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    LWCEx - Pay for locking chests
    Version: v0.3.1

    Use /cp to lock your chests for any amount that you wish set in the config file. The file should auto-generate and set the price for general.chest to any number. All other features of LWC will be available, depending on which permissions you wish to set for that plugin.

    To allow players to have to pay money to place chests. The cost is set in the config file "general.protect" and "". To disable this feature set "general.settings.UseBlockPlace" to false. (It is false by default).


    lwcex.makeprivate - Make a private chest

    • LWC and it's dependencies
    • iConomy and it's dependencies or BOSEconomy and it's dependencies.
    • Permissions(Optional)
    • Buy chest rights
    • Ability to have to pay to place chest
    • Uses Permissions
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code not available as yet.

    Version 0.3.1
    • Major Bugfixes
    Version 0.3
    • BOSEconomy support added!
    Version 0.2.1
    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.2
    • Place Chest Cost
    • Bug Fixes
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin.
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    Wub it, why not have more moneys like Esstensials?
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    I might use Register API soon. That'll incorporate a load of economies.
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    Really useful plugin! Thanks :)
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    Can we get BOSEcon Support for this please?
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    Im pretty sure LWC already includes this function.
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    Hopefully in version 0.3

    Apparently they do. I've added a new feature in 0.2 which I don't think they have.
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    Why dont you just ask Hidendra to pull it on github? Hell I have had features added by him in less than an hour.
    Im sure he will credit you.

    Im not trying to be rude But I dont see the point of this plugin. We dont need a new plugin for one command that LWC could integrate with a 3 line change.
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    Well.. I've made it for my personal use of my own server, and also if anyone else wishes to use it.

    Its just for my personal needs (And I don't upload every plugin I make).
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    without - lwcex.makeprivate permission, players can /cp for free?

    cause I wanna charge for /cp to certain group.
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    If they do not have permission it just says: You do not have permission.

    Edit: Or if they're OP.
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    It worked on my test server! but when testing it on my real server i get " chest buy:sell" after typing /chest protect why is that?
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    Thanks very much. Just want to get plugin dev soon
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    please add boseecon
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    I'll experiment around with it, but no promises.

    Done. Please test it with BOSEconomy and tell me.

    I've had to write custom methods to make it fit with both, but it's worth it!


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    You use register right? If not you should look into it for later use. Register makes it work with all econ plugins. Pretty nice actually. Thanks for the quick support i am sure BOSEcon peeps will love it.
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    Actually I made my own methods. I probably should use register. Might try poking it soon.
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    Hey Hoddie, this plugin is great too! Could you add the ability to make different costs for various groups? So like the default group would cost 500 to protect something but the vip group would be 250?

    Also, I'm getting an error stating
    Could not pass event BLOCK_PLACE to LWCEx

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    Which permissions are you using? I just want to see which one I should use.
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    I use PermissionsEx! Also could you please take a look at the error I had in my previous post, I just edited it and didn't realize you responded so quickly :)
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    1) The error seems to be happening because if it can't find the economy plugin your using it will return null. The only reason this would happen if you don't have any economy plugin installed (iConomy or BOSEconomy)... Do you have one installed? If not I'll have to look into it more.

    2) With using different groups, everyone is using different permissions plugins so its hard to get which one your using. I might have to try to use both (or make both work).
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    Hey Hoddie, I do have iConomy. Well if you could get the default bukkit permissions one to work PermissionsEx will be able to use it! :-D thank you again. I also double and triple checked that it wasn't any other plugins causing this. I only left iConomy and this plugin on a test server while I was the op and still had the same error.
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    Error should now be fixed. (0.3.1)
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    Is it possible to protect for items?
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    At this moment in time. No. By items, what exactly do you mean? Single items? Whole areas?
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    No problem. Next Hurdle... Permissions......................................... *insert ellipses here*
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    You adding support to the original Permissions?

    Also my users seem to be having a problem placing a unlocked chest next to a chest to create a double chest. It says that the player doesn't own the chest.

    I've figured out they have to type /cpublic and make that chest public to 'own' it. How about when you place an unlocked chest, it should auto-create it public once it's set down, thus allowing the player to place a second chest next to it to create a double chest.

    Oh and how about adding a shorter command for people to type.

    Other than that, great plugin.

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