[ECON] iConomyHealth v0.3.2 - Heal/Hurt Players Using iConomy [740]

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    iConomyHealth - Healing and hurting players using the iConomy plugin
    Version: 0.3.2
    Download: iConomyHealth v0.3.2
    Source: iConomyHealth on GitHub

    Sick of players overusing the /heal command? Make them earn it, using iConomyHealth! You can heal and hurt players using simple iHeal/iHurt commands!

    • Configurable price for heal and hurt commands
    • Configure whether or not to charge per health point

    • /iHelp - the help menu for iConomyHealth
    • /iHeal [player] [healthpoints] - enter an amount between 1-20 to heal a player
    • /iHurt [player] [healthpoints] - enter an amount between 1-20 to hurt a player
    • /iList - lists the prices for healing/hurting

    iConomyHealth supports Permissions versions 2.5.4 - 2.7! If Permissions is not installed, commands default to Ops-only. Here is a list of Permissions nodes (case-sensitive):
    PermissionsNodes (open)

    • 'iConomyHealth.help'
    • 'iConomyHealth.heal'
    • 'iConomyHealth.hurt'
    • 'iConomyHealth.list'


    After installing and restarting your server, a folder called iConomyHealth will generate in your plugins folder. Inside of that folder is a config.yml file, where you will find these properties:
    • heal-price: set the price of each use of the /iHeal command. Default is 10 Coin.
    • hurt-price: set the price of each use of the /iHurt command. Default is 10 Coin.
    • pay-per-healthpoint: set whether or not to charge per healthpoint when using /iHeal and /iHurt

    • ability to configure prices in-game
    • Other?

    Changelog (open)

    0.3.2 - accessor methods are your friend
    - works with CB #716
    0.3.1 - fixed NPE
    - fixed bug where using /iHurt would actually heal the player
    0.3 - not specifying arguments will no longer return error messages
    - works with Permissions v2.6
    0.2.1 - fixed accounts going negative
    0.2 - added /iList command (and node 'iConomyHealth.list')
    - changed node 'iConomyHealth.damage' to 'iConomyHealth.hurt'
    - a bit of code cleanup
    0.1.1 - fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException errors
    - added configurable setting in config.yml that allows you to choose whether to pay per heart or per use of the command
    0.1 - Initial release

    Bug Reports/Suggestions:
    I am open to any criticism you have for my plugin! Please test this plugin out and report any bugs you find. Also, I will take into consideration any features you would like to have.

    I would like to give a special thanks to Nijikokun and Coelho for their wonderful iConomy plugin!
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    iConomy 5.0 was just released, and it completely breaks this plugin. DO NOT USE iConomy 5.0 with iConomyHealth v0.3.2. I will try to release a working build soon.
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    Agreed, I'm running iConomy V5, lets us know when there is a V5 version ready.
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    Der Bruder

    But whats with the bug?
    if anybody write
    /iHeal Player -10
    then he can earn money with killing people!
    Can you fix that please?
    It happens at iconomy 4.6
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    Der Bruder

    is anybody there?
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    get icomonyhealth for icom v5 quickly. we all beg you too. btw i <3 your plug-in. no more annoying"PLZ HEAL ME"
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    Der Bruder

    do you can remove the bug?
    its not good that people can EARN MONEY by KILLING OTHER!!!!!
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    Where is the Jar file??? Also, is it compatible with iconomy 5 yet??

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    Der Bruder

    is this plugin supported?
    or should i search for another one?
    My Post wasn´t read. Whats the matter?
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    download link is broken
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    inactive plugin. D:
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    Is this compatible with iConomy 1.5?
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    Can you link the source? I'd like to do something similar to this since this doesn't work.
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    can u help me apunch


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    can you put this on signs?id like to put it in a shop=)
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    link is broken :'(

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