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    V 0.9.5 - by SeTa

    I am happy so many of you liked my plugins, but im sorry to say there will be no updates (like many of you already thought). I dont have the time any more to update this (and other) plugins on that regular bases as bukkit requires one to update. Keep in mind that the source is included in the jar and everybody who wants to take it over is very welcome (my source is a mess btw)

    DirectBank is a hopefully simple to use Banking Plugin for youre Server. The Whole Banking Stuff is done trough ATMs (Signs) in Varius Types. Now you also can create Shared Bank Accounts (requires a License) but read down the thread to find out more ;)

    • No Commands in Normal use, just place a Sign with first line: "bank"
    • Withdraw, Deposit or Send Money
    • Some Permissions to make it more flexible
    • Shared Accounts (with Different User Rights!)
    • Multilingual ! (sry old Language files are not compactible)
    • Configurable Starting Balance
    • Donation Signs
    • Register! (Works with all Major iConomy Plugins, thx @bob3695 for implementing this)
    • Get configurable fees for Withdraw, Deposit and Sending.
    • Configurable interests at configurable times (per Hours, or per Day) *works but seems buggy*
    Bank Sign:
    Simple Bank, users can view there Account stats, or deposit/withdraw/send Money.
    Place a sign and if you are OP or have the permission node (see below), write the first line "bank".
    Thats all. To remove it, just break it.


    License Sign *new*:
    With License Signs you can sell licenses for User owned Banks / shared Accounts directly ingame. Each now Shared Bank needs 1 License to start!

    Simple write license into the first line (you need the Permission or OP)

    Shared Bank Sign *new*:
    Shared Banks are a simple way to Handle Money within a Group. They are very similar to Normal Bank Signs except 2 differencies:
    1. Its only 1 Bank Account they use
    2. They have a User Menu.
    To create one write sbank in the first line, and youre Banks name into the Second.
    You can make more than one Sign per Bank, only the first needs a License.

    Shared Bank User Menu *new*:
    I think this is the most complicated part of the whole Plugin, but its pretty easy too ;D
    There are 4 User Modes:
    • @ Owner - Can add all Modes and can Remove / Create Signs
    • + Admin - Can add Full Access and Donate Only User and can Remove / Create Signs
    • - Full Access - Can Access the whole Banking Stuff (Deposit, Withdraw, Send)
    • Donate Only - Only can Donate Money
    Add User like: @kingseta or +kingseta. As special User you have ALL Just add ALL to youre User list, and everybody can donate. or -ALL and everybody has full access.

    Donation Sign *new*:
    This is the most simple. Just make sure you have an Bank Account then place a sign and write donate into the first line. Thats it, you've created a sign everybody can easily donate you some Money :D

    Use a Sign:
    Just Punch it, most stuff is self explanatory. If the Sign asks you to input something just write it into the Chat ;)

    You can take fees from your Bank-users. They are fully configureable like you will see in the Configuration file below. But where does the Money get? :confused:
    Answer: Theres a new iConomy Account called "ServerBank". You can use iConomy to take the money, may i implement something more DirectBank'y ^^

    Configuration (open)

    #DirectBankX Config file
    #Sat Oct 08 01:38:53 CEST 2011
    lastinterest=0 # leave this
    oldprefix=Bank_ # change this for upgrading from versions below 9.2
    enable_donatesign=true # ^^
    withdraw_fee=1% # numbers or %
    tag_license=&b~&aLicense&b~ # Sign Tag
    deposit_fee=1% # numbers or %
    mainworld=world # im not sure if im using this Oo
    enable_sharedsign=true # ^^
    tag_bank=&a~&bBank&a~ # Sign Tag
    permissions=false # put this to false if you wish to use permissions
    interestminutes=30 # how often do you wish interests?
    enable_licensesign=true # ^^
    enable_chestsign=true # sry not used :P
    interest=1.15 # in %
    tag_donate=&a~&eDonate&a~ # Sign Tag
    language=en # language file to use located in DirectBankX/lang
    enable_interest=true # may you dont want youre players to get richer and richer?
    send_fee=1 # here you can see a numbered value without %
    licensecost=2000 # how much should it cost to buy a license?
    ScreenShot (open)

    [Download] - Older Versions - buy me a cake [cake]
    Source included. Open Source ftw :D

    • /bank reload
    • /bank license take/give/info USERNAME
    Dont they explain there self?
    • directbank.admin
      • directbank.reload
      • directbank.license.create
    • directbank.user
      • directbank.shared.create
      • directbank.shared.use
      • directbank.donate.create
      • directbank.donate.use
    Simpliest way is to give all Youre Users directbank.user and the Mods directbank.admin

    • NPCs! (with 1.8 update! :D)
    • Donation Signs
    • Finally fix the Interest Loop -.-
    • Gold Banking (buy/sell gold to a dynamic price)
    • Chest Banking
    • anything else?
    • V 0.9.5 0.9.4 was a crap build -.-
    • V 0.9.4 Bugfix and:
      • Register is now Integrated! Big thx to @bob3695
    • V 0.9.3 Recode, now Version now Bugs? ^^
    • V 0.9.2 Added License / Donation / Shared Banks :confused:
    • V 0.9.1 Bug fix :confused:
    • V 0.9 Some small stuff
      • All Money interactions will now get shown in the Log
      • There is an "maxinterest" configuration
      • And a /bankreload command, to reload the config
    • V 0.8 Added "inUse" control. (thx @Silentnight18 ) Signs are dedicated to the user who uses them first until they leave
    • V 0.7 Added new Stuff :D
      • Configurable fees (see example config file above) Accepts also %!
      • Tell online Users about money arrivements
      • Sry this taked so long :/ H: and K: are now variable in Language file!
    • V 0.6 Negative Amount bug fix (thx @AdamS )
    • V 0.5 Important Bug fix! Please upgrade! (thx @alfskan )
    • V 0.4 Little Bug fix
    • V 0.3 Added Money transactions
    • V 0.2 Added Interest per Hour & Starting Balance
    • V 0.1 Release (stable)
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    Nice Plugin DirectBankX !!!!! but with de Language crasht MC, unfortunately
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    I can not get this plugin to work, everything installs just fine but when I put a sign with just Bank on it nothing happens. I'm on v0.9.1 and using most current version of bukkit and iconomy. Any ideas why I'm having this issue?
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    This Plugin crashed SetRank!
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    This plugin has done alot of damage to our economy...
    As much as I loved using it; I just can't risk dealing with dupe/loss issues anymore.
    I will say this: use with caution if you have multiple economy plugins.
    I'm aware this is the most annoying type of response, I'll get into it more later.
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    I really like the look of your bank plugin, any chance you could add a configurable cap on bank accounts. My server is pvp-oriented and players lose some of their cash-on-hand when they are killed by another play. Adding bank accounts without caps would allow players to squirrel away all of their money.
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    Hehe, the Smileys are only a joke xD They have totally nothing to do with youre purchase or anything. They always will timeout after a few secons ^^
    Depositing to Games? Oo
    This is goind to get fixed yeah.
    Wow youre a good tester Oo
    Stupid Question but are you sure you dont look at the old Config File in DirectBank instead of DirectBankX dir?
    ONLY SuperPerms, f**k the rest xD (means yes ^^)
    So its good now? :confused:
    The crazy magicness of Java -.-
    The file will rotate yes. Its because it gets resaved oftener ;)

    This sounds interesting and really cool! I will add it to my Todo!
    Omg i never told to dont use language files with different Versions Oo
    You used my def build or? Please be patient while deveping it doesnt make sense to translate, i have no idea what i will add the next view days to the language file. (i use it, on my german server in english to atm)
    This would mean its broken. Something had to happen if you do so. May you have some Errors in youre log?

    oh lol xD what kind of troll are you? xD
    Sure i dont even use the Same handlers as SetRank or do anything what could harm it... But yeah... Let the troll troll...
    Yeah its kind of annonying, but also its good to know ^^
    Im sorry to get problems to you. I really try to get this damn thing secure and stable, i also think im getting near this in my new builds... But yeah, it had maaany problems, Money stuff that never had should happen :(
    If i dont already know the problems, i please you for more details!
    im sorry to ask, what do you mean with caps? xD

    @all atm, im very very busy in real life. But in maximal 2 weeks i have holidays. If im not ready until then. It will get ready in that time ;)

    EDIT:// Omg this response is long Oo ... sorry for dont answering every day xD
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    A cap on a bank account wouldn't allow players to deposit money after they've reached the maximum allowed money in their account. If the cap was at 2000 then the player wouldn't be able to store more than 2000 in their account.
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    Does this Plugin support Permissions 3.x.x ?
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    abaldwin11 said:
    I can not get this plugin to work, everything installs just fine but when I put a sign with just Bank on it nothing happens. I'm on v0.9.1 and using most current version of bukkit and iconomy. Any ideas why I'm having this issue?​
    This would mean its broken. Something had to happen if you do so. May you have some Errors in youre log?

    No server errors or anything, like it never happened. Normally you would get some type of warning message or something. When I start the server it says the plugin loaded.
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    ok thats really crazy :confused:
    So when it already doesnt work, may you try the 0.9.2 dev build. But please watch out for updates. Hopefully i can full release it soon :D
    It does? good to know ^^
    Yeah makes sense, this is makeable ;)
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    Ok I figured it out! Even though I'm the owner of the server and that I have * on my permissions the plugin doesn't reconize my permissions. I know I have out dated permissions but they've always worked before. What I did to correct the issue was to add my name to OP to create the sign. After I created the sign I removed my name from the OP list and I was still able to use the plugin. I guess I need to update my permissions plugin.
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    @Seta : It's still not working, i would say that once the interests file has been rotated, this is not the same payers who don't get interests. Some are getting again and some others are not getting anymore.
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    @Seta regarding some of my earlier bug reports, you been gone for awhile? I myself been busy. Regarding the first one, Games was supposed to say banks. So regarding normal banks, doesnt auto refresh on deposit. And with the config file, I deleted the old DirectBank Files so I just have the new one, so I cant be looking at the old one. =)
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    where is the problem? with 0.9.2x the plugin does not fee.

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    Craftbukkit 1124
    Minecraft 1.8.1
    DirectBank 0.9.1

    Error during interest calculation.

    > The german language file has disappeared from unknown reason.
    > If a player tries to withdraw or deposit more money than available, a out of index error [array] appears


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    This does not work in 1.8 :(
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    CB: 1060
    Mc: 1.7.3
    Directbank : 0.9.1 / 0.9.2
    Iconomy: 6.0.3

    Error when clicking the sign:
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    Send money to yourself bug fixed ?
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    yep, some time ago ^^

    Sorry, this will not work for iConomy 6 atm. iConomy changed with Version 6 a lot.
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    Seta, could you fix that for 1.8? We wanna use this great plugin in future.
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    Me too, can you upgrade it to 1.8.1?
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    i can, i will do, but not atm sry -.-
    My holidays start on Friday so may its fixed soon, but im busy atm. And its kind of more than "fixing a few lines" iConomy changed totally, so i have to change totally. Maybe i have to use Register (Would mean more different Money Plugins would work in future Versions. But also this costs its time.)

    Im really sorry for this delay :/
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    latest version completely screwing your existing iconomy banks up you can't access them anymore previous version you had your iconomy banks 1 or 2 and then this atm bank work well except one or 2 players just magicly lost there money so not sure what you meant by own banking system but it completely overides the old iconomy bank account and also the command /bank can no longer be used only /money

    Latest version ignoring interest time set it to 240 minutes every 4 hours and it kept on giving interest every 30 minutes

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    how do i delete the bank sign??? because when i delete the bank sign and place it back at the same block it wont do the bank.... it just say bank in black
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    had the problem think is more of confusion don't use [bank] or [Bank] just use the word bank when creating sign with no extra's like the other sign plugins and that will work

    My opinion keep your plugin seperate as stand alone those that want to use the plugin wil use it the others won't just use different commands than bank seeing that it's iconomy related after latest install you can still deposit money and even withdraw money into the old iconomy accunts but can't get your balances because command bank no longer works.

    trying to keep a plugin maintained when actual game for it is still in beta and being tested with new updates all the time will be a pain in the behind so a lot safer to just keep it separate

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    heh i forgot to ask you then did you fixed that, did you releast other version or just updated curent version with fix ? with iconomy 5 it worked fine 4 me exept that money send bug
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    Looking forward to use it with iconomy 6
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    • NPCs! (with 1.8 update! :D)
    ... Ready jet?

    But not all people got iconomy 6 so please keep 2 versions
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    maybe u should add this to first post so ppl dont have to skip to last page to read its not working...

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