other minor fixes.

    Show Spoiler

    V 2.0 (5/21/2013)
    -Added new permission: trademod.rightclickrequest
    -Added the ability to sneak and right click on a player to request a trade with them.
    -Added a new way of modifying currency in a trade. Players can now click on an emerald button, which will then ask them to type the desired amount of money to be added or removed from the offer.
    -Added a scoreboard that shows the amount of currency being offered in the trade

    V 1.4 (07/14/2012)
    Correctly handles virtual overflow chests. This means that whenever a player removes a stack of items from their inventory, or attempts inventory management with overflow, the first item stored in their virtual overflow will be pushed into the empty slot.
    Adds two more permissions, trademod.currency and trademod.overflow.
    Shows whether or not a player has certain permissions with /tm help.

    V 1.2 (Patch 1) (07/8/2012)
    Fixes a few glitches concerning the Trade Overflows.
    Adds a few pieces of information to the /tm help message.

    V 1.2 (07/07/2012)
    Adds an item blacklist (blacklist.txt)
    Fixes permissions issues regarding the "*" permission.
    Cleans up help, re-directs to video tutorial.

    V 1.1 (CRITICAL PATCH 1) (05/31/2012)
    Fixes HORRIBLE dupe glitches and trading glitches that occur in all trades.
    Fixes other minor, but still plugin-breaking, glitches.
    Makes the trading process (code-wise) much more efficient.

    V 1.1 (05/29/2012)
    Added Trade Logging, accessible in /TradeMod/tradelogs.txt

    V 1.0 Patch 3 (05/20/2012)
    Fixed the InventoryClickEvent bug, removed the blank chest.

    V 1.0 Patch 2 (05/09/2012)
    Fixed an error with trade canceling.
    Fixed a possible duplication glitch relating to currency.
    Re-did "ac" and "rc" command arguments to "addc" and "remc".

    V 1.0 Patch 1 (05/08/2012)
    Re-compiled for compatibility with Java 6 due to request.
    Fixed an slight bug with trading on death.

    V 1.0 (05/07/2012):
    Initial release.

    Vault - For using their economy API.
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    Seems Amazing! can't wait to try it out!

    Here is what i got in my console.
    Error Link
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    Oh, sorry, I forgot to include this in my post:
    You must have Java 7 Runtime Environment installed to run this plugin, as it was compiled against the Java 7 SDK. You can get it if you search it on Google or something similar.

    Sorry about that!
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    Can you please compile it using Java 6?? Most People are not to 7 yet.
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    I recompiled it with Java 6, so it should have compatibility now.
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    Alright... Sorry about that, simple plugin.yml formatting issue that I didn't catch. It is working properly now, so you can re-download it.
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    Sorry about the multiple posts, however, I must apologize for the lack of content updates in the past few weeks. There has been some other things I've had to work on and I neglected working on it. With that being said, trade logging will definitely come sometime this week, as well as shift-click support.

    Also, a new patch was released. It fixes the rather annoying glitch that forced me to use the blank chests. It's HIGHLY suggested that servers using this plugin download the latest patch update.
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    1 word awesome
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    hey do you need help developing this beacuse i could help and i got some great idea's for this plugin
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    No, not right now. I prefer to work by myself on all of my plugins. If I ever do need help, though, I'll post it on this thread. Thanks for offering, though!

    However, if you do have suggestions, feel free to post them on the thread. I always welcome them.
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    Oh mai gawd, this is the best plugins for role-playing now, no more will my players be worried about someone following them and stealing their stuff when they are trading. But could you add a Spout feature? People who have Spout can make the trade window look more prettier by adding two trading windows, and instead of wools you can have buttons when you use Spout.
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    I'm not big on the dependency idea, I like to keep my plugins compatible with any and all clients. If there is massive support (and I mean massive), I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion, though, and thanks for the feedback!
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    Nah, people aren't mostly big on Spout because 74% of the Bukkit users don't have Minecraft, and 89% of all Minecraft lovers are mostly offline-mode(cracked). And since Spout is for premium only. So yeah.
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    TradeMOD or TradePLUGIN?
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    very nice
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    Haha, the title is the same title I used for the original TradeMod. This is actually the rewrite I had promised about a year ago, but had lost complete motivation to do (what happens when you have absolutely no Java ability).
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    This looks great, going to test it out now.
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    Thanks, hope you enjoy using it :D.

    Anyways, just released a new update! It adds trade logging (unfortunately no shift clicking, that will come later... again...). The logs have items (plus enchantments), currency, and even a time-stamp! It is located in the /TradeMod/tradelogs.txt file.
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    Deleted user

    No Spout?
    +1 for you.
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    I am unbelievably sorry for releasing a plugin with such horrible bugs. This has been an invaluable learning process for me, and in the process, I have made some serious mistakes. It has come to my attention that I had totally gone about the trading process (code-wise) entirely wrong, and I have completely revised it to actually work as intended. If you do not update TradeMod, you are taking a SERIOUS risk. Horrible duping glitches and several other problems plagued prior versions, all due to my ignorance. Please, please, please, update!

    On the bright side, shift clicking will be MUCH easier to do, considering the improvements I have made to fix my mistakes.
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    It's been a while since the last update, I know. However, I've decided to get another release out that clears up a few permissions issues and makes the help a lot better. It also adds a neat blacklisting feature, requested by flyingtacoz, that is best to use in conjunction with a plugin that disables certain item drops. It even allows you to disable certain items with damage values, such as colored wool or potions!

    Anyways, for the next release you can expect shift-clicking to work, as well as some admin features too. I've been promising those for a while now, but I'm pretty confident in saying that I'll have those features done sometime this week or early next week. Also, I'm trying to consider how to implement a no-command form of trade requesting, and even trading (with currency), however I'm not entirely sure on what to do. If anyone has a good idea (I'm trying to stay away from making it depend on items) for doing this, please post in the thread!
  23. Koanga Edit your thread title's RB: [1.2.5-R4.0]
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    At the time of your posting, it was updated.
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    Nice thread, approved.
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    The creativity behind this plugin is outstanding.

    I noticed only one flaw so far, if you accept, another play can quickly remove an item and then accept. My recommendation to this would be just setting the other person's blue wool back to green if an item is removed or money is deducted while they have blue wool (ready mode for trade).
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    Ah, I never expected that to be an issue. I'll probably make that a config option so that servers can configure if scamming is allowed or not.
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    This is a great plugin! I hope you keep it alive and working for newer updates!
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    Actually, a new update has been put out for approval.
    Version 1.3 adds Blackracoon's idea in the form of safe trading. Servers that instead want players to rely on trust, or if they encourage scamming, can disable it in the configuration file. It is enabled by default.
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    Wow... that's amazing! Can't wait for it!!!!!!! Great job Koanga!

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