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    That's why the price command has a sell or buy argument, and it'll tell you exactly how much you will sell or buy a given amount for
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    Makes no sense to me. If you do a "/price wood", you get $0.30. If you do "/price wood buy", you get $0.35, and "/price wood sell", gives $0.25.

    I also modified the velocity and it does absolutely nothing to the pricing, buying/selling results in the same amounts.
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    Because the velocity of wood is .05, buying is a little more expensive and selling is a little cheaper
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    Idk why but everytime i turn off and run the server it dosent make a file by the way its using a hosting company is that the problem? please reply!!!!:(
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    But like I said, I set velocity to zero and it made no difference at all. The prices were the same when buying or selling the same quantity. If I buy 10 pieces when the price is listed as $0.30, it costs $5.25, then it tells me the price went up to $0.80. Then, if I sell the 10 pieces back, it says I got $5.25.

    If someone goes into a store and asks "How much is this can of beans?" and they are told 30-cents a can and they buy 10 cans, they are expecting (with no tax) to pay $3.00, but your system is charging $5.25. I think most people would have an issue with that.

    I also think it will be difficult to explain to players that the value of something depends on whether you're buying it, selling it, or doing nothing with it. There are three different prices right now and I don't think it makes sense.
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    Tesla, you're free to not use the plugin.

    I've already explained several times that the plugin is evolving, and as a matter of fact it's still in beta. It's not perfect. It works.

    The process of a stable and easy-to-understand system of transactions is constantly evolving, and will get better over time.

    Despite the fact that you think most people would have a problem with this transaction system, there are hundreds of people using the plugin and enjoying it. In fact this is the first time I've heard a concern such as yours. (I'm not saying it's valid, but I'm saying that most people have no issue with this matter)

    I don't know buddy. Files generate for anyone else.

    Feel free to submit a ticket on my github with logs, version numbers, and other helpful info.

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    Okay, maybe they don't understand simple math. Most users I play with do.

    I would still like your answer for how 30 x 10 = 525 and also 80 x 10 = 525?

    But, I guess nobody's math is "perfect".
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    Minecraft economics are exactly like real life. You just have to imagine every "item" as a service good despite its appearance. When you buy a stack of dirt, you are not paying to be in possession of a limited good, you are paying for the man hours it took to get that dirt.
    Exact Value of Any Item in Minecraft = (average man hours per unit * demand)

    All I am proposing is that you dont have players guess the velocity of each item and rather calculate it naturally based on the total stock. This closer represents real economics.

    Detailed Example:

    Currently in real life it is impossible for the world to run out of oil because economics. As the stock approaches zero the price will exponentially approach infinity.
    If we were to use your method and just add a predetermined amount to the cost of the oil, the price would only increase linearly, meaning the world would run out of oil because you were using a price calculator that is not reflective of real economics.
    I know you cant run out of a material in minecraft, but the formulas of economics always apply. If people try to start using an item way more than people are farming it, the price should exponentially increase. You are linearly increasing it which under-prices the item.

    For further proof, look at any online chart of price relative to supply and demand. You will find curved lines not straight ones.
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    Most users I talk to on the forum also don't revert to mudslinging.

    As I've said so many times before (and either you can't comprehend or choose to ignore) is that if you buy 5 of something, then sell 5 right away, you'll end up at 0, to prevent abuse. This is how DE ensures the economy isn't abused, and the way it's calculated is by buying the initial item for it's price, the second for its price + velocity, and the third for another + velocity, and the fourth for another + velocity, and the fifth for another + velocity.

    That's why you can't calculate the price simple by multiplying two numbers; it's not a standard formula.
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    It is you, Sir, who started the attitude:
    I'm not talking about buying and reselling and the price not changing. That's already what I've suggested. I'm talking about the prices being presented are NOT the prices used in transactions and the math displayed being totally wrong.

    /price = 30
    /price buy = 35
    /price sell = 25

    Now, even if one agrees that this is somehow normal, having the "price" not match either buying or selling, there is the fact that NONE of these values are used in the transactions. In fact, a value of 52.5 is used in all cases, regardless of whether you're buying or selling. But the text reads "10 sold at $0.30 = TOTAL $5.25". Then the price is reported as going up to $0.80, but if you buy ten, it still says "Bought 10 at $0.30 = TOTAL $5.25".

    I can't believe you don't see this.
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    Disagreed; I don't know how that comment could possibly be interpreted as an attitude.

    And I see it entirely Tesla. How can you possibly think I don't? I wrote the entire plugin, I know what the output is, I know how it calculates purchases and sales.

    What I don't believe is how you're unable to understand my explanations, as numerous as they have been.

    Yes, the price of buying 10, then selling back 10, is exactly the same. This is for a reason. So that nobody can buy 10, sell 10, and automatically get instant money; instead, they return to point 0.

    Yes, the output is slightly off, but that's not because I can't do basic arithmetic, it's because the calculation of transactions is more complicated than a simple equation can provide.

    I can't use an equation like TOTAL = PRICE * AMOUNT. Because then, the price increases, and if I use the same equation to calculate sales, there is instant profit.

    The prices being presented ARE completely correct. If you do /price glass buy 10, and then commit /buy glass 10, the price is exactly the same.

    There's no simple way to explain to the user the method of transaction, and certainly no easy way for you to calculate it. That's why the command exists, and a sell/buy argument is included. /price gives you the price of the item. /price buy gives you the price + velocity. /price sell gives you the price - velocity.
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    As I stated before, changing velocity does absolutely nothing to the outcome. I set it to zero and everything was exactly the same. If buying and selling results in the same amounts, then how is it dynamic? But these are not the largest of my concerns. I gave you good suggestions on how to prevent abuse, but you chose to ignore them.

    You say you can't use an equation like TOTAL = PRICE * AMOUNT, yet you do in the message given after a transaction. You display: UNITS x PRICE = TOTAL, yet they don't "add up". Why not just list a total then? Even if you did, the total is wrong. What is so difficult making a transaction read "10 x $.30 = $3.00" or "10 x $0.80 = $8.00"? Let's be real: 10 x $0.30 is NOT $5.25, no matter how you slice it.

    And as far as the "attitude", your remark was very condescending. I, of course, know that I don't "have" to use your plugin. It is my server and I can use or not use any plugin I wish. I believed this was a forum for people to express their ideas or concerns so maybe you could make a better product. It appears that you are not interested in doing so. I did like the zone setting aspect, but I can't tolerate a shop system where a user will have no idea whatsoever what they are going to spend or receive after a transaction. Why not just make this a slot machine plugin since people are literally gambling with the outcome?

    I'll bother you no more with my concerns unless I need to reply to a response.
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    It's an awesome plugin! However, im having a trouble with the region command.

    I have enabled the "region" string in the config archive.
    When i type " /curregion " , the game says that i'm not in a economy region.
    Right, so i select the region with a wooden spade and create it with the " /shopregion [name] ".
    Great, region created displayed, the region archive even get the name and the coords, perfect.

    HOWEVER, anywhere,after these, that i type /curregion theres an " internal error " and it's like there's no economy region. I've created it, it's in the region archive, the plugin displayed that it was created but, in practice, it's not created and i can only use the plugin with the "use region" on the "false" string.

    I've tried many things and yet, nothing.

    Yes, i use the latest vault, my bukkit is R4, minecraft 1.1.

    OBS: Oh, and theres a bug, theres no TAX incidence when you sell itens with variable durability like swords, for example.
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    Please update it !! the R4 to R6
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    Well, that's weird that it didn't change anything, ok? Maybe it's a bug. It's dynamic because prices aren't static.. how can you even ask that question? You gave me suggestions which I specifically pointed out the faults of.
    I have that equation because the original version of DE used an equation as such, and I never changed the output until v .7.8. What's so difficult? Because the prices AREN'T CALCULATED LIKE THAT. I don't know how many times I have to explain this before you understand it. Do you just ignore it? Or can you really not understand? I NEVER said that the output was mathematically correct; as I've just stated, and as I've said before, it's the output that's wrong, the price calculations are correct.
    I didn't intend for it to be condescending, I'm sorry you took it that way; but for you to start mudslinging in the post after wasn't really acceptable. I am always interested in making a better product, you're merely pointing out things you think are faults, and no matter how many times I explain it, you either don't understand, or choose to ignore my explanations, and continue bashing it. A shop system where users have no ideas what they are going to spend or receive? My god, do you know the /price command? /price [item] [buy/sell] [amount] ALWAYS gives the correct sale and purchase price as the /sell and /buy commands will give you.

    Please learn to use the plugin before criticizing it.

    I know why that happens.

    /curregion only gives you the coordinates of the region currently selected with your spade. After you create the region with shopregion, you no longer have that region "selected". The coordinates have been wiped from memory, and instead stored as a region.

    You can only use /curregion when you have selected two corners with the spade but not yet declared the region.

    Is there some kind of functionality you'd like me to add/modify this to?

    And yes, thanks for pointing that out. I'll go add it right now!

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    So the shopregion works, i just cannot use the /curregion?, is thar right?.

    Really thanks for feedingback Ksafin,fixing that would be great. Your plugin is the best, i really aprecciate you effort in explaining and improving that magnificent economy plugin.

    Ah, it would be cool ta add some inflation system too, anyway, one step at a time.
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    Yes, I do and you are wrong. I did three commands:

    /price buy
    /price sell

    Now, you say one of these will give the correct price. Well, when I did these commands, this is what came up:

    /price: 0.30
    /price buy: 0.35
    /price sell: 0.25

    Then I bought 10 items, expecting the transaction to be TOTAL of $3.50. Are you following this? The TOTAL price was $5.25. Now tell me that is correct.

    And as far as you giving me "specific" reasons my ideas were not good, you did not. All you said was they were not "optimal".
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    Tesla, I don't know how many times I have to tell you this before you understand it. Is this that far beyond your comprehension?

    For maybe the 5th time already, you're doing it incorrectly.

    Call /price wood buy 10 and then call /buy wood 10
    Call /price wood sell 10 and then call /sell wood 10

    Does that line up? Yes it does.
    Please stop trying to prove me wrong on this, I've been trying to show you for many posts that this does work, and you just seem to ignore my instructions on how to use the plugin.

    Uh, excuse me? So an idea that works, but works badly is a good idea? It's not optimal because what I have now works better, so why in the world would I opt for something that wouldn't work as well?

    You can use /curregion, but /curregion does NOT tell you what region you currently are in. It tells you what region you currently have selected.

    So, if you choose two corners with a wand, and call /curregion, it'll tell you your two corner selections.

    The name may be a bit misleading, but it tells you your current region selection, not what region you are currently within.

    Thanks very much, I really appreciate it.

    I'm always trying to improve it, maybe that'll be in future versions :)

    v .7.9 is out
    • Updated Event Handlers & other methods to be R6 compliant.
    Fixed Bugs:
    • /sell all now works for data values correctly.
    • Taxes now work for tools with varying durabilities.
    • Gunpowder now works
    • Changed some Auto-Updater settings; instead of accessing my server for information, I have a dedicated 100% uptime website that it retrieves update info from, and the file will be stored on dropbox. This should prevent any errors from AutoUpdater about not being able to reach the URL.

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    You really covered all the bases with this. Pretty extensive. Like an all-in-one economy. I cant even imagine the programming behind this. Good job. Keep up the good work. You should consider going into professional programming, maybe make a bit of money at it, if you're not already.
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    Does it works with the R0.1, Ksafin?
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    Thanks! I'm trying to make it pretty extensive and cover all aspects of an economy - in essence, the only economy plugin you'd need on your server.

    I do some payed programming, but nothing too crazy. Not old enough to get hired yet :)

    it should.

    Version .8.0 is out
    Many feature additions
    • Added Multi-World Support
      • You now have the option of enabling DynamicEconomy in only one world.
      • So, for those of you using MultiVerse and have a specific world for trading/economy, you can now set DE to only work in that world.
      • To do so, change the dynecon-world field in config.yml to the name of the world, instead of the default entry, world
      • For those of you who don't use Multi-World support, this shouldn't affect you if the name of your world is world
      • If it isn't world, change the dynecon-world field to your world name.
    • Added custom currency symbol support
      • Change the currency-symbol field in config.yml to your currency, and it'll appear in DE chat outputs
      • You can use color codes such as &2 and &f
    • Added custom messages feature
      • New messages.yml lets you change some standard DE messages to your own, custom messages.
      • Currently supports 32 messages.
      • Color code support!
    • Added Random Events!
      • Three new config.yml field:
        • enable-random-events : self-explanatory. enable or disable
        • random-event-interval : The interval, in minutes, between which random events will attempt to execute
        • random-event-chance : A value between 0 and 1, percentwise, that will determine if a random event will occur. If (1), then the event will always occur every random-event-interval. If it's 0, random events will never occur. Any value in between gives it some chance.
      • New file: randomevents.yml
        • All events go under the events section
        • I provided two examples, but this component is entirely for you to come up with ideas and customize!
        • Simply follow the examples I've provided, as so:
          • When you add an event, make the event name like my examples (event4, event 6).
          • Description will be sent to all users if the event occurs.
          • Item is the item that will be affected by the event
          • Change is whether the price will decrease or increase. If set to "+", price will increase. If set to "-" price will decrease. Keep in mind, that if the supply decreases, price should increase, and opposite likewise. However, if demand increases, then price increases
          • Percent is either true or false. If true, it'll interpret the price change as a percent. If false, it'll interpret the price change as a static value.
          • Amount is the price change. If you have percent to true, this should be between 0 and 1 (a percent why which to change the price by). If you have percent to false, this can be any value by which the price will change. If the price goes beyond the floor or ceiling, it'll cap at the floor or ceiling, so don't worry.

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    LOL,just download 7.9 seconds ago...

    downloading again... :D

    OBS: Well, still on the /shopregion matter, i've forgotten the /curregion command, Now i only mark the plot with the spade and create the region.

    When i buy or sell out of the region it says : " Puchase(Sale) sucess! An internal error ocurred while attempting to perform this command. " Anyway, the sale/buy event occurs normally, however, because of the error msg it didn't show the normal infos about the trade that should normally do.

    Just wanted to known if i am doing something wrong.
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    This is a comparison to the American market, in which there is an abundance of resources. In MC there is a limited amount of items you can get, as you must mine them, and that makes them difficult to get, therefore supply and demand is much more applicable. If you were to go to a country with less supplies, the laws of supply and demand are much more prominent. Supply and demand is not a myth, it is simply not seen as much with everyday items, but in the future as resources become more scarce, we will see examples of supply and demand that will have a significant impact on us. A static economy in MC will be sufficient, but a dynamic economy is much more interactive and is an excellent tool for maintaining an economy.
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    Waiting for Chest Shops support before applying economy on my server :)
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    Ive installed this, looks good, however..

    with no permissions yet enabled, users can access all commands.

    I realise i can add -negative nodes, but shouldnt users be denied access by default, unless a groups permissions have been added?

    Ive had to disable for now.
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    I have a problem with my plugin it says this:

    11:52:28 [INFO] [AU][DynamicEconomy] Error reading input stream!
    11:52:28 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling DynamicEconomy v.8.01 (Is it up
    to date?)
    at couk.Adamki11s.AutoUpdater.FetchSource.fetchSource(
    at couk.Adamki11s.AutoUpdater.AUCore.checkVersion(
    at me.ksafin.DynamicEconomy.DynamicEconomy.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    i have also have these plugins:
    DynamicEnonomy (this is the problem)
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    That's weird; are you enabling shopregions in config.yml?
    I don't know what could be wrong, but make sure all of your config.yml settings are correct.

    Awesome! I can't wait to make them too hehe.

    No, there's actually a set of commands that are enabled by default; not all commands are disabled by default. If you want I can give you a list of those commands.

    Are you still getting this error? What version are you using?
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    Well, my basic users can add items to the shop, and do other admin type commands. No permission nodes are in place, so I assumed, they would be denied the commands.

    But yes, please, what are the commands that are enabled by default ?
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    That's weird.
    Here's the entire permission section of plugin.yml:

        description: Allows user to find price of an Item
        default: true
        description: Allows user to set the price of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to set the minimum price of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to set the maximum price of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to find the minimum price of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to find the maximum price of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to find the price velocity of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to set the price velocity of an Item
        default: false
        description: Allows user to access the help page for the plugin
        default: true
        description: Allows user to buy items.
        default: true
        description: Allows user to sell items.
        default: true
        description: Allows user to access config for stock
        default: true
        description: Allows user to access config for boundaries
        default: true
        description: Allows user to add stock for an item
        default: false
        description: Allows player to reload Dynamic Economy config.yml
        default: false
        description: Allows player to remove stock for an item
        default: false
        description: Allows player to receive messages about dynamiceconomy updates, and update it.
        default: false
        description: Allows players to find out current sales and purchase taxes
        default: true
        description: Allows player to set sales and purchase taxes
        default: false
        description: Allows player to select region for shops
        default: false
        description: Allows player to create a shop region
        default: false
        description: Removes the given shop region
        default: false
        description: Lets users get loans, and find info on their current loans
        default: true
        description: Lets users find out current loan interest rate
        default: true
        description: Tells users their current world
        default: true
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    Well Ksafin, great upgrades, however with 8.0 i was unable as admin or player to buy or sell things, i typed the commands and nothing happened, the command colors was even white, different from the green colors when the plugin is working fine. With 8.02 i'm getting error msgs everytime i try to buy or sell things, the sale/buy occurs, however, the error msgs hide all the trade information.

    Its funny because if i try to sell/buy without money, it goes normal, saying that i dont have the money but with money, it gives that internal error msg.


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