Inactive [ECON] MobBounty v4.2 - Simple Mob Reward [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by AOD_Batman, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I've added mob bounty to my 1.8.1 server...
    It says i've gotten 1 dollar from a zombie but it doesnt seem to add to my /money
    And other people can't seem to be able to use /money even though i've added the permission iconomy.acces
    Help please?
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    Im not getting any money as well, youve to wait for an update.
    The problem with /money does not belong to MobBounty, check out the iConomy dev. page for more support.
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    Update for 1.8? Enderman needs to have his reward.
  5. This is taking too much time. I'm no longer using this plugin.
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    The problem with iConomy6 and Essentials is fixed. It doesnt have to do anything with this plugin. Just update Essentials and you will get money again :) .
    An update is not really needed, only for the new mobs.
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    Please make this compatible with iConomy 6 in your next update.
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    It is compatible? For me its working using iConomy6 and Essentials2.6.2
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    Weird, after I updated it stopped working.
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    Dosen't work for me either in iConomy 6 :(
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    I've updated the plugin to 1185, its just for the pure good :)

    Economies supported:

    BOSEConomy isn't updated yet, so i didn't add it in

    Attached Files:

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    Thanks JunioR-!

    I'm still working on 5.0 I've just been extremely busy lately with work and school.
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    This is working with ICON6, Essentials is just messing with it but if you download the most recent essentials 2.6.2 it will work i just did it and now it works fine.

    Suggestion: Spout Support , maybe Money actually Drops (optional)
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    I reject spout support, I support a release of 1185 soon, and thank you for continuing to work on it.
    That is all.
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    Make sure your color codes are all lowercase in locale.yml else they come out as text.

    so JunioR- you are going to fix yours on the fix up.
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    It is possible to add players to the moblist ,so that other players can earn money to kill those bad players on the list ?

    sorry for my bad english
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    I'm having trouble with this plugin, i got iConomy6 and i have permissions, i configured the plugin to give rewards, nothing points to why it just simply doesn't work. And all my plugins are up to date.
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    I'm having an issue with group multis at the moment. I'm defining them with the /mbgm command, but nothing seems to take effect. It's enabled in the config and proper permissions are added so they can gain the multiplier, but it's not taking.

    I'm using PEX with BoseEcon. Is there something I'm overlooking here?
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    Currently the group multipliers only work with BukkitPermissions. Version 5.0 will have support for both BukkitPermissions and PermissionsEx.
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    Um hi i had to create an account just to reply to this plugin
    this plugin i need rely bad and its fun because I've been on a server who has it and i never wanted it to turn day:D
    but now i have it and i have it in my plugins folder and all the commands work great but when you actually kill a monster it does nothing is there a turn on command or something because I'm really frustrated. Oh and you need to add enderman. im also new to this server but it says 1060 at top for plugin and i have 1240 can i still download a plugin below my actual server type? plz reply
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    Thanks for that. I'll be patiently waiting.

    Also, is there a way to remove the decimal amount and keep it whole "dollar" amounts for rewards? Or is that something dependent on the running economy plugin?
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    right, i was just about to post that i can't usee any of the commands in your build AOD_Batman, i'll be waiting too
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    does this work with iconomy?
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    Learn to read ^
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    This version actually does not work on my 1185 server but the official 1060 one does...
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    wait so AOD's actually work with 1185?
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    There are some register issues and doesn't have the new mobs but yes it works.
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    aight thats what i need to know,
    awesome plugin for RPG servers!!
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    I have installed essentials and iConomy but he automaticly hooks into essentails but i want that he hooks into IConomy how can i fix this?

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