[ECON/FUN] PanelMaster v0.8.1 - MultiLanguage sign only Shop and more, iConomy 5 [803-1000]

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    Important Information:
    Moving to bukkit dev with a new name): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/signmaster/

    v0.8.1 release uses Bukkit built-in Permissions. See this post for more information. No more Permissions 3.x support ! Stay in 0.8 if you have problems !
    Consult Wiki for upgrades from 0.7 and below to 0.7.1 and up ! There is now an upgrade tool !

    PanelMaster is a plugin that lets you create a shop based only on a sign. No chests or backend Database (other than iConomy) is needed.

    The panel can be customised with ease by modifying a text file. So this plugin can be traduced in every possible language (if the Minecraft characters supports it).

    There is a confirmation action for everything you can do, so there is no buying if you don't want to.

    PanelMaster permits you to create SellPoints, InifinteSellPoints, PurchasePoints, Exchange Signs, Save Inventory Signs, Suicide Signs, Heal Signs and even Trash signs.

    There are lots of Shop plugins, but none of them permits a custom Panel. It also doesn't rely on Database, uses Permissions and iConomy.

    • Create a lot of usefull signs;
    • Custom the title of the signs;
    • Easy to use;
    • whitelist items;
    • Store up to a lot of material (a lot more than in a chest);
    • Decide who is able to create shops or not using permissions;
    • Full iConomy support;
    • Multi-world support;
    • Console logging when adding ressource, destroying or buying to have feedback.
    • PermissionsBukkit or other Bukkit SuperPerm plugin.
    • iConomy plugin v5.* Post here
    • MineUtile, a custom bukkit lib. Included in the final package. Sources.
    • WorldGuard or similar plugin is important to protect the signs.
    Known issues:
    • Does provide some basic destruction prevention BUT if someone breaks the block that is supporting the Panel, it will destroy the shop without having anything in return. This protection features is left up to WorldGuard. You can also post the sign on BedRock blocks to prevent that.
    • When a player that hasn't the permisions destroys a panel, that panel go blank for the user (not the others). It is a problem when canceling the action, there is no easy way to solve so it won't be solved. A disconnect-reconnect will correct everything for that user.
    • WorldEdit SuperAxe destroys the pannel before PanelMaster can capture the event, So do not destroy Panels with the SuperAxe.
    • SignEditing plugins might break the Sign format!
    Known bugs:
    • None for now :)
    • All the people that report bugs or give ideas to do better ;)
    • I'm not an english native speaker, there sure are lots of mistakes, sorry for that;
    • I do not have the time to translate everything, So I will be happy if foreign people send me their traduction and messages files.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Fix Purchase Sign;
    • Support for bukkit 1000;
    • Change Permissions to support bukkit built-in permissions.
    Version 0.8
    • Fix console spam;
    • Add Inventory Clean Panel;
    • Minor code fix.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.7.1
    • Change id saving file from Java serialization to YAML file.
    • Minor code fix
    Version 0.7
    • Fix being able to sell damaged tools;
    • Add items permissions list for Sellpoint Panel;
    • Add Trash panel;
    • Change messages.properties, noSpace and empty fields are renamed;
    • Change config.properties into config.yml
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fix Exchange price;
    • Fix a permission error, thanks to kaiyou.
    Version 0.6
    • Add Exchange Signs (An other name for "infinite purchase";
    • French messages.properties is not updated.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed minor bugs;
    • Add french traduction, thanks yttr1um and Nicogeta
    Version 0.5
    • Add Heal Signs;
    • Add a price for Save, Suicide, Heal signs;
    • Add current balance information to all signs in which money is substracted;
    • Fixed ugly player update inventory fix.
    Version 0.4
    • Adding Inventory Save Signs;
    • Adding Suicide Signs;
    • Adding messages to the shop owner and current balance;
    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixed not being able to add color whool direclty into a shop
    Version 0.3
    • Adding Infinite Sellpoint
    • Modifying Purchase Panel look
    • Correcting a few bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Adding Purchase Panel
    • Fixed Bugs allover
    Version 0.1
    • First bukkit release.
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    Jazy Lopez

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    I believe that if a player has a sign edit mod they can even edit a sign while it is in a safe zone. Guess well just have to deal with it until someone figures out a way to fix that problem. =/
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    Instead of using worldguard I suggest using LWC, if you don't want chest locking, restrict it to signs in the config file. Possibly have it set to autolock when placing.
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    Jazy Lopez

    Is it possible for you to make the Trash signs act as an inventory that gets cleared on close? Like the [Disposal] signs from essentials :) (Gets kinda annoying having to right click it twice to get rid of 1 thing...)

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    Jazy Lopez

    I mean like I wana remove 10 items from my inventory, it gets annoying right clicking for each one or if I have a stack on the floor of boots that I want to get rid off I have to keep right clicking other than just open a Inventory (Disposal Chest) and shift click my way through my inventory.

    I just think the Disposal signs from essentials would complete this plugin if it were used. Like maybe the save could also be like a chest where you drop your stuff in and keep some too.
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    My players are only able to sell one item to each "purchase" sign. This means that they really can't sell much stuff. How do I fix this?
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    Purchase points are to buy items, Sellpoints to sell.

    Player A wants to sell stone to everyone, A makes a Shop (Sellpoint). One item type per sign. Each sign can contain lots of stones for example.
    When another player right click that sign, they can buy from A stones.

    Player B wants to buy Glowstone, B makes a Purchase shop. He indicates the maximum quantity he desire, what he desires (in this example Glowstone) and the price he wants to give to the players.
    When another player who has glowstones and want's money encounters the player B sign. He can sell their glowstone to that sign. B can get it back by destroying the sign.
    One item type per sign.

    If your question was, can I sell more than one item per sign, the answer is no. Nobody said you were limited by one sign per player either.
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    I know that you can only sell one item type per sign, but I think there's something wrong with my purchaseMaxQuantity. purchaseMaxQuantity is the maximum amount you can put on line 2 on a purchase sign, right? I've increased purchaseMaxQuantity and reloaded the server but I still can't make signs with a higher amount.
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    I was hoping to use this plugin in cooperation with ChestShop. For some reason ChestShop will not allow me to sell any item with an ID number that contains a : in it.
    But when I try to use this plugin, it tells me that no chest can be found. So I guess I won't be able to use it after all. :eek:(

    Okay. I like this plugin MUCH better than ChestShop. Mainly because I can sell everything. I just have a few questions.
    1. When I set up an infinite shop for users to buy stuff from, where does their money go?
    2. When I set up a shop for users to sell stuff to, it says that I bought an item for the amount the purchase price was. Yet I don't have any items in my inventory. (And I don't want to have them either actually....) But anyhow, it spams the heck out of my chat area. Is there a way to disable the alerts when someone sells something at one of the shops you set up?
    Thanks for your help!

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    @Dwarfgnome Sorry for the delai, I havent tested the purchase point in a long time. So You are limited by the size of the sign. I mean, by default, it is 999 de maximum limit since further, characters won't be printed in the sign and thus not usable. Instead of printing an error I put the default 1 number... But I spoted a little bug on the purchase sign, will correct it in a few hours.

    - For the first question: it doesn't go anywhere, it just vanishes. It is made to inflation of the ecnomy set on a server since generally, users gain money by some ways and they stay in the game.
    - For the second question, I'll check the messages and put an option to disable it.
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    v0.8.1 is out.
    Fixing Purchase point (there was a glitch no-one ever told me).
    Adding bukkit 1000 support
    Adding Bukkit Built-in Permissions ! Lots of changes for you, stay on 0.8 if you still use Permissions 2.x or 3.x
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    Any chance of getting OddItem support ? Or something equivalent ? :)
    (So we can have "Cocoa" instead of "Ink_Sack", or so)
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    You already can, just put the names of ressorces in traduction.properties. Where the format is ID.data:the name.
    You can check the french traduction to know how to do.
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    I'm an idiot, didn't see that, thanks ! :)
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    If you make a whole english traduction.properties, could you send it to me so I can include it in the next release?
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    Yep, sure ! I'll do that now :)

    @adreide and here you go ! Might be some errors/things you want to adjust, but that's basically it :)
    6.1:Spruce Sapling
    6.2:Birch Sapling
    9.0:Stationary water
    11.0:Stationary Lava
    14.0:Gold Ore
    15.0:Iron Ore
    16.0:Coal Ore
    17.1:Spruce Log
    17.2:Birch Log
    21.0:LapisLazuli Ore
    22.0:LapizLazuli Block
    25.0:Note Block
    27.0:Powered Rail
    28.0:Detector Rail
    31.0:Tall Grass
    32.0:Dead Shrub
    35.0:White Wool
    35.1:Orange Wool
    35.2:Magenta Wool
    35.3:LightBlue Wool
    35.4:Yellow Wool
    35.5:LightGreen Wool
    35.6:Pink Wool
    35.7:Grey Wool
    35.8:LightGrey Wool
    35.9:Cyan Wool
    35.10:Purple Wool
    35.11:Blue Wool
    35.12:Brown Wool
    35.13:Green Wool
    35.14:Red Wool
    35.15:Black Wool
    37.0:Yellow Flower
    38.0:Red Flower
    40.0:Red Mushroom
    41.0:Gold Block
    42.0:Iron Block
    43.0:Double Step
    44.0:Stone Step
    44.1:Sand Step
    44.2:Wood Step
    44.3:Cobble Step
    48.0:Mossy Cobblestone
    52.0:Mob Spawner
    53.0:Wooden Stairs
    56.0:Diamond Ore
    57.0:Diamond Block
    58.0:Crafting Table
    64.0:Wooden Door
    67.0:Cobble Stairs
    63.0:Wall Sign
    70.0:Stone Plate
    71.0:Iron Door
    72.0:Wood Plate
    73.0:Redstone Ore
    76.0:Redstone Torch
    77.0:Stone Button
    80.0:Snow Block
    82.0:Clay Block
    83.0:Sugar Cane
    91.0:Jack 'o' Lantern
    95.0:Locked Chest
    256.0:Iron Shovel
    257.0:Iron Pickaxe
    258.0:Iron Axe
    259.0:Flint and Steel
    260.0:Red Apple
    265.0:Iron Ingot
    266.0:Gold Ingot
    267.0:Iron Sword
    268.0:Wooden Sword
    269.0:Wooden Shovel
    270.0:Wooden Pickaxe
    271.0:Wooden Axe
    272.0:Stone Sword
    273.0:Stone Shovel
    274.0:Stone Pickaxe
    275.0:Stone Axe
    276.0:Diamond Sword
    277.0:Diamond Shovel
    278.0:Diamond Pickaxe
    279.0:Diamond Axe
    282.0:Mushroom Soup
    283.0:Golden Sword
    284.0:Golden Shovel
    285.0:Golden Pickaxe
    286.0:Golden Axe
    290.0:Wooden Hoe
    291.0:Stone Hoe
    292.0:Iron Hoe
    293.0:Diamond Hoe
    294.0:Golden Hoe
    298.0:Leather Helm
    299.0:Leather Armor
    300.0:Leather Pants
    301.0:Leather Boots
    302.0:Chain Helm
    303.0:Chain Armor
    304.0:Chain Pants
    305.0:Chaint Boots
    306.0:Iron Helm
    307.0:Iron Armor
    308.0:Iron Pants
    309.0:Iron Boots
    310.0:Diamond Helm
    311.0:Diamond Armor
    312.0:Diamond Pants
    313.0:Diamond Boots
    314.0:Golden Helm
    315.0:Golden Armor
    316.0:Golden Pants
    317.0:Golden Boots
    319.0:Raw Porkchop
    320.0:Cooked Porkchop
    322.0:Golden Apple
    324.0:Wooden Door
    326.0:Water Bucket
    327.0:Lava Bucket
    330.0:Iron Door
    336.0:Clay Brick
    338.0:Sugzr Cane
    342.0:Storage Minecart
    343.0:Powered Minecart
    346.0:Fishing Rod
    348.0:Glowstone Dust
    349.0:Raw Fish
    350.0:Cooked Fish
    351.0:Ink Sack
    351.1:RoseRed Dye
    351.2:CactusGreen Dye
    351.3:Cocoa Beans
    351.5:Purple Dye
    351.6:Cyan Dye
    351.7:LightGray Dye
    351.8:Gray Dye
    351.9:Pink Dye
    351.10:LightGreen Dye
    351.11:Dandelion Yellow
    351.12:LightBlue Dye
    351.13:Magenta Dye
    351.14:Orange Dye
    351.15:Bone Meal
    356.0:Redstone Repeater
    2256.0:Gold Music Disc
    2257.0:Green Music Disc
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    I have an idea for a new feature. My users are setting up a hotel for new players to buy (or rent) rooms.
    My idea would be to lock the doors to the rooms with LWC as private so only the hotel owner has access. Then placing a sign next to the door through which someone can buy access to this room (add his user to the private access list of the door). The sign could then disable itself by showing a predefined text...

    L1: [Buy]
    L2: <anything>
    L3: <price>
    L4: <anything>

    L1: [Buy]
    L2: Hotel room
    L3: 1000

    --> after it has been sold it could look like this:

    L1: Owned by
    L2: <playername>'s

    It could also be used for anything else with LWC locks ... chests in the hotel room could be sold that way.

    An advanced feature would be to setup a time limited rent of a room/chest. After the time elapses the user is revoked from the item's LWC acl and someone else can rent it again. I think this might get a little complicated... but nevertheless I think it would be a great and uniqe feature.

    I've found no plugin providing anything remotely similar (neither the buying nor the renting part).
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    @Pr4w thanks a lot!
    @Ture I'll check if I can hook into LWC with ease. If I can, I will add it in the next version. But I don't have much time at the moment, it will perhaps take a while to get a new version.
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    Im going to test the plugin out on my AWESOME server (not braging ;)) and to see if ther are any bugs!
    P.S how do you set up a sign? do you type: [buy,sell, ect]
    [ item]
    [ worth]
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    Check the Wiki mate ;)
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    When i write the permissions, it doesn't work
    I am using GroupManager
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    For-you add signs of the monster spawns plizz?
    sorry I am French and I do not speak English well
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    @Edeuh Either upgrade to bukkit built-in permission or use 0.8.

    @Halaran I will, but I don't have much time at the moment so it will take a while. If you have difficulties to understand something you can pm me in french.
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    Thank you for your answer, I continued to follow you.
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    Thanks adreide.
    But now, the builder cannot sell any items (i think i must write something in ids.yml but i don't know what)
    Anyone can help me ?
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    Do you think in the future it would be possible to use SQL instead of raw sign data ? That way signs can't be erased, and that allows many new possibilities (sign format, cleaner style, website integration, no more problems with the sign disappearing bug from 1.7.3, persistence, etc) :)
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    @Pr4w well that's something I didn't wanted to use. But you do have a point, with a database behind, you are able to do much more. Like even having multiple items in one shop. I might do something like that but as another plugin.
    But you will have to keep in mind that with a new shop plugin, you will have to redo manually all your shops.

    btw: I've visited your server, nice
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    @adreide Have you got skype ? It would be interesting to talk with you one of these days :)
    If you manage to make a panel shop system that uses SQL, that would truly be amazing !

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