[ECON] TradeCraft-AE v1.1b - Chest/Gold Based Economy [Permissions] [1337] [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ArmEagle, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Great plugin! I (and my players) thank you for this awesome physical economy system!

    Although, before I updated a while back, (My server uses cookies and the economy) the chest stores would give stacks of 64 cookies when you sold something and now they only stack to 8.

    Could you please add an option in the properties file for the chests to stack currency to 64? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is there an api for this?
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    got a feature request:
    setting for auto-destroying player shop?
    maybe like this:

    That means the shop (sign, chest) will be wiped, if the shop is unused 30 days.
    It's probably with many players to let them create shop in a specific area....

    and the 2nd:
    maye a setting with:

    that means each player only can create 5 shops.

    or advanced with permissions (groups):

    => TradeCraft.canMakePlayerShops.5
    => TradeCraft.canMakePlayerShops.4

    and is there a date, when the new tradecraft version will be released?
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    Sorry that I've been inactive.
    But the Bukkit developers have been good for me. Nothing broke in all this time.
    For this update there was only a deprecated method.

    I quickly checked the tiny bit I changed and the general behavior. It all seems to work just fine. But of course let me know if you find anything wrong.

    I'm not sure I'll have much time to give your suggestion some attention, but who knows...
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    BEST PLUGIN EVER!!!! i use slimeballs!!! :D
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    thank you so much for the update.
    I'm happy if you can find more time again :)
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    Hello. I have a problem. When a player tries to buy an item from a chest by placing the correct amount of the required currency (still default 266) into the chest then right clicking the sign it sends a message "The chest has more than one type of item in it!". This is also the same as when trying to sell to a shop after the owner has placed item 266 into the chest. Another thing, It seems anybody can help themselves to any items in the chest, so no need to buy/sell lol.
    I don't know if when creating a shop a message should pop up on the screen to say something like "TradeCraft Shop Created" or something but the shop owners name does automatically get applied to the sign.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    Did it work before or are you a new user of the plugin? Based on what you say I assume it's the latter.

    This plugin uses the chest as an 'interface' to the shop. The shop own places the items to sell, or currency, in the chest, then has to right-click the sign to store the items in the shop. The plugin then keeps track of the items, they are not in the chest anymore.

    When someone wants to buy an item from a shop, they open the chest and put currency in it (the chest should be empty before that, else someone else forgot a step). (s)he then right-clicks the sign for the trade to be completed, after which they can take out the items from the chest again.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I am a new user. Have done exactly what you said but now have a new issue. The owner cannot store items/currency in the chest. This is how we tried: Made the shop, placed item or currency into chest, right click sign to store item and recieve message: There is nothing to withdraw. It also says this if the chest is completely empty. I do appologise. I must be doing something wrong. I keep reading through the instructions and still I cannot figure this one out.
    Also the instructions above say when a player goes to buy/sell from/to a shop they have to place currency/item in the chest then right click sign. When a player right clicks the chest to deposit items/currency for transaction it says "You don't have permissions to do this". My players have:
    • TradeCraft.canBuy
    • TradeCraft.canSell
    • and it shows canbuy & cansell as true in the console using the /tc canplayer playername command. So again I'm a little confused about that.
    I use Phoenix Permissions 2.7.3 (old I know but still works well enough for me and is easy to use) and I'm on CB build 1060
    Thanks again for your help.
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    Thank you for your extensive reply. I can't see anything you're doing wrong.
    If you PM me your server info, I'll try and see whether I can login in the remainder of this weekend and take a look.
    (If you use whitelisting, then I use this nick ingame too)
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    Raymond Doerr

    Feature Request 1:

    I'd love to have all the trades logged in a simple text file so I can track the buying/selling. On my server, I use your plugin for server-to-player trades only, no player-to-player trades.. and to make sure my economy is balanced I'd like to be able to review the logs and see if certain items are being over sold in an over abundance.

    For example, I used to buy-back flowers at 64 per gold, but someone invented a flower farmer that can farm several stacks a minute, and if I hadnt of figured out what was going on that player would of become stinking rich. So, I'd love to have some sort of logger so I can track buying/selling to look for red flags on certain items.

    Feature Request 2:
    Buy-per-day limit.

    I would like to limit how much my players can sell to the server each day.. maybe something that expands on the tradecraft.data file that tracks how much gold a player has received from the entire system as a whole, and resets the numbers at server time 00:00?
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    I has a little feat. request too :)
    - stackable Items like tools?
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    does this work with colored wool? I entered the codes and all that.
  15. Hello i would like to use this. But i wonder wether the player name has to be sorrounded by - -. Because that will make some people with longer names unable to make shops
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    Yes, the data separator is the semi-colon, so you'd get a line like this in TradeCraft.txt:
    LGWool,	   35;8,  10:1
    Those - - are added automatically, regardless of whether you write something on the fourth line yourself. But, I'm pretty sure I'm saving the full name in the TradeCraft.data file. The name on the sign will be cropped so it will fit. But the full player name is known to the plugin still. There is a small chance that two different players with similar long names will have the same text on the sign, but it should not break the plugin.

    That shouldn't be too hard to add. Right now I'm simply following whatever Bukkit/Minecraft is telling me the max stack size for an item type is. But I could add an option that just ignores that and sets stacks of 64. It can cause some issues when you're trying to use (an item from) the stack in the game. But that's outside the scope of this plugin.

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    would it be possible to create an infinite shop, however the ratio of x to y is modifiable in-game, let me explain my predicament. The economic system of my server is based on gold-backed paper, meaning that paper is worth an amount of gold, however this amount is based on the amount of paper available and the amount of gold in the bank, paper is the currency however it is the gold which gives the currency value, so in order to make the paper representative of a given fraction of the gold (for arguments sake let's say 1/16th rounded down to the nearest integer), either an automated system has to be in place (beyond the scope of this plugin) or a method of players with the correct permissions being able to modify the ratio's because if someone gets a whole lot more gold the value of paper skyrockets and paper becomes unwieldy and pointless, too little gold and inflation occurs, and we become like China, with 1000's of paper to buy dirt. This also lets me support region based currency.

    TLDR: Infinite shops with in game changeable ratio's please !
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    That's an interesting system you have there. I guess I could add a 'currency ratio', which defaults to 1, and has a special permission path to set. The TradeCraft.txt file wouldn't then give the direct value to currency but just be a base number on which this ratio would be used.

    I'll see whether I can pickup a few of the suggestions today.

    This is a beta release since I changed quite a bit for the permissions support and cleanup of the config file, changing commands. Please let me know if anything broke!

    version 1.1b
    • All commands are single-words again: /tc shops, is now /tcshops. I did like the old way a bit more. But that doesn't really work with how the config file and the 'usage' attributes work. The currency and shop commands are split up also, see the commands list. The canplayer command is changed to tcplayerperms.
    • Added optional logging of all shop interactions ("log-shop-use") disabled by default.
    • Added property to use a stack size limit of 64 instead of the normal behavior ("normal-stack-size") defaults to the normal behavior.
    • Support for Bukkit's built-in permission system (with preset op/anyone permissions). This is used when the Permissions plugin is not detected. Since the default configuration defaults to logic permissions for op/normal users, you do not really have to use any custom permission settings or plugin.
    Did add two language lines: SOLD_X_A_FOR_Y_B, BOUGHT_X_A_FOR_Y_B which are shorter variants of the already existing YOU_* entries. These are used for the optional shop use logs.

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    thx for 1.1b.
    I would take on the part for a german translation?
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    Sure, I'll link to your post/attachment when you've posted that.
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    what are the ids for the 1.8 items, i can't seem to get them to work no matter what i try.
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    You simply put the values from http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values (and if you want to use a data part, separate it with a semicolon) in the TradeCraft.txt file. There you define (custom) names for items. And those names you use on the sign, not the IDs.
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    Thanks, the TradeCraft.txt file was saving to my desktop, so all i did was moved it and it works great! love the plugin by the way.
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    Hi i think this plugin is awesome! im having trouble selling melon slice though. can you tell me how i would type it on a sign please.
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    Hey ArmEagle i love the new version, now I can stack tools :)

    Can you add a grouplimit for the pshops?
    So group A can open 2 chests, group B 5 and so on.

    maybe this:
           chests: 2
           chests: 5
           chests: 20
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    Hey dude, it's been a while...
    Just wanted to let you know, it can't seem to parse the new sub-items for 1.8

    2011-10-06 16:35:49 [WARNING] Failed to parse line number 285 in plugins\TradeCraft\TradeCraft.txt: brickslab,               44:4,    1:4,   1:1
    2011-10-06 16:35:49 [WARNING] Failed to parse line number 286 in plugins\TradeCraft\TradeCraft.txt: SBSlab,                  44:5,    1:2,   2:1
    2011-10-06 16:35:49 [WARNING] Failed to parse line number 289 in plugins\TradeCraft\TradeCraft.txt: MossSB,                  98:1,    1:2,   2:1
    2011-10-06 16:35:49 [WARNING] Failed to parse line number 290 in plugins\TradeCraft\TradeCraft.txt: CrackSB,                 98:2,    1:2,   2:1
    It works great with everything else still. It's just these four items that don't work.
    Just like it was when wool didn't work, back in v0.92 :p
    Anyways. Glad to see TC is still alive and kicking. It's still my #1 for shops! :D
    You did a super job on it :)

    [EDIT]: Umm, minor problem...
    Crap, haha. Unfortunately I had to remove GroupManager, because of some vital plugins not working with it... :/
    I've got PermissionsEx implemented in place of it... And it seems that no matter what i set, or remove for perms... It says i cannot buy/sell from/to shops.
    Any idea what might be up? :p
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    Thanks that would be great
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    Sry if this plugin has, that i want to suggest.
    Repair chest. I put the broken item like diamond sword to the chest and a gold ingot (actual currency) right click on sign, the item repired and the gold ingot dissaper because of repiar bill.
    (Sorry for my english, i hope you understand me :) )

    What ou think?
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    This is the only plugin that is keeping me from updating my server to RB 1317. Please update this!
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    There is code in the plugin for this, but it has never been active since the port to Bukkit. In my opinion that's a sidestep for this plugin. Its core is trade/shops and there are other plugins to repair items. So I doubt I'll look into enabling that part anytime soon.

    I've been quite busy lately, but maybe I'll find some time soon. Doesn't it work in the newer builds, or didn't you check yet? It could be that Bukkit didn't change much for my plugin and that it still simply works.

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    i'll tested it @ 1331 & 1337. It works without problems

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