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    Live or Die

    Hey, i bet this happens to all of you but still its a major explote..

    i discover that i cant do anything about 1 bug..
    1 miner and 1 woodcutter are friends yes?
    the miner puts log on the ground the the woodcutter cuts it.
    the miner doesnt lose money becuase his a miner.
    and the woocutter gains all the money and buys.. well with so much money anything he wants:p

    please fix this explote i cant do anything about it.
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    This error come also, when i don't makeanything with plugin, just paste in folder
    nobody get money or experience for job
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    i did all the permissions nodes but its still not working
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    how bout you program it that way? or provent idiots from doign it?

    and i have 1050 version

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    Live or Die

    why are you angry?:p
    its just a major "bug" in the plugin
    and how do i prevent it from happening?
    prevent all blocks from being placed?
    or that every block you place on the ground would take money from you?
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    Ehhh, who can help?
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    I have a suggestion, make an option for realistic mode.
    If you join woodcutter, you can't mine iron because you are a woodcutter, not a miner.
    If you want an area flattened, you need to hire a digger to flatten your land, if you want to build a home either get a builder or ask an admin/moderator make a region with worldguard or whatever so that you can mine/build/flatten anything in that region regardeless of your job.
    This makes Economy much more realistic, you now NEED other players. In any economy server at the moment you can just wander off and be a loner, which isn't the point in an economy server.
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    Hi, Jobs installed successfully and no severe errors or anything. I have iChat installed. When I type "Hi" in chat during minecraft, all that shows up is my name and the message i typed. I have joined a job but i want to say Journeyman Builder {name}: message.
    i have latest craftbukkit for 1.7.3 and i also have the latest version of jobs
    thank you!
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    hmm can you add to planned feathures some permissions. enable the some permission for each job
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    you can add an option in chat-display to display just the job?
    or add your option to customize the name ? ex: [Miner][pseudo] with colors.

    I might as well customized with my nickname ichat because you have no option to change the color or the space between the pseudo and the job.

    (sorry for my English I'm French)
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    allow only one job and make the class if they place iron blocks lose money also

    actualy each job does have permsisions its like jobs.join.-job you made here-

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    I got a big problem recently i just made a server called, "NOTOAST" and i got a problem with jobs...
    i put in the right nodes redownloaded jobs and anything i could but everytime the citizens or ,"average members"
    try to join a job such as "digger" it says " you do not have the permissions to perform this command" what do i do?
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    It didn't work. This is what I did in the iChat config file:
    censor-list: []
    censor-color: '&f'
    date-format: HH:mm:ss
    message-format: '[+prefix+job+suffix&f] +Dname: +message'
    me-format: '* +name +message'
    censor-char: '*'
    censor-string-color: '&f'
    censor-colored: false
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    Any chance that iConomy 6 support could be added? I understand it is not a final release as of right now but 5.0.1 seems half-baked anyways so its not really much different in terms of stability.

    iConomy 6: http://mirror.nexua.org/iConomy/6.0/
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    Live or Die

    Then whats the point of "jobs"?
    and why everyone should lose money because placing an iron block? dosent make since.
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    i know the jobs using permissions but can you make somethink like that

    "when dont have job then someone cant use /build"
    but "when someone have job named builder he can use /build"
    can you make somethink like that?
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    i have problems my title not show on chat
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    This issue is an ongoing issue that people keep bringing up. Please check the common issues section. Rsccman gave you an angry response because every person and their dog think that this is a game breaking bug and all of the people who've developed this plugin can't/don't want to fix it just to spite everyone else or because they're lazy. The truth of the matter is that this is a known issue with no viable solution. The only permanent solution would result in such horrific lag that it would render the plugin pointless and any stop gap measures would incur a considerable memory and performance overhead as well as be really easy to bypass.

    I would recommend that you temporarily ban any people that are doing this (or use the jail plugin to jail them) or lower the rate at which users gain experience. From my experience with running this plugin. Given the standard configurations and equations it should take a dedicated user just under a month to hit level 100 if they're only doing one job. This can get extremely boring.
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    Hello ! Nice plugin :)
    Could you add a possibility to allow items only for some job ?

    Like if you are a Woodcutter, you can have the diamond tool but if not, only wood tool ?
    Thank you !

    (sorry for my bad english..)
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    i know ur the first developer my problem with jobs is even though i use nodes for the citizens or "average player" me as an admin i can use jobs but the normal player cant whats the solution?
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    not my problem? you compnained about it i gave a solution, you denied the solution thus ur problem again
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    Ok so after I updated from an older version to the current 2.4.5, everything works fine except now when my players kill other players as hunters, they get no money on the kill. This worked prior to the update, and I have changed nothing in the config, am I missing something on this?
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    tbh nope sometimes messup just do /jobs reload
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    Ya that normally worked last time in 2.4.3 and I have tried that in 2.4.5 and it doesn't seem to fix this issue anymore =/ But thank you for your help. =)
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  27. got anyone a small income exploid free config for download?
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    Hey, I was wondering... I want to turn off titles and make it so you can have only one job at a time?
    Any way? Thanks!
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    Instead of 'restricted areas,' is there a way to have 'allowed areas'? Like making it so a Woodcutter can only earn XP/Cash in a specific forest.
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    lloyd menzies

    Ahhh what is this... craftbukkit 1000 1.7.3 BOSEcon latest


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