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    StockCraft - Trade real stocks in Minecraft
    Version: v0.3

    • Buy and sell real stocks in Minecraft (courses from
    • Compare profit with other players
    • MYSQL Database
    • iConomy
    • Permissions
    How to install:
    • Install MYSQL Database if not available
    • Install the missing plugins (iConomy,Permissions)
    • Download the rar archieve
    • Extract it to plugins
    • Modify StockCraft.cfg -> /plugins/StockCraft/StockCraft.cfg for connection to the Database
    • Add Stocks with /addid or load example list with /addidlist examplelist
    Config File:
    Edit your config file to access your database and to activate some functions!
    • url=//localhost:3306/minecraft -> change "minecraft" to the name of your database
    • user=root -> change "root" to your database user
    • password= -> Add password of your database
    • detailedpermissions=false -> change to true if you want to activate more permissions, if false you don't need to change permissions if admin rights are "*"
    • shorten=false -> change to true if you want to activate shorting (Check Wiki!)
    • iConomy5=true -> change to false if you want to use an old iConomy Version
    • fee=0 -> If you want a trading fee, you can set one here. (percentage of money paid for stocks!)
    • minimumfee=0 -> Here you can set a minimum fee! (You can leave fee=0 and set a static fee!)
    • /stockhelp -> Help
    • /ids [page]-> Shows the stocks that are available
      • /ids symbol [page]-> Shows the symbols of the stocks that are available
      • /ids s [page]-> Shows the symbols of the stocks that are available
    • /course [id] -> Shows the course of the stock
    • /stocks -> Shows your stocks if you have some
    • /stockbuy [id] [amount] -> to buy stocks
    • /stocksell [id] [amount] -> to sell stocks
    • /stocktop -> Top 10 with the highest profit
    • /addid [id] [symbol] -> adds a new stock to the id list (you can find the symbol on!)
    • /addidlist [name] -> adds new stocks from a file (examplelist: /addidlist examplelist) in /plugins/StockCraft/
    • /removeid [id] -> removes stock from the id list
    • stockcraft.addid -> add this to permissions plugin to allow admins or mods to add stocks
    • stockcraft.removeid -> to allow admins or mods to remove stocks
    • stockcraft.commands.* (only needed if you set detailedpermissions = true in stockcraft.cfg)
      • stockcraft.commands.course
      • stockcraft.commands.stockbuy
      • stockcraft.commands.stocksell
      • stockcraft.commands.stocktop
      • stockcraft.commands.stocks
      • stockcraft.commands.ids
      • stockcraft.commands.stockhelp
    Examples for stocks (with symbols):
    DeutscheBank DBK.DE
    Lufthansa LHA.DE
    Commerzbank CBK.DE
    Telekom DTE.DE
    Infineon IFX.DE
    Siemens SIE.DE
    Oil CLK11.NYM
    Gold GCJ11.CMX
    Gas NGK11.NYM

    /addid BMW BMW.DE

    Get new stocks:
    If you want to add new stocks go to and check the id


    after that add the id in Minecraft:
    /addid BMW BMW.DE


    Version 0.3
    • Added support for iConomy5 (you can still use old versions if you set iConomy5=false!)
    • Added pages to /ids -> /ids [page]
    • Added symbol optiion to /ids -> /ids symbol [page] or /ids s [page]
    • Added option to set trading fee
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Added the option shorten (you can sell stocks which you don't have and buy them later! -> (Check Wiki!) To activate set shorten=true in StockCraft.cfg
    • Added new permissions -> To activate set detailedpermissions=true in StockCraft.cfg
    • Added some error messages
    • You can load stocklists now! Look at /plugins/StockCraft/examplelist.txt! Load the list with /addidlist examplelist or load your own list!
    • Getting courses (/ids and /stocks) is now speeded up!
    Version 0.1
    • First Release
    If you want to support me
  2. Stockcraft is in a .zip file? Just open it.
    BukkitSQL is in .jar, put it in the plugins folder.
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    The BukkitSQL is in a ZIP for me..

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    [quote uid=36964 name="Zino" post=1246555]Happyday887101 transcrafter99 TheFallenGod specialy for you.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Thank you!
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    Still works with actual version?

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