Inactive [ECON] SimpleGold v0.7 - Simple Economy with Gold Ingots [1.2.3-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by EpicX112, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hey Epicx112 Love your plugin :) but i have problems with it, when they sell items like block they stucks on the sign, you said that you have fixed this? any idés why i stille got that problem? i'm running a 1.2.3 server.

    Nvm.. But just want to tell you when you stand about 1 block away from the sign it get placed and you sell it. just so you know :) but no bad critik i love this buy/sell system :)

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    If you are within your spawn area, the op can set up the sign and use it but none of the other users will be able to. Try it from a different location. This might be the issue.
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    Thanks alot for this :) hope my players will like it!

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    Just made my first sign


    If I make the sell points 0, It's not valid.

    I don't want users to be able to make them and SELL them, just to buy them (at this sign)
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    the 'g' at the end of the last two lines is missing?
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    I dunno, I didn't need the g on the sign I did get working. I just know if I have 0's in there it's not valid "Please use the right syntax" or whatever it says.
  7. if you put sell;0;0 <- it will work. I have multiple shops like this and people cant sell there anything, only buy.

    The lines doesnt require the G mark there. It can be set but not required
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    The download link seems to be version 0.5, where can I find version 0.7?
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    yeah i think so too
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    Sorry, you are correct, version 0.7 is now the link

    Currently, this does not work, however with the new currency system I want to incorporate, I have to completely redo the program, that is why it is taking so long. My point is that something like this will most likely be possible once I come out with 0.8

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    Hey EpicX do you have any estimate or guess on when 0.8 will be out? This is one of my favorite plugins and can't wait for the update.
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    Very glad to hear it :D I'm hoping by Friday
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    Sounds great man, can't wait.
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    hey epicX112 i have downloaded you plugin becouse it lookes nice,but when i start my server every thing s fine i can make a sign shop but when i click on it with gold he says ' no economy found ' but i have economy installed pleas help me ;(
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    sorta on what mrcheesete0 said: is it usable by everyone? I notice there are nodes to make/break shops but there isn't one for using a shop.

    would love to be able to make it a donor perk.

    Also, are the items/gold pulled out of thin air, or is it stored in a chest so you have to keep a stock and so on?
    when you buy something do the ingot go poof and you can't use them again, why don't you make it so that the ingots used go to like a chest or something and you DO need stuff in stock for it other wise you can say stuff like:
    diamonds;(whatever the number is for diamonds)

    and spam the sign with 1 gold ingot and get like 65160949451654940516540984995 diamonds.
    well, just some sugestions, thankyou bye
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    is it saying this to you in a message in game, or in your server console?

    The is the gold.use permission, this you can give to your donors. I have not made a feature yet where you can have stocked stores, currently this should be used for an admin to set up simple stores for his players to use. To fix that issue, just don't set up the sign like that :p

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    But it's not compatible with other plugins like SimpleSpleef or something else, is it?
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    I am not sure what you mean by this, you can make the reward of a spleef game give you the currency you have set on the server. I am going to look into vault however.
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    How do you set up a sign for items with long item names, such as Diamond_pickaxe? You cant fit the name and id on one line.
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    The name of the item doesn't have to be anything specific, it is your custom name. So you can shorten it to D. Pickaxe or something you want
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    Ohhhh. Okay. Thanks
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    louwho #1

    how do you buy stuff off the signs once they are created like mine worked but i right clicked on sign and it didnt do anything
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    It was changed to let click in an update, just letclick while holding the currency item
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    louwho #1

    sweet thanks man
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    How i can claim my gold ingoths????? :'( [gold]
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    Love the mod, just wondering if you're going to update for 1.2.4 soon? I noticed my signs stopped working with Bukkit 1.2.4 (DEV2114).

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    Hm, I just updated to 1.2.4, it still seems to be working for me.
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    Must be my settings, I'll double check.
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    Nice plugin. Keep it up!
    With this plugin, now I can get rid of iConomy and ChestShop.

    It seems like the /reload command has some problem. After the server done reloading, when I'm holding an item right clicking on a block, the block disappeared. I'm using Multiverse, Vault, and PEX. But after I restarted the server, everything works fine again.

    One suggestion: Can you make it able to change the message "Sold # [item] for #gold" and "Bought # [item] for #gold"? I would love to change gold into my own currency.

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    You know, I never thought about that lol, thanks for the suggestion, that will be configurable in the next update :)

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