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    I replaced my jobConfig with yours. I thoroughly tested Magicien and Herboriste and they work just fine. I got paid for enchanting and I got paid for brewing. What is not working? Are you not allowed to join the jobs? Or is it that they're not getting paid? If you're not getting paid, maybe your economy plugin isn't handling enough decimal places or something. Please elaborate.

    Also, general Jobs question. Does anybody know how to increase pay as somebody ranks up in a job? The only thing I can think of is to supplement with the PayDay plugin and give each successive skill level the permission for a higher timed payout. Any suggestions?

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  2. It is very strange, I didn't get paid when I enchant an object and i didn't get payd when I brew redstone etc...
    I can make a video if you want see
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    Which permissions and economy plugins do you have? That could help solve the problem. Also, do you get paid for other jobs?
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    For some reason a lot of commands don't work. For example, when I type /jobs admininfo [some playername], it gives the same result as when I type /jobs: It just gives the menu of all the available commands. I tried removing the config (GeneranConfig and JobConfig files) and reloading the server to make it generate the new config, but this also didn't work. Does anyone know a solution to this? I really need the admininfo command to see wether people are cheating their levels or not.
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    HELP ME! How do you add jobs? Please tell me! I don't know anything about how to add a job! Please HELP ME!
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    Hi can be this plugin used with iConomy? and Is the video made by woopagaming up to date?
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    How might I add wheat to the items you can get paid to break. I'd like for my players to be able to get paid to place seeds and break fully grown wheat. How might I do this?
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    Hey cam someone can add a link to download JobsConfig? Please. I need it
  9. Latest Jobs makes me Lag on 1.3.1, please update it, also if is a dev build! I see on Source that you have updated it with aSyncChatEvent.

    Can you release it? Thanks
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    I use PermissionsEX, Iconomy and i get paid for other jobs.
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    Anyone know how to get rid of the tags infront of the name like Miner?
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    Does this work? in 1.3
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    Is version for 1.3.1 in develop? If not can some one recommend replacement??
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    The Plugin Works Perfectly For Me In v1.3.1 .. But All I Need Is A JobsConfig.yml File.. Please Send Me A Link To A Download Please?
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    im having a problem when joining a job, it should be coming up with my jobs name, but it just comes up as job.... please help
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    Must be a typo in your messages config.

    It works fine but he made some recent changes so you could just take the source from github and compile it.

    it does


    # Modifys chat to add chat titles. If you're using a chat manager, you may add the tag {jobs} to your chat format and disable this.
    modify-chat: false
    set it to false.

    I took source and compiled it.
    Did it today so it got async chat etc.


    Add crops:7 or whatever size you want and crops:0 is for placing i think or 1

    iConomy works and think its outdated.

    Take that and copy it in your jobsconfig
    Then you can copy a job and duplicate it and change names and change other stuff and you got another job.

    It is /jobs playerinfo <player> or /jobs stats <player>

    I'm using GoldisMoney what use Vault to change money to real currency like goldingots and stuff like that.
    It works with every plugin i'm using expect Jobs.
    Is there any chance you could work on a fix for this?
    Jobs use vault and seems it also use vault for the economy part but it still doesn't work.
    When i remove GoldisMoney and use EssentialsEco it works fine but with GoldIsMoney not.
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    Weird, can't do /vanish when I have jobs installed
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    Its not a typo, i have everything corrected from the jobs.config and messageConfig... what can i do
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    the plugin is not workink for my server i write /jobs , /jobs help , jobs join , and it does nothing
    it worked for me in Version 1.2.5 but in version 3.1 is not working , I tried to overwrite the file "jobConfig.yml" and i have iConomy

    in folder Jobs and in not woring pliz help me .:'(
    Sorry for my English
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    Nvm i got it working!
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    hi first off all , nice work ! it's an amazing plugin .
    but i have some problems. I'm not very good at coding so my problem could seem easy.
    it's all about the Jobsconfig.yml when i use default it charges but when i modify it and add some things it doesn't load this shows up :
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] Enabling Jobs v2.8.5
    11:32:52 [SEVERE] ==================== Jobs ====================
    11:32:52 [SEVERE] Unable to load jobConfig.yml!
    11:32:52 [SEVERE] Check your config for formatting issues!
    11:32:52 [SEVERE] No jobs were loaded!
    11:32:52 [SEVERE] Error: while scanning a simple key
    in "<string>", line 11, column 5:
    could not found expected ':'
    in "<string>", line 12, column 5:
            ChatColour: YELLOW
    11:32:52 [SEVERE] ==============================================
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] Started database save task
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] [Jobs] Successfully linked with Vault.
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] Database save task shutdown
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] Plugin has been enabled succesfully.
    11:32:52 [INFO] [EssentialsProtect] Enabling EssentialsProtect v2.9.2
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] Started database save task
    11:32:52 [INFO] [Jobs] Login manager started
    11:32:52 [INFO] Initializing c3p0- [built 21-May-2007 15:04:56; debug? tr
    ue; trace: 10]
    11:32:53 [INFO] [EssentialsSpawn] Enabling EssentialsSpawn v2.9.2
    11:32:53 [INFO] [EssentialsChat] Enabling EssentialsChat v2.9.2
    11:32:53 [INFO] Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
    11:32:53 [INFO] Done (32.248s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    11:35:28 [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server o
    i'm sorry if this seems easy but i tried it over and over again. When i paste something in the default jobsconfig.yml it does the same! (even though i put everything on the right place , it doesn't load)
    Can u help me please ? :)

    EDIT: I found a way to make it work , it's deleting alle the shortnames and coulours :/ i don't know why that works but it isn't realy what i want :/
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    That error means you did forgot to put a : or a ' where needed or used TAB instead of spaces.
    Check out this quick YML tutorial from essentials
    EDIT: You can use this after you changed your config to make sure your config is valid yml:

    no problem :)

    Try backup your files and let it generate new files and try if it works then.
    If not then look for errors in your log and post them and if that works then you probably have a error in one of your configs.
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    You are my hero <3 haha thank you very much i'm so stupid sometimes , sorry for wasting your time :/
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    I Have another question , is there a maximum jobs we can create in the JobsConfig.yml ?
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    You can add this to one of your jobs or all and set the level.
    slots: 100
    But note that if players just have the job and are offline or leave the server they still have the job and they are still counted.
    Other then that there is no way to have it for online players.
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    Hey, I need the mySQL structure and i can't find anywhere, can you help me, pleaaase?
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    It auto generate tables.
    Else just look at the source on github.
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    Hello there si problem if you use jobs and EssentialsGroupManager & EssentialsGroupBridge it before every nick add 'D B M'. Can you look on it?
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    Hello everyone.
    I just wonder if there is any possibility to disable the player's command /jobs join <jobname> WITHOUT disabling the job itself?

    My plan:
    Using jobs but only let playerss joining a job by clicking a sign or using a NPC. So player's shouldn't be allowed to use the command /jobs join <jobname>
    How do I do that?
    When I disable the permission using
    - -jobs.join.jobname
    The whole job is disabled. Btw, i use Essentials GroupManager.

    I would be really happy if anyone has an idea =)

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