[ECON] HyperConomy v0.961 - Easily create a dynamic economy. [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Would it be possible to have the plugin go off a built in list and assume all items are unavailable until added to the available list? Sort of like how permissions are handled in which a person with no permissions nodes, by default, has access to nothing even though there isn't a list set by the user telling the server to deny each possible command.

    I have no Java experience so I'm mostly just throwing out ideas here. Feel free to correct me xD
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    The only problem with starting with all items as unavailable is that it will confuse people. It's just another step to getting the plugin running. It's nice for some servers to just stick it in the plugins folder, make a shop, and be done with it, since it will actually work alright like that. It shouldn't be too difficult to remove items from the shop once I get categories working.
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    Any updates soon?
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    Yep, just got back from vacation. The first bug fix will be released as soon as bukkit approves it.
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    What is the permission so i can all players see when the price changes for items? All OP's see it but no normal players
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    It should be hyperconomy.notify
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    Great plugin but it seems to have a memory leak. I just spent the last 24 hours going thru plugin testing to find out what was causing our server to eat memory with no on and then make it non responsive. It was Hyperconomy. We use essentials, vault and PermissionsEx. With Mcmyadmin to run our server. Not sure why yet but I just nailed it down to this mod.
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    Do you have history enabled? If yes, you could try lowering the days to save history and see if that helps.
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    Ok here is the part you need to be aware of. The server had just been booted no one on it would go from 439mb and 7% cpu usage to double the ram in 30 secs and 25% cpu until the ram hit 2500mb and all this with no one on making no transactions. Also tested with just 2 users and the same thing but once it hit 2500mb it would lag out and start causing disconnects. This server is dual Xeons Dual core 64bit with 12GB of ram the server is alotted 8GB. With it removed server runs with no issues. So with no history out of the box it is doing it.
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    Is this a dedicated machine or are you running your server on a VPS/shared host? Also, what operating system are you running? Also see what the RAM does without HyperConomy running. It makes sense that the RAM usage would increase when booting the server and just after, as the JVM will be optimizing things and increasing the heap size. Considering that you've allocated 8 GB to your server, it seems reasonable that the JVM might expand the heap to 2500 MB. This doesn't mean that it is actually using this much space, however. Likely only part or a very small fraction of that will actually be in use, considering how much RAM you've allocated to the JVM. If HyperConomy has a memory leak, you should see that 2500 MB slowly or rapidly increase over time until it reaches the maximum allocated memory of 8 GB, at which point you should get a Java heap space error. If it doesn't do this eventually, it isn't a memory leak. Since HyperConomy does use more RAM than a lot of plugins (only a few megabytes, at most), it may be causing your JVM to reserve more RAM for itself than it would otherwise.

    If HyperConomy is somehow leaking memory/CPU, it should be something obvious. I will look into it. The CPU usage is what's causing your disconnects, whereas the RAM may not be an issue. The CPU issue should actually be easy to identify if you use NoLagg examine and generate a report. If you could do that and send the report to me I might be able to easily find what's causing a problem on your server. It doesn't lock the CPU for me, so it will be harder to find the problem in my test environment.
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    This is a dedicated server HP G5 Dl360 12GB of ram 8GB allotted to the server. Windows Server 2003 r2 64bit. I understand about the loading and starting up using more. The problem i noticed once it was loaded it would go from 700mb to 2500mb or 2800mb in 100mb chunks. once it hit the 2500mbmark it would be non responsive. I started systematically removing plugins. After removing Hyperconomy it stopped and ran fine. It does not affect cpu at least not to where it is noticeable.
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    hey long time no see, good to see so many new features :D
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    Is this issue any better on version .950?

    Hey, I finally implemented multiple economies. :) Your second idea is something I still have on my list though.

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    Hello, I am a bit confused on how hyperconomy works. I have a shop set up, I can sell and buy items (without another external economy plugin). Do I still need to download another economy plugin such as BOSEconomy for this to work correctly? Also, I would really like to use the multiple economies feature, but cannot figure out how. Sorry if these are stupid questions :p

    EDIT: I found the commands for multiple economies, but I am still confused as to whether or not you need an external economy plugin, as that is listed as a requirement
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    For now you do need an external economy plugin, as well as Vault. In the future I will build an economy plugin into HyperConomy. I also replied on bukkitdev. :)
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    HyperConomy .953 has been released.
    • HyperConomy now can be translated into other languages
    • You can now use item displays which are similar to showcase and showcasestandalone displays
    • To import your yml prices into SQL you can now use /importprices

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    Great plugin!
    Still learning to use it correctly.

    Is it possible to change the name of the default economy?
    I'm not using SQL or multiple economies. It would be nice if the notification said something else than 'default' economy.
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    Sorry for the slow reply. This issue should be resolved in the latest version.

    HyperConomy .957 has been released:


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  19. Super good plugin, Just one question is there like /moneytop and stuff so you can see the richest palyers?
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    There will be when I release the integrated economy plugin. For now you'll just have to use an external econ plugin.
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    Thanks! Working perfect now!
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    Tom Williams

    dev bukkit is down, I need perms and commands badly, someone help me with an alt page i can find them???
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    Version .961 has been released.

    Some of the major changes:
    • Added SQLite support
    • Added support for enchanted books
    • Added an integrated economy plugin (Vault still works if you'd prefer to use an external economy plugin, but HyperConomy no longer has any dependencies on other plugins.)
    • Added a french language translation
    • Significant improvement in database code and performance
    • Added ability to disable shops (allows shop to be accessed anywhere)
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    Hi RegalOwl! I really like this plugin, there is only 1 thing missing for me. Is there a way to create sell:buy signs with dynamic pricing? Thanks!

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