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    DynamicEconomy introduces your server to an economy where
    the prices constantly change based on the supply and demand of

    == Features ==
    • Buy and Sell items in a global shop.
    • Price automatically adjusts based on supply and demand!
    • Optional stock feature; have unlimited stock of items, or not
    • Optional Price Ceiling and Price Floor, because sometimes, dirt at $10,000 just doesn't make sense.
    • Prefix the chat output with anything you'd like!
    • Choose whether price changes are announced globally, locally, or not at all!
    • Includes a custom alias file, so you can customize the aliases you use (Add whatever word in the world to stand in for, say, diamond, so if you call /buy purpleelephant it can buy you diamond!) - Even better, it already includes hundreds of aliases.
    • Add items to items.yml at your whim! Just make sure to add aliases for them in alias.yml!
    • Sort items into different groups, and then limit users to only being able to purchase or sell items from particular groups!
    • You choose the default amount sold/bought if the user leaves out the amount argument.
    • Features 340 items: the most commonly traded and used, as well as non-obtainable items and potions!
    • Also, you can sell and buy enchantments! Enchant your items with any enchantment at any level, and then sell items from an item instead of selling the entire item itself!
    • Custom Items.yml puts you in control of item prices, minimums, maximums, descriptions, and everything else!
    • Change the price, price floor, price ceiling, price velocity, and stock, all from in-game without a restart or reload!
    • Custom in-game command allows you to reload the DynamicEconomy config.yml
    • Features help screen of all commands, usages, and descriptions
    • Assess which features of your config are on and off from in-game.
    • Simple permissions: permission is the same as the command name.
    • DynamicSign - Signs that show the price, stock, velocity, ceiling, or floor of any item in REAL TIME! You can also change the colors the sign displays in!
    • Find out the durability of any item in your inventory, or your armor!
    • When you sell a tool or armor, the price you receive is proportionate to how much of the durability was used up. If an item is 25% used up, a player will only get 75% of the total price when he sells it! Stops "Infinite tool" abuses.
    • Update Checker & Downloader!
    • Sell and buy EXP!
    • Data values for all woods, wools, saplings, slabs, and inks!
    • Option to use either set-amount item velocities, or a percent velocity.
    • The option to turn on "Price-Decay-Over-Time", meaning, if items aren't purchased for a long time, their prices will decrease! This is fully customize-able to the last bit; customize percent of price decrease, what's considered a "long time", and how often to check for these items! Or disable it all-together!
    • Also, in addition to price decay over time, there's also price inflation over time, so items that aren't sold for a while will have an increase in price! This encourages sale of those items!
    • Multi-World support!
    • /sell hand and /price hand for selling or checking price of the item you're holding!
    • Ban items from in-game instantaneously!
    • Customizable random events! Make your own wacky random events that change the prices of items!
    • Customize standard DE messages! Up to 32 of them, currently!
    • Use your own custom currency.
    • Custom log.txt file personalizes logging of all user commands for very intuitive, useful, and helpful logs for Server admins. No need to fuss over confusing server logs and exceptions. (You can disable it, if you want, too!)
    • Sales & Purchase Taxes!
    • Set taxes from in-game!
    • Extensive region control! Select your own 3D regions in which users can buy and sell items!
    • Alternative commands for /buy and /sell, so you can use other popular economy plugins in conjunction!
    • Basic location control, such as setting a minimum height from bedrock in order to access the economy.
    • Loans! With custom payback times, minimum and maximum loans, as many loans as you'd like, and more!
    • Dynamic Interest rates for loans!
    • Ability to ban the sale OR purchase of certain items!
    • DYNAMIC SHOPS - Make Transaction Signs to handle the economy instead of using global commands.
    === Planned Future Features ===
    • Optional Interest Rates/Taxes on purchases and sales [ Completed 2/6/2012 5:47 pm in v .5.1]
    • Loans with Optional Interest Rates [ Completed 2/23/2012 11:31 pm in v .7]
    • Chest Shops!​
    • Option to either set IR/Tax statically, or have it dynamically change based on economy conditions. [ Completed 2/25/2012 12:08 AM in v .7.2 ]​
    • Sale of tools will give amount appropriate to current durability (A tool almost worn out will receive a very little percent of total price when sold) [ Completed 1/6/2012 11:05 pm in v .2]​
    • Optional Random Events that change item prices [ Completed 3/4/2012 1:07 AM in v .8.0 ]​
    • Price decreases over time if item is not purchased [ Completed 2/26/2012 1:42 AM in v .7.6 ]​
    • Option to not allow some items in the market. [ Completed 2/25/2012 12:36 AM in v .7.3 ]​
    • Option to lose money upon death​
    • Option to store money in a bank account​
    • Option to log all transactions [ Completed 1/22/2012 8:41 pm in v .4]​
    • Extended abuse prevention: Looking through the kinks to ensure the dynamics of the economy are not abused by players [ Constantly On-Going Process ]​
    • Update Checker [ Completed 1/21/2012 2:12 pm in v .3.2]​
    • Prevent you from buying if you do not have enough inventory space​
    • Data Values (35:1 etc) [ Slight addition in v.5.3 ] [ Completed 2/25/2012 11:32 pm in v .7.5 ]​
    • Location-based controls [ Slight addition in v.5.2 ] [ Completed 2/19/2012 9:24 pm in v .6 ]​
    • MySQL Databases​
    • Alternative Commands [ Completed 2/7/2012 10:18 pm in v .5.2]​
    • Much much more!​
    v.7.7 released 2/27/2012 4:56 pm​
    v .7.8 released 2/27/2012 8:48 PM​
    v .7.9 released 3/3/2012 6:51 PM​
    v .8.0 released 3/4/2012 1:13 AM​
    v .8.01 released 3/4/2012 11:45 AM​
    v .8.02 released 3/4/2012 9:45 PM​
    v .8.1 released 3/18/2012 1:37 AM​
    v .8.2 released 3/18/2012 11:26 PM
    v .8.3 released 3/19/2012 12:47 AM
    v .8.31 released 3/19/2012 11:21 PM
    v .8.4 released 4/7/2012 2:38 AM
    v .8.5 released 4/8/2012 2:58 pm
    v .8.51 released 6/9/2012
    v .8. 52 released 6/10/2012
    v .8.53 released 6/11/2012 4:33 PM
    v .8.6 released 6/12/2012 1:12 AM
    v .8.7 released 6/14/2012 3:21 AM
    v .8.9 released 6/19/2012 1:33 AM [EnderEngine]
    v .8.95 released 6/20/2012 1:32 AM
    v .9.0 released 7/1/2012 10:00 PM [DynamicShops]
    v .9.2 released 7/12/2012 2:49 AM
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    Seems promising!
    Please Support Chest Shops?
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    That's planned for the future!
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    Thanks md_5 !
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    This looks very interesting! (and saves time people doing it themselves XD)

    Cant wait to try this =D
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    Hey kSafin. I tryed your plugin on my server, and for a few days it was perfect, though today I noticed that one of the players had around 1.000.000$.. And how is that possible? Hacking? No. What he did was:
    Sells stuff -> Buys a whole bunch of redstone/cole or something else -> Price goes down -> Sells back -> Profit
    xp System is not perfect...:3:(
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    Let me know what you think! :)

    Well, basically the system for purchasing isn't too good right now; This plugin is in beta, so expect some rough edges. However I'm working on improving the system so that it won't be as easy to abuse and get a lot of money instantly. I'll be releasing v .2.1.1 sometime soon with exactly this fix. Hopefully it'll be better for you.
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    Don Redhorse

    does anybody has a list of default values and prices.. to be honest I always found that the hardest part in any economy plugin to figure out a balance of the values... how much for a diamond, how much for a diamond pickaxe etc..
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    Here is a link I'm using for my server now, I haven't added sell prices for some of the newer items because I want to see how easily attainable they are/how useful they are. Also, i don't sell mine carts because they are free for players. Everything else should be there. I offer discounts when they buy larger items, or items requiring many resources (just to help the players out a bit). Hope it helps!

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    looks promising really good job i would love to see it incorporate chest shop and then i would deffently have it on my server
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    Don Redhorse

    THANK YOU... a very nice list... now I just have to put that into the right format
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    Thanks! I plan to incorporate it before or after release
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    Wow! Amazing job! I don't use economy stuff, but I was browsing around and saw this. This looks like it would be complicated! Great man!
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    Thanks DailyCake Slice!

    It was somewhat complicated but not rocket science :)
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    v .7.6 is out
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    Desperate to find a working shop plugin. Nothing has worked well so far.
    What I found when first testing Dynamic Economy:

    Checked the price of wood. It stated that it was $0.8. Sold 10 pieces of wood. The display reported:

    Sale Success!
    10 WOOD @ $0.3 - 0.0% tax = $5.25 TOTAL
    New Price of WOOD is $.3 (-0.5)

    Okay, the price was $.80 and it said it sold at $.30, but the total was $5.25. I'm no math major, but at $.30 each, that should be $3.00, but it was supposed to be $8.00 (value was $.80). The total indicates they were sold at 52.5-cents each.

    And wood dropping from 80-cents to 30-cents by the sale of only 10 pieces seems like an economy out of control. I would think something small, like 1% of the last value would be more reasonable. So if something were valued at $1.00 each and you sold ten, each item would drop by 1-cent to $0.99.

    $1.00 x 10 = $10.00
    $10.00 * 1% = $0.10
    $0.10 / 10 items = $.01
    New value would be $0.99 each.

    And if it's possible, adding a trailing zero would be less confusing. IE: Instead of $0.8, use $0.80.
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    That's part of how DE calculates prices to prevent abuse;
    When you buy 10 wood, the first wood is purchased for the price you saw ($.8), then the second wood is purchased for ($.8 - velocity), where velocity is a special field that is set for all items. It's the price by which items decrease per unit purchased. Then the third wood is purchased for another velocity less, (aka $.8 - velocity - velocity).

    This is to prevent people from buying a bunch of stuff, and selling it, and making instant profit (since buying simulates demand, prices increase, and so the new price after they buy a bunch of wood is now higher, they can sell and make instant profit).

    The output could be clearer, but that's how it is for now.

    I can add a trailing zero.

    For the record, the prices included in a fresh DE install are ones I found to work with my server. Of the people that use DE, the vast majority have created their own Items.yml file for DE, and I recommend you either create your own that's fine-tuned to your server, modify the default, or ask other users for theirs.

    This plugin is constantly evolving and I update very often, commonly adding suggestions from users. I'll definitely implement a config.yml option to allow velocities to be percentages instead of flat rates, like you suggested.

    In the future I'm also adding ChestShops, if that may help your search for shop mods :p


    I made some velocities rather large, like the wood velocity, evidently. It changed by too much per unit sold. This is the thing though, you should adjust the Items.yml file and velocities and prices to best suit your server. What works for my server may not work for yours.
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    What if there were a means of preventing a person from selling the same item they purchased within a certain time frame, like maybe 24 hours? The only reason to buy something and then resell the same items is to abuse the system, so why not prevent it? Or, have the purchased price frozen for a period of time and if the person resells it to the shop, they only get what they paid for it, not the current market value.

    Just thoughts, not even sure if it's doable.
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    It's possible, just not optimal.

    I'm always looking at ways of making the system better, and without a doubt future editions of DE will have better abuse prevention systems, but this is the system for now.
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    Okay, then is there a way for me to make it non-dynamic, just have fixed prices?
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    I was hoping you can make an option to make the price dependent on supply. Currently it looks to be based entirely on number of transactions with no regard to the amount of each transaction.

    Add a "target supply" value for each item.
    If the current supply is double what the target supply is, the item is valued at half the starting amount.
    If the current supply is at 1/10th the target supply (i.e. the "shop" is almost out) , the price is 10 times the starting amount.
    Price = (target supply/current_supply) * starting value of item

    IMAO, this is way closer to RL economics, and what I am looking for on the server.

    Vaguely Related:

    I once spent many hours testing how much of each commonly traded item can be gathered per hour, then combined that with a server-wide poll to find out the demand of each of the items. Using this, I was able to make a rough, but way more accurate version of values than I was able to find online.


    1800 Hour of work
    450 15 min of work
    150 5 min of work
    301 min of work
    510 seconds of work

    (Value of work = Value of mining over time plus 20% )
    133 Diamond
    120 Stack Torches
    50 Gold
    20 Steel
    18 Cooked Meat
    13 Bread
    13 Meat
    6.0 Coal
    5.0 Obsidian
    4.4 Logs
    2.9 Clay
    1.8 Snow
    1.3 Redstone
    1.0 Glass
    0.5 Gravel
    0.48 Reed
    0.38 Cobblestone
    0.2 Sand
    0.11 Dirt
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    Actually the "supply and demand" thing is really a myth. Most products, in fact, decline in price when a lot are sold and things that aren't sold much keep a higher price. Take DVD movies for instance: Blockbuster movies that sell a lot usually hit the shelves initially at around $20 while older movies that didn't fare as well are often $40-50. There is no real limit to supply, so that can't be the reason and demand for the newer movies is greater, so why are they sold for less?

    I really think, since Minecraft is a game and not real life, that a static economy is the better way to go. It eliminates any possible abuse of the market because you can't buy low and sell high. I appreciate you trying to create a real-life economy, but it's very difficult because there is no formula for it really.

    Whatever the formula, there should be a cap on the minimum and maximum any item can be. Maybe a maximum quantity in the shop as well. Like once there is 5000 wood blocks, you can't sell any more to the shop. Natural decline seems like a good idea too.
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    Technically, that's against the entire purpose of DE, but I suppose you could. If you change the "velocity" of each item in Items.yml to 0, their price will never change.

    Actually, no. It takes into account the # of items sold or bought to determine the new price.
    I can probably implement this, but then there's no element of demand

    The reason DE uses more of a demand/transaction based approach is simple: Although you're right, this is more representative of real life economics, it cannot be applied to minecraft. Why? Because the supply of everything is infinite. And although you can argue that it's not, because it depends on how much players are willing to procure, in reality, it's infinite in comparison to the economics of the real world.

    Therefore, a demand-based approach is more feasible and appropriate.

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  26. when will 7.7 be released?
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    Pretty soon.
    It'll be some bug fixes and maybe a minor feature.

    Then random events to change prices will roll us into v .8
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    Perhaps it should be treated like the stock market. When I see the buy price at $21.95/share, then when I buy 100 shares it will cost me $2195 for my "order". The price will adjust after I have entered my purchase and received the goods.

    Great Plugin by the way. Only two problems with minecraft and prices though. 1) Setting the start price without a bartering system beforehand. 2) Unlike Real-world economics, we have unlimited wants and unlimited resources. Has not been to big of an issue for me though.

    P.S. Could also have the prices change every MC day according to the previous days sales.
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    Well like I said, changing the pricing. purchasing, and selling system is an ongoing process, and I will continue to update, improve, and change it to make it better.

    Thanks, and of course there are problems, but I find that this would be more interesting to have on a server than static prices.

    I can do that, but it wouldn't prevent abuse. People could buy items and wait 20 minutes; especially largely untraded items, or when the server is empty. Even moreso, other users could buy that item and inflate the price even more.

    In other news, v .7.7 is out:

    • Bug Fixes

    /sell [item] all now functions correctly
    /price [item] [sell] all now functions correctly.
    Disable Asynchronous tasks upon disable or reload.
    Fixed the issue where regions do not load after stopping server.

    • New Items

    Added all ores: coal, iron, lapis lazuli, gold, diamond, redstone

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    Only, people will get upset if they see a sell price of 0.80 and sell 500 items and see that they got only $262.50 instead of $400, and they won't understand it when it says 0.30 times 500 = $262.50. That's my point.

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