[ECON/FUN] PanelMaster v0.8.1 - MultiLanguage sign only Shop and more, iConomy 5 [803-1000]

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    Important Information:
    Moving to bukkit dev with a new name): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/signmaster/

    v0.8.1 release uses Bukkit built-in Permissions. See this post for more information. No more Permissions 3.x support ! Stay in 0.8 if you have problems !
    Consult Wiki for upgrades from 0.7 and below to 0.7.1 and up ! There is now an upgrade tool !

    PanelMaster is a plugin that lets you create a shop based only on a sign. No chests or backend Database (other than iConomy) is needed.

    The panel can be customised with ease by modifying a text file. So this plugin can be traduced in every possible language (if the Minecraft characters supports it).

    There is a confirmation action for everything you can do, so there is no buying if you don't want to.

    PanelMaster permits you to create SellPoints, InifinteSellPoints, PurchasePoints, Exchange Signs, Save Inventory Signs, Suicide Signs, Heal Signs and even Trash signs.

    There are lots of Shop plugins, but none of them permits a custom Panel. It also doesn't rely on Database, uses Permissions and iConomy.

    • Create a lot of usefull signs;
    • Custom the title of the signs;
    • Easy to use;
    • whitelist items;
    • Store up to a lot of material (a lot more than in a chest);
    • Decide who is able to create shops or not using permissions;
    • Full iConomy support;
    • Multi-world support;
    • Console logging when adding ressource, destroying or buying to have feedback.
    • PermissionsBukkit or other Bukkit SuperPerm plugin.
    • iConomy plugin v5.* Post here
    • MineUtile, a custom bukkit lib. Included in the final package. Sources.
    • WorldGuard or similar plugin is important to protect the signs.
    Known issues:
    • Does provide some basic destruction prevention BUT if someone breaks the block that is supporting the Panel, it will destroy the shop without having anything in return. This protection features is left up to WorldGuard. You can also post the sign on BedRock blocks to prevent that.
    • When a player that hasn't the permisions destroys a panel, that panel go blank for the user (not the others). It is a problem when canceling the action, there is no easy way to solve so it won't be solved. A disconnect-reconnect will correct everything for that user.
    • WorldEdit SuperAxe destroys the pannel before PanelMaster can capture the event, So do not destroy Panels with the SuperAxe.
    • SignEditing plugins might break the Sign format!
    Known bugs:
    • None for now :)
    • All the people that report bugs or give ideas to do better ;)
    • I'm not an english native speaker, there sure are lots of mistakes, sorry for that;
    • I do not have the time to translate everything, So I will be happy if foreign people send me their traduction and messages files.
    Version 0.8.1
    • Fix Purchase Sign;
    • Support for bukkit 1000;
    • Change Permissions to support bukkit built-in permissions.
    Version 0.8
    • Fix console spam;
    • Add Inventory Clean Panel;
    • Minor code fix.
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.7.1
    • Change id saving file from Java serialization to YAML file.
    • Minor code fix
    Version 0.7
    • Fix being able to sell damaged tools;
    • Add items permissions list for Sellpoint Panel;
    • Add Trash panel;
    • Change messages.properties, noSpace and empty fields are renamed;
    • Change config.properties into config.yml
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fix Exchange price;
    • Fix a permission error, thanks to kaiyou.
    Version 0.6
    • Add Exchange Signs (An other name for "infinite purchase";
    • French messages.properties is not updated.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed minor bugs;
    • Add french traduction, thanks yttr1um and Nicogeta
    Version 0.5
    • Add Heal Signs;
    • Add a price for Save, Suicide, Heal signs;
    • Add current balance information to all signs in which money is substracted;
    • Fixed ugly player update inventory fix.
    Version 0.4
    • Adding Inventory Save Signs;
    • Adding Suicide Signs;
    • Adding messages to the shop owner and current balance;
    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixed not being able to add color whool direclty into a shop
    Version 0.3
    • Adding Infinite Sellpoint
    • Modifying Purchase Panel look
    • Correcting a few bugs
    Version 0.2
    • Adding Purchase Panel
    • Fixed Bugs allover
    Version 0.1
    • First bukkit release.
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    please use version ranges only when really necessary
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    So how do you stock the shop?
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    Oh yeah, I didn't explain it clearly. I'm editing. The owner just have to hold the material in the hand and right click twice (to confirm).
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    As far as protecting the signs goes, you can add protection against anyone but the person who created the sign fairly easily, so you might wanna include that. Nice idea, however, you can't really claim no database when iConomy IS a database XD
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    How? I think the only solution is to browse the adjacent blocks every time a block is broken and to check if there is no sign and that that sign is a "PanelMaster" sign... It seems to me a lot of hard work for the server, thus I would advice the use of WorldGuard that does something equivalent. If you do have an alternative solution that would consume less calculations I'm all yours.
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    Consider that worldguard does that for every block in a "guarded" region and not everyone uses, or wants to use it.
    You will be better off just watching the sign and the block next to it for changes. It's really not that resource intensive compared to installing worldedit/worldguard for the same functionality.
    You could even have an on/off switch in the config for those who wanted to use worldguard for it.

    Consider that worldguard has to do the same checks, but if a block is in any defined region, world, coordinates, etc etc etc. You're really going to benefit from at least having the option to protect it from within in the plugin.
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    Hello, is there any chance for BOSEconomy support in the future? :D
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    @codename_B you do have a point there. Will try to include a better protection later.

    @TheBarkingFrog I didn't have the intention to do so but if there are people requesting it I will.
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    Can there be an Infinite Sign shop in the future? I am really looking forward to this. I really need a sign conversion of items, and this seem to do the job.
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    I can do that, for now I have added a Purchase Sign.

    Will try to explain how it exactly works in a few days with a video or something like that.

    I can't test this plugin well since it require at least 2 people.
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    This looks really good, going to test it now on my iconomy server. I'll let you know of any bugs i find :)
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    could u make it for i can make it for a sign can have unlimited items in it for sell please its taking me hours to add like 15,000+ items to all the items im making
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    Hi, I love this mod you have best one out!

    But i dont like the Last line? Will it be possible to type if it has stock or just how much stock there is

    Also when someone buys something to contact you or when you login it says how much you have earned while you where away. And When You Buy Something It Tells You Your Balance After It! :D

    One last thing, Can you make it so only the Creator/Owner of the sign can destroy it

    Hope you see this! And Think About It
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    @Hyphe @frownnn Now with infite shops

    @Misa That bug is known but I won't solve it, it is caused by the cancelation of the action. I think it is a client-side and/or bukkit problem. I won't try solving it. You can edit th empty message to suits your needs.

    @Suspect I'm using no database backend so I can't alter the last line. The last line is like everything for this plugin. If you discard it, won't work anymore. I can add the feature to contact the player and advertise if someone is buying something and I can show them their current balance. BUT I can only do it when the player is connected. An offline player won't be advertised, even if they login after a while => same problem that with the last line. Currently only the owner or someone with enough permission can destroy a panel. If you don't want anybody to be able to destroy someone else panel, you just don't have to add the destroy permission.

    If i'm not clear enough, tell me.

    And thanks for testing the plugin :)
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    Sweet, Ill Love The New Feature!

    Um also i dont get how the stocking works? Like when you stock items?

    Is it part of the Plugin to use the bottom line as a Database type thing?

    But yea this is far the best plugin! Keep up the ownage work!

    *Also maybe in the future make a Plugin where you can use it everywhere with no signs just type in a command and it has like /shop list and /shop buy stone 64, Something like that ! But yeah :D*
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    yes, the last line contains an Id representing the player, the material id, the durability id and the quantity it holds.
    The line is condensed so it isn't really humanly readable.

    Since I do not have a database backend I cannot do something like listing the available shops without browsing the entire world.

    And I do not intend to use a database. I already have in another shop plugin that is now lost. No database means you can deploy it everywhere, copy a part of a map with shops inside, etc... But yes, it does include an ugly line.

    So for the /shop command, It won't do it, you have the SimpleShop plugin that does a similar work. Like I explained, I cannot list the shops presents so I can't substract a quantity of a shop with a command.
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    Ah k Good Enought
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    This looks to be exactly what I need. I love the Citizens mod but it is way too resource intensive and creates a lot of lag. I think this will be much more efficient. I will miss having myself standing around selling goods though.... *sniff*
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    I have a prob with it
    i try typing all the time
    by the sign :
    <B 5:0 S>

    B 5:0 S

    can u help me pls i want a infinite shop
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    You didn't get the <fields> things. I updated the post putting examples. Hope it will clear thing out for you.
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    thank you now a guy like me understoud u :)
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    @Misa I learned how to init github so the source code is available.
  24. you rocks, thanks ;)
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    One reason I don't use ChestShop is because of their ugly layout. You should use ChestShop instead if you want that layout.
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    I can't download de new version =,C don't found de PanelMaster.jar
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    Open your eyes, there is a download button. On the middle up right side.
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    Lol, fucking explorer =P
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    Updated to 0.4, also have put a direct link to the download ;) for umarth
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    ahahahaha, thanks _-_ I feel a fool xD. I don't see the link for the explorer, in crhome this view sooo good =P

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