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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phrstbrn, Jun 27, 2011.

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    could you somewhen please add the feature to edit the config file ingame like
    /jobs config Jobs.[Jobname].slots 5
    to add a limit of 5 to [Jobname], or something like
    /jobs config Jobs.[Jobname].Break.Stone.income 3.0
    to set the income for [Jobname] when breaking stone to 3.0
  2. Players on my server don't get xp or money for killing them.

    my job:

            fullname: Slayer
            shortname: S
            ChatColour: DARK_RED
            chat-display: full
            max-level: 30
            #slots: 10
            leveling-progression-equation: 250*((1.13+(0.01*(numjobs-1)))^(joblevel-1))
            income-progression-equation: baseincome*((1.05)^(joblevel-1))
            experience-progression-equation: baseexperience*((1.05)^(joblevel-1))
                    income: 10.5
                    experience: 10.5
                    income: 13.0
                    experience: 13.0
                    income: 13.0
                    experience: 13.0
                    income: 13.0
                    experience: 13.0
                    income: 13.0
                    experience: 13.0
                    income: 20.0
                    experience: 20.0
                    income: 28.0
                    experience: 20.0
                    income: 20.0
                    experience: 20.0
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    The problem you're getting is that the database isn't being made properly (look at the first line of the error message). Please check that you have the correct dependencies in the correct places.

    The display name problem is an ongoing problem cause by there not being a unified method for managing the display names.

    When I last used Dynmap (a while ago) it was the source of most of my lag. I doubt that Jobs is causing any lag since the listeners it has only monitor the events given (simply put, their execution is independent on the block event being sent to be handled by the bukkit server code. The only lag you may get is players not getting money instantly, but getting it a little later.)
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    Hmm that´s weird :/ Noone recived exp from mining and i think i setup permission right.

    default: false
    prefix: '[&4Admin]'
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - '*'
    - 'jobs.world.world'
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    Yes, I do.

    Is there any way to convert data from h2 database to MySQL?
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    I'm not sure you have read my message...
    That's because I reply my own message :)
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    thanks for declaring the rest of ur jobs....
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    nice plugin..

    but i have a litlle proble...

    when i try to join a job, it worked perfectly...

    but when a guest tried to join a job, he can join the job but his money never increased ...

    plz can some1 help me ???
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    Live or Die

    Hey, every time this error shows up:
    18:14:50 [SEVERE]     at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)
    2011-08-08 18:14:50 [SEVERE]     at java.io.DataOutputStream.flush(Unknown Source)
    2011-08-08 18:14:50 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkWriterThread.run(SourceFile:116)
    2011-08-08 18:15:03 [INFO] [Jobs v2.4.5] has been disabled succesfully.
    2011-08-08 18:15:03 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_QUIT to Jobs
        at com.zford.jobs.dao.JobsDAOH2.save(Unknown Source)
        at com.zford.jobs.Jobs.save(Unknown Source)
        at com.zford.jobs.Jobs.removePlayer(Unknown Source)
        at com.zford.jobs.listener.JobsPlayerListener.onPlayerQuit(Unknown Source)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$2.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:251)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.java:58)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:332)
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.disconnect(ServerConfigurationManager.java:146)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.disconnect(NetServerHandler.java:117)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.kickPlayer(CraftPlayer.java:135)
        at de.fgtech.pomo4ka.AuthMe.LoginTimeout.LoginTimer$LoginTimerTask.run(LoginTimer.java:32)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftWorker.run(CraftWorker.java:34)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    jobs just crash down and i need to reload the server for it to get up again..
    it is possible that you have allready answer this to somone else but i didnt understand what you wrote.

    can you explane again for me please?
    thx anyway :)
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    Can you please do a Check to see if a block placed is from a PLAYER and if so not give any EXP or money for said block. People are exploiting this fact in teams and making way to much money on my server. I even have the income and EXP down to like .05. But all they do is get a person with a stack of like Ore blocks, Place it for the miner, miner mines it then the other person picks it up, The miner has a full inv so he cant pick up the ore and the placer will never run out and the miner gets infinite EXP and Income.

    I know this check is possible because mcMMO professions uses a check like this to see if a block has been placed and if so to not give EXP for it.

    This would help with Logs and Ores mainly, and Sugarcane and or any other blocks placed that a player should yield no EXP or Income for ANY player.
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    heres a smart idea, temp ban people abusing this? or how bout even a smarter idea! remove their permissions for that job!!! or even better !!!! remove that item from thexp list!!!!!
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    Because that doesn't fix the problem?

    Its using the mechanics and shortcomings of a plugin to make money...
    Thats like using the Debug information in minecraft F3 to find Dungeons or caves... Am I supposed to just ban my playerbase for using whats at their disposal?
    Or how about we FIX the plugin to not allow such things?

    Also on top of that.. Remove the block fro mthe XP List... ok Soo... IronOre, Gold Ore, Log, Flowers, SugarCane, Cactus, ANY block that once broken IS NOT converted to a NON placeable like Coal or Lapis, I should take off? Like Lumberjack should just be gone, Miner would be worthless, No more farmers... I mean Since thats 90% of the blocks in minecraft your solution is Either A. Ban the players, B. Remove those Jobs which is like ALL of them, or C. Take every block except like 5 off the list... Doesn't seem like a real solution to me..

    Or we can do a simple CHECK in the code to verify its a NATURAL block and give exp. it would literally take 10 mins of work...

    If I was better at coding usign the Bukkit API I would write out the 10 simple lines of Code and IF checks myself so Phrstbrn could use it. But Instead im asking a good plugin developer to make his plugin better, and not get a smart ass reply from you.
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    Live or Die

    i just made every block that can do that, - on place.
    and i found that players just 2 friends 1 put ironore and 1 mine it.. (it was really annoying) i just blocked ironore to be placed..
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    Problem with that is, What about Mossy, or Gold ore? Or anything else, like Logs, Should I take out the Lumberjack class? What about sugar cane farmers? and cactus? The solution isn't to Remove the blocks. That's taking away from a great plugin. The Solution is to check if its a NATURAL block and if so allow exp. Otherwise don't. Simple check simple solution.
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    There is no "NATURAL" flag, so thanks for your 2 cents as a backseat programmer.
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    Obviously not, But you can check to see if it was placed by a player. I know this for a fact.

    But I guess I will stop trying to find ways to improve your plugin. My bad.
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    The truth is I just don't care that much about this corner case. Considering that, and that I've got my hands tied with other plugins right now, I'm only doing bugfixes unless somebody wants to submit a patch. 2.4.5 was a user submitted patch (and I sat down and made sure Essentials Economy support was working, finally)
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    Thats a huge bug / exploit... Thats fine... I guess I wont be able to use this plugin... The Attitude and lack of like willingness to make your plugin better with a simple check that I know is there ...
    WurkIt / mcMMO and a few other plugins use to use this made up flag of 'Natural' is there...

    But if your not concerned with a major bug / exploit.. then fine.
    Gday to you sir. I hope your attitude changes in the future.
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    The sense of entitlement from forum users, such as yourself, is amazing.
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    Im askin you to make you plugin better and Fix a major exploit... and All I have gotten is Flak. HELL I even provided a solution. There is no sense of entitlement. The fact that you are not concerned with this MAJOR exploit is the issue. Im trying to help you and Provide valuable feedback and information, and you brush it off as a waste of time. I think the Irony in your statement is funny. Im done reading this.
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    Suggestions are dime a dozen. Code is more useful. You are free to fix it yourself if you think it's that big of a deal. I don't think it's a big of a "omg the sky is falling" as you do.
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    When I try and add a new item to a job, or even type something in like Break:, it comes up with an error saying "found character '/t' that cannot start any token in "<reader>", line ..., column 1:​

    Is there any way to fix this?​

    Thanks for your time.​
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    Replace all tabs with 4 spaces in your yml configs
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    sweet thanks a lot =)
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    rolff i am so on phrstbrn's side, if you find people exploting then delete their personal permissions not a fuckin hard job
    sorry were not all 15 and unable to do it lol
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    Actually im 28 and im a Game Designer by trade. But your right, Exploitation proofing your plugins is of no concern to you. Ill get a real plugin developer to fix your screw up. simple enough.
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    I have another problem, i can join the Job "Miner" but if i destroy Stones,Ironores,Goldores or other blocks i am found in the mine, i dont earn Money or Exp, my Moneyplugin is iConomy.
    Can anybody help me?
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    @Olat That so called huge bug/exploit will not get fixed for very important reasons that I've said many many many many times. Please look at the common problems, phrstprn has put the reason up there. There is currently no feasible solution for this fix. Any and all proposed solutions thus far have either a massive overhead that would render the plugin useless or have easy workarounds. The only viable solution would be if bukkit modified the way they saved the world to give each block an owner (which would be much appreciated by a lot of developers but would render saves unusable between vanilla and bukkit worlds). Notch is coming out with player owned land, depending on the method he uses to do this the developers may be able to fix this exploit. Don't criticise a developer for developing this plugin (FOR FREE). If you want to fix this, come up with your own solution that's lightweight and foolproof.

    Also, since you wanted to get into this. I'm 22 and I'm doing a PhD at a well ranked university in algorithms development AND I started development for this plugin originally AND I'm familiar with the bukkit api AND I can't find an elegant solution to this problem.
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    Really? Nossr50 just did a pull / fork or what ever and fixed it in 5 mins when I asked him to.
    and No i didnt wanna get into it Rscc is calling me a 15 yr old twit so I was just simply stating that Im not and my ideas and concepts and reasoning isnt that of just some whiny 15yr old kid.

    Edit: And to hold a grudge Phrstbrn just canceled or closed the pull request so he doesn't plan on fixing this even though some one already did the code for him.
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    Hey Guys, cause i dont wannted to type the config all the time for new jobs i decided to coding a tool, which does it automaticly(So you just have to put in your fav. values)


    I know the GUI is shit, but i dont want a nice GUI -> I want a nice Tool!

    Just fill in all the textboxes,listboxes and comboboxes and click on Generate.
    (By Clicking on Generate it will open a new window with the Job ConfigCode)

    Description(Tool Info, Config Text)
    Jobname = Jobname
    Fullname = fullname:
    Shortname = shortname:
    Chatcolor(I know its written false) = ChatColour:
    Display = chat-display:
    Lvl  Equation = leveling-progression-equation:
    Exp Equation = experience-progression-equation:
    Income Equation = income-progression-equation:
    BREACK BLOCKS = The "What the items get paid for" thing
    Just edit the Income/Exp in the middle, select a Item and click on Add
    Repeat this with every Item you want
    KILLS = Just select Mops, edit the Income/Exp in the middle and click on Add :P
    CUSTOM KILLS = Same like KILLS

    Download (open)

    VirusScan-Report (open)

    VirSCAN.org Scanned Report :
    Scanned time : 2011/08/09 02:11:27 (CEST)
    Scanner results: Es wurde keine Infektion ermittelt!
    File Name : Job Creator.exe
    File Size : 506880 byte
    File Type : PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
    MD5 : 08a523b396d88dac78b92178971dd3cd
    SHA1 : e7b758b53ec5a137a020cbeca779e240d9a483a2
    Online report : http://r.virscan.org/292ca0a2d6360b79cc58d7389c404276

    Scanner Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Time Scan result
    a-squared 20110809060930 2011-08-09 0.35 -
    AhnLab V3 2011.08.09.00 2011.08.09 2011-08-09 2.09 -
    AntiVir 2011-08-08 0.28 -
    Antiy 2.0.18 20110804.11725727 2011-08-04 0.02 -
    Arcavir 2011 201107140423 2011-07-14 0.04 -
    Authentium 5.1.1 201108082059 2011-08-08 1.56 -
    AVAST! 4.7.4 110808-1 2011-08-08 0.02 -
    AVG 8.5.850 271.1.1/3822 2011-08-09 0.28 -
    BitDefender 7.90123.8837355 7.38549 2011-08-09 4.31 -
    ClamAV 0.97.1 13415 2011-08-09 0.18 -
    Comodo 5.1 9678 2011-08-08 1.91 -
    CP Secure 2011.08.09 2011-08-09 0.08 -
    Dr.Web 2011.07.23 2011-07-23 13.26 -
    F-Prot 20110808 2011-08-08 0.78 -
    F-Secure 7.02.73807 2011.08.08.04 2011-08-08 0.22 -
    Fortinet 4.2.257 13.524 2011-08-08 0.24 -
    GData 22.1569 20110809 2011-08-09 0.11 -
    ViRobot 20110808 2011.08.08 2011-08-08 0.41 -
    Ikarus T3. 2011.08.08.79031 2011-08-08 4.64 -
    JiangMin 13.0.900 2011.08.07 2011-08-07 1.53 -
    Kaspersky 5.5.10 2011.08.08 2011-08-08 0.11 -
    KingSoft 2009.2.5.15 2011.8.8.20 2011-08-08 0.86 -
    McAfee 5400.1158 6432 2011-08-08 9.55 -
    Microsoft 1.7104 2011.08.09 2011-08-09 3.72 -
    NOD32 3.0.21 6358 2011-08-07 0.06 -
    Norman 6.07.10 6.07.00 2011-08-08 14.02 -
    Panda 9.05.01 2011.08.08 2011-08-08 2.44 -
    Trend Micro 9.200-1012 8.342.14 2011-08-08 0.04 -
    Quick Heal 11.00 2011.08.08 2011-08-08 1.40 -
    Rising 20.0 2011-08-08 1.19 -
    Sophos 3.22.0 4.68 2011-08-09 3.76 -
    Sunbelt 3.9.2497.2 10107 2011-08-08 1.51 -
    Symantec 20110808.003 2011-08-08 0.06 -
    nProtect 20110803.04 12178473 2011-08-03 1.21 -
    The Hacker v00272 2011-08-07 0.50 -
    VBA32 20110807.2036 2011-08-07 4.21 -
    VirusBuster 0.00 -

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