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    Thanks for the perms.

    Ive added them manually as negative nodes in PEX, but, must admit, Ive never had to do that with other plugins. They have always been "Denied" access to commands unless the nodes were granted.

    Still, Am liking this a lot sofar ;)
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    Are all your permissions set up correctly? Did you change "dynecon-world" in config.yml to your world name? Also, what economy plugin are you using? You need to update to an economy plugin that has a 1.2.3 version. I think iConomy hasn't update, but BOSEconomy has a 1.2.3 version. If you don't update it, then it never loads, Vault doesn't find it, and therefore DynamicEconomy blows up when you buy/sell stuff.

    Well, I just thought there were certain commands most users should have, but I see your point. I made the permissions true/false based on what I thought a customer should have rather than a default user, I think I'm going to go change that.

    And great, glad you like it.
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    I've tried with Iconomy and BOSEco, it worked, but these 1.2.3 versions of Iconomy and BOS are making the server crash easly, so i've to use essentials economy system.

    I've even tried with these TEST BOSEco plugins with no sucess.

    I use essentials but it seems that it doenst work with your plugin.

    What plugins do you recommend, any hint?.
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    I use BOSEconomy successfully with 1.2.3
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    Nope and 1.1-R6. i found out how to fix this :)
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    There's a bug when you try to BUY/SELL/STOCK EMPTY BUCKETS.
    For some reason when you type, for example, /buy bucket, it means "BUKKET" in the trade response msg.

    Water and lava buckets are working fine.
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    Awesome, what did you do?

    Oops, I called them BUKKETs when I made the Items.yml :)
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    Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 9.33.28 PM.png

    This is the result of:

    /setprice diamond 1000
    /buy diamond
    /setprice diamond 1000
    /sell diamond

    The excerpt from items.yml (before the buy and sell) is:
    velocity: 2.9
    id: 264
    price: 600
    floor: 450
    ceiling: 900
    description: The most precious jewel of them all!
    stock: 50
    spread: 2.9
    time: 0

    I read a bit of the code, and it seems that spread is unused and velocity is the literal dollar amount of change per item bought/sold. Ie, for a $1000 item with a velocity of 2.9 after a sale/purchase, the cost would be $1002.90 or $997.10, respectively.

    It looks like, instead, it is working as a multiplier, something like this:

    player buys:
    newprice = oldprice + (oldprice * velocity)
    player sells:
    newprice = min ( 0.01 , oldprice - (oldprice * velocity) )

    However, I can't find anything that behaves like this in the code ( I'm looking at ).

    On another note, if velocities are to be used as multipliers ( which I actually like, as long as they're all under 1.0 ;] ), then the math above doesn't really work. If you imagine a 0.5 multiplier, after buying and selling one of a $100 item, the purchase price would be 100, the sale price would be 150, and the next price would be 0.75, which means you could make loads cash from buying and selling the same items over and over (if your boundaries are off like mine are).

    If you're heading the multiplier route, I'd recommend:

    player buys:
    newprice = oldprice * (1.0 + velocity)
    player sells:
    newprice = oldprice / (1.0 + velocity)

    Then after a sale and purchase of the same item, the price ends up exactly where it started. Add a bit of tax to slow things down and everything is groovy.

    I'd love to know where the funny behavior is coming from in the code, and I'd love to hear which direction (linear or multiplier) you're going with the velocities. Also, is spread in the queue to be implemented?

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    Does this work with 1.2.3?
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    If you look in the Transaction class in the sell and buy methods, there's a loop that calculates newPrice and total for the transaction. This is how price is determined.

    It's not a linear or a multiplier.

    It's a loop-based algorithm.

    So, if you want to buy 3 stone, the total price will be as such:

    total = total + (itemPrice + velocity)
    total = total + (itemPrice + velocity + velocity)
    total = total + (itemPrice + velocity + velocity + velocity).

    Obviously this is much neater in a loop, but, essentially, with every iteration of the loop, the "velocity" of an item is added to its price, so your first purchase of stone is .51 then .52 then .53 (given an initial price of .5 and a velocity of .01).

    The reason I can't make it easily linear or multiplier is because of the problem of players buying a bunch and selling them right away to reap instant profit.

    if the formula, was, say
    TOTAL = Price * Quantity
    Then the price would increase by (velocity * quantity)

    Players could sell this back right away to reap instant profit since the new price is (velocity * quantity) higher than the price they bought it for.

    However, using my loop algorithm, the same thing is done as I demonstrated with the 3 stone purchase above, except you subtract velocity instead of add it. It undoes the buy loop.


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    This is like one of the first plugins that I actually comment on, and right now I want to say. THIS IS THE BEST PLUGIN EVER MADE! Thanks man! My server will love this!
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    Haha thanks :)!

    There may be a few bugs right now, I'll Iron out the kinks this weekend.
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    kSafin Hey when I do /dynamiceconomy reload I get this Also i would love to be able to add items to the sell/buy list without having to shut down the server in order to do it, This plugin Rocks! Also I did post another issue on the BukkitDev post of this
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    /dynamiceconomy reload is not a command.

    Use /dynamiceconomy or /dynecon to reload the config.yml.
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    All those do is pop up the commands, I was looking for something to reload items.yml
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    There's no command to explicitly do so.
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    I love the plugin! Chest shop support would be amazing :p

    how do you see your money?

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    Hey Ksafin how to restrict the plugin only to work with diamonds and gold?.

    I've tried to delete all the other itens but th eplugin resets them to status=quo.
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    I've had problems with the quantities resetting after a server reboot. This is version 1.2 R2 of Bukkit. Something Im doing wrong?
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    Players able to create there own shops?

    Also would love ChestShop Support.
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    Hey guys, I'll look into your problems tomorrow. I haven't been up to date with this thread recently. I check bukkit dev more often. On another note though:


    * DynamicSign
    ** You can now have signs dynamically show the price, stock, velocity, ceiling, or floor of an item!
    ** It's very simple to set up:
    *** When you place a sign, write **dynamicsign** in line 1.
    *** Type the name of the item you wish to track in line 2
    *** Type what you want to track in line 3; valid options are : **price**,**stock**,**ceiling**,**floor**,**velocity**
    ** Signs will update with every call of /buy, /sell, /setprice, /setvelocity, or /setfloor, as well as /addstock and /removestock.
    ** If you enter the sign arguments wrongly, an INVALID ARGUMENTS text will appear in red.

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    That's because if you delete stone, nothing will work.

    If you want to make it use only gold and diamond, ban everything else in config.yml.

    OR delete everything EXCEPT stone, and just ban stone in config.yml

    Might be because you remove stone from Items.yml. (if you did)

    If not, that's odd. My side works fine, as well as many other users.

    Well it'll be coming!

    * Added Saplings
    ** Saplings now include birch, pine, and jungle.
    * Added /banitem
    ** You can now add items to the ban list from in-game.
    ** The command is **/banitem [Item] [sale|purchase]**
    *** Item is the itemname
    *** the second argument is either "sale" or "purchase". AKA, do you want to ban it from being bought or sold?
    *** If you wanna do both, you'll need to call the command twice, each with a different type.
    * Added **/price hand** and **/sell hand**
    ** Sells and finds the price of the item in your hand when called
    * Fixed netherbrickfence
    ** ID was accidentally 1113.
    * Added stock as an option for random events
    ** Random Events have a new field "Type"
    ** It can be either "stock" or "price"
    ** The type determine what changes, stock, or price.
    ** If you use stock, then percent will be ignored (since you can't have half an item). Only price uses percent. Regardless, you must have percent as a field.
    * Added option to designate colors on signs via config.yml
    ** //sign-tagline-color// is the color of the tagline, which is the Item name and type of sign
    ** //sign-info-color// is the color of the actual information (the number of stock, the price, etc)
    ** //sign-invalid-color// is the color INVALID ARGUMENTS appears in if a sign is incorrectly made.
    ** All of these can be used with the standard color codes &1-9, &a-f, &A-F, or even &darkblue, &gold, etc.

    Just added EXP as an Item in v .8.3!

    You can now buy and sell EXP, as well as look up its price!

    /sell exp all compatible!

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    My comprehension? Einstein, you keep insisting I'm doing something wrong, yet you fail to see that no matter what price is reported, buy/sell/whatever, the outcome as reported by your plugin produces incorrect mathematical results: "10 units sold at $0.30 = $5.25."

    You've got to be kidding me.

    Works better? In my opinion, it doesn't work at all. Don't quit your day job.
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    I told you already, I can't use a simple mathematical formula to output the price

    I can't say 5 * 10 = 50 because this doesn't use SIMPLE MATH.

    It's uses a loop to calculate price, there's absolutely NO way for me to output that very simply.

    The new versions no longer have an output that says qty * price = total, but my plugin never produced incorrect mathematical results because it never did the simple math that you saw outputted.

    YOU have got to be kidding me.

    You have got to be insane to think that this "doesn't work at all".
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    Seems that people are able to type "/sell hand" while holding a diamond, they get the money but they still holding the diamond, so they can infinitely sell diamond and make money. It happens only for "/sell hand". Please, fix. I would like to suggest "/sell all" to sell the whole inventory. Great plugin tho.. Im using 8.3
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    Fixed in v .8.31, just released.
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    Thanks for the update Ksafin.

    Fixed that bucket (bukket) issue?.
    Suggetion1: change the decimal system for the taxes, because if you set 8.0 for buy/sell tax, the game interprets as 800%.
    Suggetion2: implement an option to setup different and independents market regions. So. fpr example, the gold sold price "here" is different from "there" .

    Anyway, really thanks for the updates great plugin.
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    Haha no I haven't changed the bucket, I should do that.

    @ Suggestion 1 - Just use .08 as the percentage.

    @ Suggestion 2 - Hmm.. That sounds kind of difficult. I could see that as an option AFTER release (after v 1.0). This could add more realism to the economy, but I won't do it yet. Interesting Idea though.
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    how not to work with a team PermissionsEx plugin?

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