Inactive [ECON] MobBounty v4.2 - Simple Mob Reward [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by AOD_Batman, Mar 29, 2011.

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    There is no download link on the second page, at least not that I can find; I looked over it like six times. Must be fairly well hidden "big light blue text" :D
    Edit: I assumed you were talking about THIS website, but most likely not. So I looked at a cached version of (because that website is down for me, maybe not for you), and there was a link "download latest version". But when I clicked on it, obviously, website down, so no sale. I know its asking a bit much, but could you please add another download link?
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    City Builder

    Ok I think I found our problem. While we have mobbounty.collect in the permissions file, we also had the old mobbounty.mb in the permissions files too.

    When I removed the old permission node, then mob bounty started to work for all as it should.

    There's our solution for the problem.

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    mobbounty and Iconomy6 do not like each other...but ico6 is in early testing...just a heads up!
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    It's not my plugin, but I'm always willing to help another server admin. I'll have a link with my copy up in a sec for you.

    (Link removed)
    There you go. ;3

    On second thought, I don't know if that's allowed here or not. I'll send you a private message with the link instead of posting it, just to be safe.
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    Link is broken?
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    Yeah. The link doesn't work for me.
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    can you stop mobs from completlig stop spawning in a world ? :p
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    Can someone please post a working link?
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    Would it be possible to make not pay fees for killing agresive wolfs? (I mean tammed wolfs than are attacking you)
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    Post a working link please or somebody upload it and PM me please.
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    Broken Link :/ where can i get it or an older version :D

    can i get a copy :D

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    I think the site is down as I cant seem to get the download or webpage
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    There are alot of other plugins that do just that i would suggest looking on one of them
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    Your dl link is broken
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    Hey AOD - we absolutely LOVE this plugin on my server DankCraft, and it's been an essential part of our server's content since we made the move to Bukkit, thanks so much for making such an incredible plugin!

    Just had a quick question for you. I've been fiddling around with a new modification which would allow me to randomly spawn a mob called a "monster", which is just a mob that has the default minecraft player skin. Would it be a possibility to add this mob to your plugin so we could provide a reward for slaying one?
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    Seems to be working fine to me.

    The latest version has Monster working in it. Also AOD is an old gaming clan I was in, it's not my name. =P
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    Its not working, I will even post a screenshot of it not working. It says Problem Loading Page so your website is down. Please fix this or upload it on mediafire or something so we can all use it.
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    Hi there, yesterday I tried to add MobBounty to my server because I absolutely love it, I played it on another server and it is awesome! But anyway, I was trying to install it and I was reading you guide to installing it when my moderator told me that MobBounty was not installed when he did the /plugins in game. I unzipped the zip folder and put the folder inside the zip into the plugins folder and then loaded the server again but it says nothing about MobBounty loading. Do you know what I could be doing wrong? I am using the new version, v4.05. Do you know what it might be? Or what I am doing wrong?

    Also while I was reading your guide and I got to the part with the configuration, I had no idea where to find that. Is it somewhere inside the folder that came in the zip?

    Sorry for all the questions, I am pretty new to Bukkit and this is my first time trying out your plugin.

    But thanks in advance!
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    AOD_Batman - It seems to be just you. I have tried at my work and at my house and it seems to be loading just fine. It's possible that maybe your DNS cache is out of date on your computer. Try flushing your DNS Cache or restarting your computer. Here is also a direct link to the download: Download

    Edit: It may also be your ISP being slow in updating their DNS records. I recommend using Google's Domain Name Servers instead, they are faster anyways. They are and

    So your installation should look something like so:

    | |-MobBounty
    | | |-General.yml
    | | |-Reward.yml
    | | |-Multiplier.yml
    | | |-Locale.yml
    | |-MobBounty.jar
    I hope this helps. =D
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    Ok so I just realized that I had 4.03 downloaded, I clicked the link at the top and downloaded it. And for the extracting part, I put the zip in my plugins folder, extracted that, then took out the first things in the folder named IchigoKyger-MobBounty-088757c. So now in my plugins folder I have src and README. But after that I went into src farther and found a folder named MobBounty with a bunch of java files. Do I have the wrong download or something? Because I can not find MobBounty.jar anywhere.
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    Okay I think I see what happened. You went to my GitHub and Downloaded the source code. I changed the top post to now say "Click Here for Downloads". Go to my website to download the plugin. ;)
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    Oh I did :) Oops. Thanks!
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    Installed v4.05:
    [MobBounty] v4.05 (Oxygen) enabled.
    [MobBounty] Developed by: [Mattera, Steven (IchigoKyger)].
    [MobBounty] Special Thanks to: nijikokun for the Register API.
    [MobBounty] Config loaded.
    [MobBounty] Payment plugin was found (iConomy v5).

    Got that when I started the server.

    I am working without a permissions system in place on a semi private server. I am an op and I have a friend on the server who is also an op.

    The problem I am having is that /mb and /mobbounty are not displaying anything when used, and when killing mobs, no money is being paid out.

    EDIT: Figured it out, thought I had CB1000, was actually on CB945. Updating took care of the problem.
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    Cosmic Break

    Finally! An update! I've been waiting forever for this!
    I've had to use the inferior cookiemonster...
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    Is it possible for you to detect when monsters that are spawned by the MobArena are killed? I don't want my players to be able to gain all their money they spent to get into the arena back after killing all the monsters.
    Love the plugin! keep it up
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    Would it be too much to ask for a way to say a player needs to destroy x number of monsters in y amount of minutes, then he gets paid a lump sum? When I had this plugin last, I was dealing with a ton of inflation, and I'm trying to think of ways to combat that and still give a way to get money other than selling gold to the server...
  29. Can I add more messages in the Swedish language,
    Or do you have to do that?
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    Can you add the ability to set a reward range instead of just a flat reward? I want the rewards to be between 2 numbers to mix up things a little.
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    Looks like the Bukkit guys broke your plugin slightly with 1060... they changed projectile hits from EntityDamageByProjectileEvent with the firer as the damager to EntityDamageByEntityEvent with the projectile as the damager, so people using bows no longer get paid. :(

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