Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Sounds lovely!

    I'm coming from 0.6.2 and I noticed some documents have changed names, commands / permissions are different, etc. I can figure things out on my own fine, just wondering if there are any documents to speed up the process. If not it's fine, I understand you guys are busy!
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    Nothing as of yet. I have an internal one and posted what i have so far on the main post. Past that... you will have to wait till i get back from the Philippines. I plan to release our servers website, with a full on how to guide at that point.
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    It's me again...
    I need some help again,How do i set up the settings so everyone thats online gets 100 coins every hour they are online on the server?
    The settings looks like this right now
    debug false
    default-bracket-interval 30 minute
    default-wage-bracket default
    fractional-digits 0
    initial-money 100.0
    money-name coin
    money-name-plural coins
    payday-interval 30 minute
    save-interval 5 minute
    silent-wages true
    use-op-permissions false
    use-permissions-plugin false
    And How do i create a bracket because it doesn't stand in the /econ help pages?
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    Thanks for the information!
    EDIT: I found one called CommandPay, but it only works with iconomy. I'll keep looking I suppose. My admin will have to use the economy!!! :D
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    Could you add EconomyPunga to the list of supported plugins? Thanks.
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    Does it work with citizens?
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    That would be something you need to view citizens plugin information for, but since I use citizens on our server I can answer that for you. Yes it does! :p


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    It's possible to automatically export all iConomy account to BOSEconomy ?
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    Is there any way to remove an account from the statistics? Because I use Simple Server Wrapper, and its /warp function creates psuedo teleport players, and their accounts are being figured into the stats, making my player count a bit less than realistic. Thanks; will always love this plugin.
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    Right now... no, but if you sent me the files you have in email or link me to them here I would talk to my coders and see how long it would take for a converter. Shouldnt be too hard actually.

    Yep, add the exclude option to a bracket called "teleports" and put those fake account names in that bracket. Walla they are no longer reported.

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    You sir are incredibly helpful. Many thanks.
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    Not a problem. If it doesnt work we might need to coordinate with the maker of that plugin and tell him to let it to work! :p
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    is it possible to edit the interest rate percentage on players bank accounts?
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    In what manor do you mean... interest rates dont exist yet... its something we could add with the taxes though. Would be interesting to have i suppose.
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    I must've misunderstood, I've been under the impression that banks have interest rates. If you could implement it, wow, that would be awesome!
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    Where can I find a list of commands?
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    in game type /econ help , there are 7 or 8 pages worth of commands. The "how to guide" i have will show you the basic ones and will give you a guide on learning the more advanced ones. All of them are in game though and very detailed.

    No interest, they are just banks. A way for players to store money collectively and use it for whatever purpose they might. In our case Dukes, Lords, and Knights can use it to upgrade the land, buy graveyards, and other options. Members can deposit money and withdraw, with the new system you can set it up where certain people cant even withdraw they could only deposit... then again ANYBODY can deposit with the normal setup. You could even get as complex as we have, we have the following:

    Red Lords
    Red Dukes
    Red Knights

    All of them get paid from the RedBank.

    Once every 2h we give the RedBank the total sum of the max dukes, lords, knights allowed. If a nation has the max limit they get no extra money, if they dont get more money per 2h. You can even have negative brackets now so... you can subtract money from the bank by adding the bank to a sub bracket.
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    I may be missing something, but where is the "how to guide"? I can't seem to find one.
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    This is a really nice and easy-to-use plugin, but is there any way to turn it German?
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    Several people have asked for translations... would you be willing to help with the German version?
    Its on my dedicated box in Japan. I am on vacation right now with my wife in the Philippines. I will be home next week and will upload it to our web server then. I can answer any questions you have until then through here.
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    It's ok, I can wait until you return to Japan. I appreciate the offer. Enjoy the vacation, I hear the Philippines is beautiful.
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    Yep, I could help to translate it to German...
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    Not a problem, i come back to Japan on monday of next week. As for the translation, email me at [email protected] and make an account on our website this way I can have you talk with our coder. If this works out we can open up the option to have it translated into other languages as well. Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Hi,i hope you can help me with this problem:
    I'm bringing an old plugin up to date with the latest bukkit version,and it seems you have changed your hooks since then:
    plugin.getBOSEconomy().setPlayerMoney(player.getName(), (int) toWhat, false); -here i get a warning that setPlayerMoney is deprecated...why is that?

    I also had a problem with getPlayerMoney,but i simply changed it to getPlayerMoneyDouble,is that right?
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    Remove the cast to an integer on toWhat. When I changed the money to use doubles, I added a method with the same name that uses doubles instead. The deprecated one still works, but at the loss of decimal precision.

    That is correct. Unlike with the setter method, there was no way to differentiate between the old and new versions by changing the arguments. I simply added a "Double" version of it and deprecated the old one instead.
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    Thanks,worked perfectly!
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    i also help to translate it to german if you want thx for updating man :>
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    how to create brackets because the plugin did not come with any
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    7.1 lacks auto creation of the brackets file. You must create them in game ( this will be fixed shortly with a small build we are doing. I feel that to make the plugin as simple as possible we should make the plugin work almost 100% out of the box ). To do this you use the command /econ br create <type> <master>
  31. My only question is I did the /econ and created brackets and bank accounts and set players in the appropriate brackets.. It states plays her 10 per 2 hours or a total of 120 per day.. Though I have noticed the server has been up for 24 hours. Yet no one has gained on their total income.

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