[ECON/FUN] PanelMaster v0.8.1 - MultiLanguage sign only Shop and more, iConomy 5 [803-1000]

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    Important Information:
    Moving to bukkit dev with a new name): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/signmaster/

    v0.8.1 release uses Bukkit built-in Permissions. See this post for more information. No more Permissions 3.x support ! Stay in 0.8 if you have problems !
    Consult Wiki for upgrades from 0.7 and below to 0.7.1 and up ! There is now an upgrade tool !

    PanelMaster is a plugin that lets you create a shop based only on a sign. No chests or backend Database (other than iConomy) is needed.

    The panel can be customised with ease by modifying a text file. So this plugin can be traduced in every possible language (if the Minecraft characters supports it).

    There is a confirmation action for everything you can do, so there is no buying if you don't want to.

    PanelMaster permits you to create SellPoints, InifinteSellPoints, PurchasePoints, Exchange Signs, Save Inventory Signs, Suicide Signs, Heal Signs and even Trash signs.

    There are lots of Shop plugins, but none of them permits a custom Panel. It also doesn't rely on Database, uses Permissions and iConomy.

    • Create a lot of usefull signs;
    • Custom the title of the signs;
    • Easy to use;
    • whitelist items;
    • Store up to a lot of material (a lot more than in a chest);
    • Decide who is able to create shops or not using permissions;
    • Full iConomy support;
    • Multi-world support;
    • Console logging when adding ressource, destroying or buying to have feedback.
    • PermissionsBukkit or other Bukkit SuperPerm plugin.
    • iConomy plugin v5.* Post here
    • MineUtile, a custom bukkit lib. Included in the final package. Sources.
    • WorldGuard or similar plugin is important to protect the signs.
    Known issues:
    • Does provide some basic destruction prevention BUT if someone breaks the block that is supporting the Panel, it will destroy the shop without having anything in return. This protection features is left up to WorldGuard. You can also post the sign on BedRock blocks to prevent that.
    • When a player that hasn't the permisions destroys a panel, that panel go blank for the user (not the others). It is a problem when canceling the action, there is no easy way to solve so it won't be solved. A disconnect-reconnect will correct everything for that user.
    • WorldEdit SuperAxe destroys the pannel before PanelMaster can capture the event, So do not destroy Panels with the SuperAxe.
    • SignEditing plugins might break the Sign format!
    Known bugs:
    • None for now :)
    • All the people that report bugs or give ideas to do better ;)
    • I'm not an english native speaker, there sure are lots of mistakes, sorry for that;
    • I do not have the time to translate everything, So I will be happy if foreign people send me their traduction and messages files.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Fix Purchase Sign;
    • Support for bukkit 1000;
    • Change Permissions to support bukkit built-in permissions.
    Version 0.8
    • Fix console spam;
    • Add Inventory Clean Panel;
    • Minor code fix.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.7.1
    • Change id saving file from Java serialization to YAML file.
    • Minor code fix
    Version 0.7
    • Fix being able to sell damaged tools;
    • Add items permissions list for Sellpoint Panel;
    • Add Trash panel;
    • Change messages.properties, noSpace and empty fields are renamed;
    • Change config.properties into config.yml
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fix Exchange price;
    • Fix a permission error, thanks to kaiyou.
    Version 0.6
    • Add Exchange Signs (An other name for "infinite purchase";
    • French messages.properties is not updated.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed minor bugs;
    • Add french traduction, thanks yttr1um and Nicogeta
    Version 0.5
    • Add Heal Signs;
    • Add a price for Save, Suicide, Heal signs;
    • Add current balance information to all signs in which money is substracted;
    • Fixed ugly player update inventory fix.
    Version 0.4
    • Adding Inventory Save Signs;
    • Adding Suicide Signs;
    • Adding messages to the shop owner and current balance;
    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixed not being able to add color whool direclty into a shop
    Version 0.3
    • Adding Infinite Sellpoint
    • Modifying Purchase Panel look
    • Correcting a few bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Adding Purchase Panel
    • Fixed Bugs allover
    Version 0.1
    • First bukkit release.
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    don't worry, I'm the fool actually, I didn't know github wasn't IE-safe.
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    i got the message after using a sign

    "You bought 10 sand for one coin"

    But there is no sand in my inv.
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    "Due to bukkit 815 build, it is no longer possible to update the player inventory state. So a player might not see when an item or when it's inventory is changed. It is changed and when a player click on a slot they will see the content updated. I can actually not do anything about it!"
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    @adreide For the message file...you could try using %currency% as not everyone is using "coins" they may use a different currency.
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    * Actually there is some of an ugly fix to update the player's inventory. It isn't recomended by the bukkit team but it is the only solution. I didn't want to do the same since it is somewhat ugly and I hoped bukkit would fix it. Since we are at the 820 release and up and still no correct solution, I'll update and fix it the ugly way.

    Here is what it looks like: [​IMG]

    * For the %currency%, since all the messages are editables, you just have to modify all the messages. A field represents some computations to do, so I try to use the least fields. Since you can edit all the messages and use another thing as coins, I will not add it.

    * For a tutorial, I would like to create a video, but since I don't speak english very well and that I do not have a lot of free time, i'm waiting for someone to propose one. ATM, only the wiki is available. If you find any mistake or something that isn't well explained, make me know and I'll try to adjust it.

    thanks for your advice.
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    @adreide i've also corrected some "spelling errors" :) the new corrected file is here, should i find any new errors,i'll fix it and tell you about it too.
    The thing i fix in the message file is there's a little mistake on "do you which to ..."
    i changed it to "do you wish" the which is what i only changed lol and the saver to save.
    that's all i changed.

    edit: i would make a video how to use your plugin if my minecraft graphic isn't so bad...all my words are just not readable...they show white boxes... i have a really lousy graphic so yeah...if i can get a new graphic and fix that graphic problem...maybe i'll do a video on it..xD
    i hope this doesn't trouble you at all.:)

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    @guppy488 Thanks !

    v0.5 is out. Added Heal signs, Everything has now a price ;) You can pay to end your life, isn't that the best part?

    Inventory Update fix is included, Hoping I won't have to resolve it this way in other bukkit versions.
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    This is honestly the best signbased plugin there is BUT it doesnt have a way to sell things to the shop ):

    And please make the signs say what you're selling when youre selling "those special" items ie: red wool LOL sorry for sounding kinda pushy.... but its a GREAT plugin

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    hi, I will add the "infinite purchase" pannel very soon. If you have a new feature you would like, just tell me :)
  11. feature idea : add a blacklist to prevent somes items/blocks to be sold.
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    It wont let me stock it
    it just says you have 0 wood. destroy to get it?
    Can you help
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    The Purchase pannel is to buy from others. As the owner, you only have the option to see what's inside. Others may sell you some of the material you want. Thus the amount of material you have in the pannel will increase. You can destroy it afterwards to get those Materials.

    Very good idea, I'll add it too this evening.
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    Looking forward to your next release adreide :)
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    Version 0.6 is out.

    Added the exchange panel as two people asked me to do. It works like an Infinite purchase panel. You get money in exchange of a given material. Check wiki for the panel format and permissions nodes.

    I didn't have much time to spend on this version so only this new feature and compatibility check for bukkit 860 build. I didn't test it much but it should work fairly well.

    Next version should have:
    • Item black list (thanks for the idea Misa);
    • A blacksmith panel;
    • A time panel, like allow users to buy the "day" or "night";
    • A weather panel, allowing users to buy a "sunny" weather or a "rainy" weather;
    • A hot dog Panel: give it a wolf and it will make you some food.
    One feature won't be present, I'll let you guess which one.

    Sorry for the wait and thanks for using this plugin.
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    exchange is not working, when i enter a money amount it keeps going to 1 money
  17. Nice, i'll test it. i will start using PM in production the next week.
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    Let me know if you can get exchange to work with more then 1 coins per unit
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    As above Exchange is currently not working properly. When you input the currency/money value on the sign changes ex: I sold Stone 64 for 2$ I got 64$ Back. Another feature/fix I would suggest is cleaning up the sign's so that its easyer for someone to know what they're buying and for how much. Yet again this is the best and easiest shop plugin ive ever seen :3
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    v0.6.1 fix exchange panel price, sorry for this stupid error.

    I'm having some trouble with github, so I have attached the 0.6.1 as an attached file on the thread. It will be moved to github once I can.

    @Ghkj2 I'm all yours if you have an idea to have the signs clearer. But take in mind that I can't remove the last line which is the most important line. And I wish to make it as light as it can be for servers. Without a database backend to support, I don't know how to make them better.
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    hmm... it seems i still cant get it to work tho :S today i finally tested it but... i have a problem :D
    it says : [Warning] [PanelMaster] : Could not load id file.
    is this my problem? :p
    i have the ids.ser file located at my plugins/PanelMaster
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    @guppy488 well, then check this out:
    • Have you the write and read permissions to ids.ser? If you are running on linux, type chmod 666 ids.ser;
    • ids.ser isn't a text file, it is a java serialization method that writes information in a file;
    • The message you posted is printed at the first launch of the plugin, since there is no ids.ser files and so the plugin has to create it;
    • You should only mind ids.ser if you are upgrading, if not it doesn't matter.
    That's for ids.ser file.

    I can't fix a possible problem if you don't give me more hints.

    Before posting errors, check the Wiki to configure correctly the plugin.

    As for anyone who encouters errors, you should make a descent description of your problem. Just saying "it doesn't work for me" isn't going to help anyone.
    • If the problem is repeatable, describe how to repeat it;
    • If the problem is accompanied with console spam, post it;
    • "[Warning] [PanelMaster] : Could not load id file." is not an issue if it's your first time running the plugin;
    I want to provide you with a good plugin and with the least glitches. I do not have the time to run full tests on each release of my plugins. So I take really care of each problem BUT it itches me when someone can't describe correctly their problems or/and when someone doesn't even read the Wiki. So I won't provide any help or support any longer for those people, sorry.
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    @adreide Wow, I tested it out, and it is really neat ! :O
    Do you reckon it's possible to customize the format on the sign in the future? :)

    *Edit* : Would it be possible to display stock on the actual panel ?

    + T'es fran├žais ? J'ai vu le traductionFR dans le dossier du plugin, alors on sait jamais... :-┬░
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    erm but it's not the first time i'm using the plugin , i've actually had it on my server for a long time already. But today i finally started trying out the shop...but it doesn't work that's why i wonder if that's the problem...
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    Worked absolutely fine for me on #860, have you tried doing a fresh install ? :)
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    @guppy488 ok, I'll look into that, stay in version 0.5.2 for now if it works for you.

    What do you mean? You can change the title, the line color and the units. If you change the titles after you made some panels, the old panels won't work anymore. That's why you have to edit those value once for all, but you can change them anytime you want, you will have to recreate all the panels you have put.

    The owner already has that information, you want to display the stock to all the users?

    and yes, I do speak french.
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    Would it be possible to get a trash can sign? Right clicking it destroys whatever is in your hand, basically.

    Oh, also, to support named items instead of just item numbers.
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    @adreide , maybe a donate sign would be useful :D example :
    player A has too much dirt
    Player B wants dirt for free but he has no slot and is busy at far far away, but has a donate sign
    player A can then just take the dirt and hit the sign to donate.
    the next time player B comes and he destroys his sign, all the dirt that was donated would just pop out of the sign :D

    maybe this is a nice idea.
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    @MageRooster sure I'll add it in the next version too.

    @guppy488 why not. You still can make a general donate panel since you can put a price of 0. If more people want that feature I'll add it in the next version, if not, I will wait a little bit more.

    And thanks for the ideas!
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    v0.7 is out.

    Trash Panel is there and not a blacklist but an allowList. You may find it very anoying but you can tune the configuration to the max. The allowList is linked with the permissions nodes. So basically one allowList = one permission node.

    You have panelmaster.allow.all if you don't want to use this feature.
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    Runing bukkit 860
    Iconomy and some other few mods factions etc.
    I can get the infinite sell to work but i cant get the buying bit to work So players can sell things to a sign
    and receive money.

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