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    Simple Region Market

    Please visit for the latest downloads & news!

    I am still OpenSource, licensed under WTFPLv2 !

    • Version 2.2.1
      • Fixed a bug in limits that came up when buying/renting a region
    • Version 2.2
      • Rewritten limits system
      • Added priorities in limits
      • Limits command /rm limits done (works in the console as well)
    • Version 2.1.4
      • Fixed hotels and maximum renttime in templates
    • Version 2.1.3
      • Added new limits global.player.playername and name.player.playername
      • Fixed a bug when expanding regions
    • Version 2.1.2
      • Templates can now use [[price]]:[[time]]
      • Changes LET and HOTEL to use [[price]]:[[time]] and added [[account]] in the last line
    • Version 2.1.1
      • addmember, removemember & addowner, removeowner functionality
      • templates.yml will be automatically updated
    For any older versions, look on the GitHub page and search through the commits.

    I am not affiliated with the team on BukkitDev. They are doing their own Simple Region Market. I am not the one who fight wars, I just don't care what they do. This is the original Simple Region Market with me as the original author and I continue, because others asked me to do and I want to.
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    You put Register in your plugins folder and install a supported economy system. That's it.
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    Can you please make it so that this plugin uses Vault instead of Register? Because Vault is more up-to-date.
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    19:30:05 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/SimpleRegionMarket.jar' in folder 'plugins': WorldGuard
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: WorldGuard
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    Hi, umm my plugin isn't working, i have economy 6.0.8 downloaded, world guard, register, and this plugin downloaded. and for some reason it won't work. any ideas why?
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    Because you need Register
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    I've the same problem of shmickle1, but I already installed Register! How should I do? (I'm not English, so if you can use a simple language I'll be very happy! :p
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    Please update to Bukkit's RB. That should fix that "bug"..
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    i have problem plse help me
    i have iconomy 6

    2012-01-30 15:11:40 [WARNING] [SimpleRegionMarket] Register was not found. Switching to economy-free version.

    can you help me ?

    and update plugin plsssss :D

    and me signs


    and ok

    the server

    15 x128 x15

    help me :(

    i am sell not for freee :(((

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    The installation guide would have helped here.

    "Register was not found. Switching to economy-free version."
    I don't know, what's misunderstandable in this sentence? Stop your server, install Register and change "enable_economy" to "true" in your config. Then start your server again.
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    Je viens poster ici car j'ai un soucis. Je suis français et votre plugins bug... Il n'accepte pas les caractère spéciaux. Comme les "é à ù è î" Auriez vous une solution ??

    Quand je détruit un pannaux (ayant le fichier Fr) cela m'affiche dans le chat :

    "Panneau supprim avec succs."

    Alors que normalement il devrait être afficher ceci :
    "Panneau supprimé avec succès."

    Les accents ne sont pas présent... Et cela n'est qu'avec votre plugin, car j'ai vérifié les autres je n'ai aucun soucis.

    Cordialement Mortibus.
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    2012-02-02 18:34:54 [INFO] [SimpleRegionMarket] Loading SimpleRegionMarket v1.7.4.
    2012-02-02 18:34:54 [INFO] [SimpleRegionMarket] loaded version 1.7.4,  Copyright (C) 2011-2012  Benedikt Ziemons aka theZorro266 - All rights reserved.
    Doesn't generate a default config file.
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    Hi, everything is working perfectly EXCEPT that only admins can buy plots. It says they don't have permission to. I've gone through the config file, and have been looking for a long time. Help please? Also, when I make signs and it says they're registered if I use the /rm list command it says that there are no signs selling plots. help?
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    SRM 1.7.4 still dont take money when buy region .. :S
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    Ok.. so i use iconomy and vault(and i dont want to remove it) when i want to sell a agent the price changes to FREE...
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    Well for me worked, to change the config-file to:
    language: de
    logging: true
    remove_buyed_signs: true
    enable_economy: true
    max_rent_multiplier: 2
    agent_name: 'zu verkaufen'
    hotel_name: 'zu vermieten'
    (yes i am german)
    and set the file-permissions to 444 so my linux-server can't write to the config. it seems to me, everytime this plugin is getting started it writes its config-file over- and over again.
    For all wit the "region sell is FREE" bug you have to change the line
    enable_economy: false
    enable_economy: true

    and ensure your server can't write to the config.
    That works fine for me.
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    But worldguard hasn't updated yet!
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    Only admins can buy or sell chunks and players havn´t the permissions ?
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    Can you put in the download the plugin for bukkit 1.0.1
    Thanks :) (sorry for the English)
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    Pex support?
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    I could not find a place to put a ticket so I will just ask it here. I am having an issue with the way the AGENT adds owners. I have mayors which own a town. They need to be owners for each of the plots so incase someone goes inactive they can sell the plots that are inactive. Is there anyway to a make it so that members can sell plots pluts still have a owner as the mayor of the town.
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    Is it possible to set it that after buying the owner name is in the []?
    BEFORE: [AGENT] REGION1 500 $ 4 x 4 x 4 AFTER: [KINGFLOWY] REGION1 4 x 4 x 4

    Or something like that...
    Just the Agent in the [] all the time annoyes me...

    Thanks Flowy...
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    Doesn't works for me! When I Place a sign like this:

    Always transforming to that:

    It's why FREE??? And the player can't buy plots!! :S
    Please HELP
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    Is it possible to have permissions 3 compatibility in the future?
    or can you have a config parameter to were the buy and rent nodes are on by default?
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    great plugin. but, only one i wish, please show the region name in sign.
    I really want that! and I think that maybe useful for some people.
    thank you zorro!
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    Help! I have this on my server, but I need to know if this supports essentials eco. It seems to reject my economy and I cannot change "enable_economy" to true. It just switches back to false. Is this due to an unsupported economy? I don't want to have to switch to iconomy because it is an established server and it will be a huge hassle and everybody will complain about money conversions and loss. Every time I set a price on a region, it changes to free.
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    Hello all
    I shared my problem on my servuer. When I put on sale a plot, it appears well in my file agent.yml. But when I restart the server this is my error:

    Thank you for your help
    I am French.Sorry for this English. Long live google translation! ^^
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    do you have Vault? if not, download it. if you are worried about your money being lost, then back up your player files in essentials. they hold the money value, ect.

    so basically. GET VAULT!
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    Doesn't appear to be working. No console errors, just doesn't work.
    If I do...

    Nothing happens.
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    when i write the price on sign it changes to free. Please HELP
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    Awesome plugin, thanks a lot for making this I hope you keep updating it.

    Hm I got one problem, when I change [AGENT] and [HOTEL] in the config.yml and save it, it always gets changed back to the defaults.

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