Inactive [ECON] BOSEconomy v 0.7.3.a - iConomy Replacement! [ 1.2 - R5+ ]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by riuthamus, May 29, 2011.

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    Loving this Easy to use and sooo Easy to set up.
    do plan to make it work with the Citizens plugin? I would love that!
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    CommandSigns supports this, allowing users to create signs with command scripts that cost to use.
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    it already does work with citizens! :p

    Added you to the top! thanks for the support!

    Added you to the top!

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    Know what? Make it work with the citizens mod,gonna be awesome
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    It isn't a case of the economy mod supporting another mod, it is a case of the OTHER mod needing to support the economy mod. If a mod includes Register in its code, it already supports this. If you don't know if it includes register, ask at that mod's thread. If they don't, request it.

    Reading (yay for my 1st grade teacher!) Citizens thread:
    "Compatible with Essentials Eco, BOSEcon and iConomy, and item currency."
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    You are exactly correct! You should see the comments on my how to video, asking me about mods and skinpacks and other things!! silly people.
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    Sweet plugin and all but im not realy sure bout this..
    4 me it seems kinda complicated :(
    well i still think im gonna try this out :3
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    Omri Barak

    A cool way to make profit and reward players is to create something like a donation button on your website, and then linking the money to BOSEcon currency.
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    We have done this, sorta. On our forums you can buy in game currency with real world money. Helps to pay the bills of the server but gives the players who have some extra cash the choice to buy their way to riches.

    This is by far, the easiest plugin to setup. In fact you dont even have to set anything up if you want it to just work. It works right "out of the box" simply put the plugin to your plugins folder and away you go ( assuming you have given yourself op ).

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    well i know that lawl :D (the setup (im not that NEWBISH))
    i mean with the stuff like incomming i was thinging but gettinging it to my friend and me anddddd......
    hes a lill newb tho :D
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    depends what you want it to do, @Sweetagge

    If you need help, go ahead ask :) I set this up for my kids on my server, though, because I wanted a simple economy that worked with "pocket money" instead of bank accounts. I will NEVER be able to get my kids to figure out a lot of commands, or how to do things like setting up an account. Attention span. I have them being paid once a day, and using Essentials and a shop plugin. They get money by /esell things to the server (like dirt) and by using ChestShop to each other. Works great, and they had incentive to figure out the sell command and how to set up the fairly simple signs. I set up BOSEconomy once and I don't think I have had to fiddle with it since. The money just goes and comes when it is supposed to, you don't have to fiddle with deposit or withdraw to get your money.

    That isn't to say it won't do the more complicated things like banks, but just you don't HAVE to.
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    WELL thanks alot :D i will ask

    i was just wondering the most bout the way of erning money easy (without alot of commands/maybe job)
    and also a great way of spending them easy (but not like if you use this command you will got/get this/that)
    like an easy shop

    its just that im from sweden and my friend aint that good in eng so i dun want him tp write like /econ help to understand (cuz he wont its probly to hard :( )
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    In set these:
    Show Spoiler

    This will set it so someone gets paid wage every hour. You can set it differently. If you install Permissions, reverse the op/phoenix settings. The last one lets someone still get money (from people selling to them, say) while they are offline.

    In brackets.txt set:
    to anything you want. I have it set to pay everyone ONLINE 20 "dollars" every real hour. You can also add brackets here, like merchant or cityguard, and pay them different wages. Up to you what jobs you create and what you pay them.

    As for selling, I would recommend iConomyChestShop. He is about to rename it to ChestShop, I use his version 3, and you don't need Permissions for that either.
    It works out of the box, too, and I only have these set to true in the ChestShop.yml (I am using his beta):
    which aren't necessary to run it at all.

    With both of these, you can get money as a wage and from selling to players/server. I do use Essentials to sell things to the server for a price, but you can use "Admin Shops" from within ChestShop to set up a merchant area for that too.
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    Great tutorial, I guess i need to make the general guide to setting up the basic econ system. Honestly the power this system has is amazing ( if you want it to be ) or it can be as simple as you want it to be as well. That is the pure beauty of it. I will see what i can do for everybody with the general tutorials. I am kinda unwilling to put it out before the 7.0 update since some parts will be changing. Ill see...

    Please keep up with any ideas or suggestions you might have as we aim to make this the MOST used econ plugin.
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    I would suggest one setting for the OPs/Phoenix permissions, but it isn't necessary for those who read your existing documentation.
    Alternatives could be defaulting to ops, and detecting or putting "true" for permissions type plugin. Or you can have a setting that accepts strings, so either permission-style=OP or permission-style=pheonix

    Just because I can see someone putting true for both settings. Not sure if that would even throw an error though.

    I would totally chuck out Essentials if you had a worth.yml like they do for setting what things are worth selling to the server, and a /sell command for selling to server. They play nice together, however, so this also is NOT necessary. Feels more like it should be a seperate plugin, maybe, to tie into your economy.

    Edit: I would be willing to help write the docs if you need help, once the 7.0 comes out.. I have fun with that stuff, just need the info.

    @Sweetagge because I was also looking for the commands, so I could make a tutorial world for the kids, to pay another player money is /pay [player] [amount] so /pay sweetagge 200 and /bal or /balance (I think, I also run essentials, so I may be wrong) to check your balance.
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    Well i never liked essentials comands and permission seems unuseable cuz its like 3-6players and im ze only op :/
    so im not really sure but i think ill try my way to get there :)
    but im really really greatful that you told me this cuz this might be a thing i should tryout
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    Many people have asked us to hook in some kind of sell or buy option, and honestly that is not part of this system. This is for currency only. What you value items at is a completely different plugin all together. There are several plugins ( 5 that i know of ) that do this in conjunction with BOSEcon as well as the rest. So honestly the complaint of not having support of currency values for in game objects is moot ( since we became a big player in the econ plugin scene ). I will admit for some time it was very hard and we did it by hand on our server but the need for that is gone when used in conjunction with a complimentary plugin.
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    How do you check how much money you have??
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    On my server normal players have the common permission but is there anyway to give them permissions to /econ bank listmembers and /econ view playername?

    I just want them to be able to view bank members and view other people balances, I don't want to give them any admin permissions.


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    I cant find the .jar file.... am I an Idiot? (rhetorical question, please don't answer that)
    Also i'm running on a mac... does that matter?
    please no Mac Vs. PC wars either.
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    Is the source public or is it private?
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    Mac Vs PC has no bearing, this is a plugin. If your running a server using bukkit it will work.

    Source is private at this point in time. We are not opposed to giving it out within reason.

    There is no current permission node for that, but it would be possible to add... ill put it on our list of things to do.

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    I wanted to tweak it a little to fit my server more. Remove features the server don't need.
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    Thanks :)
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    Anthony Walker

    I'm sorry if I am a bit of a noob here, but what do these do?


    I read the bracket part, but still am not quite understanding it, can you please give an example? Sorry again if i don't quite understand. Great plugin though!
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    initial-money (another way of saying what you start out with, first money) every new player starts with this ammount
    wage-interval (how often the server pays the wages)
    wage-interval-unit (it has minutes already, I would assume it can go days or hours also, someone verify for me please?)
    default-bracket (brackets are jobs. default is peasant, gets nothing. you can set up bracket of woodcutter, 10 every 20 minutes, or smelter, smelting your iron, 15 every 10 mins, whatever jobs/wages you want, in the brackets.txt)
    debug-mode (no idea. probably something the author uses to test. sometimes it means it turns on internal debugging messages, sometimes it makes god-mode type things happen. I wouldn't touch it)

    So my brackets.txt
    and properties
    means that a citzen gets paid 20 per hour online, nobles 50 (because they are expected to make public works for free for their cities) and peasants is just a placeholder for visitors, someone who isn't part of the server yet. You can obviously get more complicated than that.
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    Got a question: How to set money amount of a player as an op?

    and another question: how to set players jop?

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    /econ set username money

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