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    V 0.9.5 - by SeTa

    I am happy so many of you liked my plugins, but im sorry to say there will be no updates (like many of you already thought). I dont have the time any more to update this (and other) plugins on that regular bases as bukkit requires one to update. Keep in mind that the source is included in the jar and everybody who wants to take it over is very welcome (my source is a mess btw)

    DirectBank is a hopefully simple to use Banking Plugin for youre Server. The Whole Banking Stuff is done trough ATMs (Signs) in Varius Types. Now you also can create Shared Bank Accounts (requires a License) but read down the thread to find out more ;)

    • No Commands in Normal use, just place a Sign with first line: "bank"
    • Withdraw, Deposit or Send Money
    • Some Permissions to make it more flexible
    • Shared Accounts (with Different User Rights!)
    • Multilingual ! (sry old Language files are not compactible)
    • Configurable Starting Balance
    • Donation Signs
    • Register! (Works with all Major iConomy Plugins, thx @bob3695 for implementing this)
    • Get configurable fees for Withdraw, Deposit and Sending.
    • Configurable interests at configurable times (per Hours, or per Day) *works but seems buggy*
    Bank Sign:
    Simple Bank, users can view there Account stats, or deposit/withdraw/send Money.
    Place a sign and if you are OP or have the permission node (see below), write the first line "bank".
    Thats all. To remove it, just break it.


    License Sign *new*:
    With License Signs you can sell licenses for User owned Banks / shared Accounts directly ingame. Each now Shared Bank needs 1 License to start!

    Simple write license into the first line (you need the Permission or OP)

    Shared Bank Sign *new*:
    Shared Banks are a simple way to Handle Money within a Group. They are very similar to Normal Bank Signs except 2 differencies:
    1. Its only 1 Bank Account they use
    2. They have a User Menu.
    To create one write sbank in the first line, and youre Banks name into the Second.
    You can make more than one Sign per Bank, only the first needs a License.

    Shared Bank User Menu *new*:
    I think this is the most complicated part of the whole Plugin, but its pretty easy too ;D
    There are 4 User Modes:
    • @ Owner - Can add all Modes and can Remove / Create Signs
    • + Admin - Can add Full Access and Donate Only User and can Remove / Create Signs
    • - Full Access - Can Access the whole Banking Stuff (Deposit, Withdraw, Send)
    • Donate Only - Only can Donate Money
    Add User like: @kingseta or +kingseta. As special User you have ALL Just add ALL to youre User list, and everybody can donate. or -ALL and everybody has full access.

    Donation Sign *new*:
    This is the most simple. Just make sure you have an Bank Account then place a sign and write donate into the first line. Thats it, you've created a sign everybody can easily donate you some Money :D

    Use a Sign:
    Just Punch it, most stuff is self explanatory. If the Sign asks you to input something just write it into the Chat ;)

    You can take fees from your Bank-users. They are fully configureable like you will see in the Configuration file below. But where does the Money get? :confused:
    Answer: Theres a new iConomy Account called "ServerBank". You can use iConomy to take the money, may i implement something more DirectBank'y ^^

    Configuration (open)

    #DirectBankX Config file
    #Sat Oct 08 01:38:53 CEST 2011
    lastinterest=0 # leave this
    oldprefix=Bank_ # change this for upgrading from versions below 9.2
    enable_donatesign=true # ^^
    withdraw_fee=1% # numbers or %
    tag_license=&b~&aLicense&b~ # Sign Tag
    deposit_fee=1% # numbers or %
    mainworld=world # im not sure if im using this Oo
    enable_sharedsign=true # ^^
    tag_bank=&a~&bBank&a~ # Sign Tag
    permissions=false # put this to false if you wish to use permissions
    interestminutes=30 # how often do you wish interests?
    enable_licensesign=true # ^^
    enable_chestsign=true # sry not used :P
    interest=1.15 # in %
    tag_donate=&a~&eDonate&a~ # Sign Tag
    language=en # language file to use located in DirectBankX/lang
    enable_interest=true # may you dont want youre players to get richer and richer?
    send_fee=1 # here you can see a numbered value without %
    licensecost=2000 # how much should it cost to buy a license?
    ScreenShot (open)

    [Download] - Older Versions - buy me a cake [cake]
    Source included. Open Source ftw :D

    • /bank reload
    • /bank license take/give/info USERNAME
    Dont they explain there self?
    • directbank.admin
      • directbank.reload
      • directbank.license.create
    • directbank.user
      • directbank.shared.create
      • directbank.shared.use
      • directbank.donate.create
      • directbank.donate.use
    Simpliest way is to give all Youre Users directbank.user and the Mods directbank.admin

    • NPCs! (with 1.8 update! :D)
    • Donation Signs
    • Finally fix the Interest Loop -.-
    • Gold Banking (buy/sell gold to a dynamic price)
    • Chest Banking
    • anything else?
    • V 0.9.5 0.9.4 was a crap build -.-
    • V 0.9.4 Bugfix and:
      • Register is now Integrated! Big thx to @bob3695
    • V 0.9.3 Recode, now Version now Bugs? ^^
    • V 0.9.2 Added License / Donation / Shared Banks :confused:
    • V 0.9.1 Bug fix :confused:
    • V 0.9 Some small stuff
      • All Money interactions will now get shown in the Log
      • There is an "maxinterest" configuration
      • And a /bankreload command, to reload the config
    • V 0.8 Added "inUse" control. (thx @Silentnight18 ) Signs are dedicated to the user who uses them first until they leave
    • V 0.7 Added new Stuff :D
      • Configurable fees (see example config file above) Accepts also %!
      • Tell online Users about money arrivements
      • Sry this taked so long :/ H: and K: are now variable in Language file!
    • V 0.6 Negative Amount bug fix (thx @AdamS )
    • V 0.5 Important Bug fix! Please upgrade! (thx @alfskan )
    • V 0.4 Little Bug fix
    • V 0.3 Added Money transactions
    • V 0.2 Added Interest per Hour & Starting Balance
    • V 0.1 Release (stable)
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    Had this problem when i tried to send money to someone else . It appeared after i typed the person's name and ammount , i managed to send the money but the error just comes out.

    2011-08-29 18:04:16 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to DirectBank
    at seta.directbank.xPlayerListener.onPlayerChat(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    I cant reproduce this, i event cant find anything in my code which can do this way :confused:

    I did the Fees the way, that they get calculated and all AFTER the Bank itself does its stuff. They have really nothing to do with each other. (sure if you have not enough money for the fees, you can use it for free). Soo... i have no clue at all... Maybe there is a Error in the Log?
    When you say you cant reproduce the error, maybe... whats that guys name? Other said, does it contain any Special Symbols? (also if there not so special ( ä ß ...)
    If your talking about BukkitDev, sure i missed this. i will move there soon

    no problem ;) its kind of complicated i know.
    set interestperday=false in the config file. And interesthours=1 that would give Interests each hour. Sorry this is the most possibly :/

    You say the Money got send? Oo
    Anyway i know this Error, it appears if the Name does not exist on the Server. Are you really sure you didnt use a nickname or something? Only the orginal Minecraft name will work. At least, the line only Checks if the Player is Online and if he is, it would send a little message to him. So its damn not important. The Money stuff gets done some lines above. (sure i will try to find the error anyway ;)
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    His name was RaPiiXd or something similar, just standard characters. It was very weird, it would never remove the amount he asked but it would still give it to him on hand. I got it to stop and work properly by removing his entry in the MySQL database for iConomy and removing his name in the bank file.

    I had one other person that i know of somehow doing a similar thing, he was less the forthcoming about how he did it and was banned swiftly. The same as you, i have not been able to reproduce this, nor has anyone else i have asked, so this is pretty strange, but the worrying thing is, it just takes one person to be able to do it and keep it quite to ruin my servers economy, but we can hardly trouble shoot it if we cant do it...

    So not sure what to do.
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    Same... not really sure at the moment.

    Its very strange, and i also worry about that.
    My brain is working, hopefully i can find the solution soon!
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    Ok i know why, cos i did not kno it was case sensitive so i tried both ways with caps and non caps , i think the non capped one generated the error
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    Ok thats cool, this Error dont will harm anything else.
    i will try to find a way to fix this anyway
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    ok so another user had the issue, and told me about it, but this time, if he tried to take out 500, it gave him 500, but kept his balance in the bank as is (minus withdraw free) but when i told him to take a larger sum out, it worked as it should, i managed to take a video, excuse the crappy quality, unfortunately the user himself couldn't take a video, hope it helps.

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    So, how is deleting the bank from the iConomy /money top # list coming along, do you still think this is possible? If so, please @lert me when its done :p Thanks!
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    I have a really strange bug (with 0.9.1):

    One of my users tried to deposit about 30 coins, but doing that his bank account was completely wiped out and instead the new balance was the amount he deposited! So:

    - Balance 300 coins, hand 30 coins
    - Deposit 30 coins
    - New balance 30 coins (minus the fees)

    And another bug:

    With a new placed bank-sign, it works for about 5 / 10 punches, then it stop working at all. The top line becomes "normal" (no color) and the sign will not show any information. The chat, instead, is still writing outputs.

    I don't know wtf is going on, i jumped from 0.4 to 0.9.1, wiping all the config files and purge / empty the iConomy DB.. Still no luck.
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    Ok, but where is permission to USE bank?
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    Possible suggestion, allow the creation of specific banks say for business use, that multiple people can access by having the creator of the bank allow access? probably would use a separate sign line setup for player interactions for this type? Would allow for business accounts, "Swiss bank accounts, etc, give players more interesting banking aspects. If you would like to pursue this idea and would like help coding, feel free to give me a PM ^_^
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    @Clucky @Maerlin @pitsiunio
    I stopped fixing this. There are some logical problems now, where i added all those cool stuff you people suggested to me. So i am recoding the whole thing, making it more "Java like". Like Clucky requested, but also becouse im not sure if not iConomy itself is the Problem with the "wrong amounts" things. Bank Accounts are now hold by the BankPlugin itself, no /money top any more :/ But possible a /bank top :D

    At this point im not sure about new Features, some gimmics i added already ;)
    Also im not really sure how long it will take me, but be patient this is going to be awsome :D

    Im not 100% sure what youre request is. Are you talking simply about Sharing an Account? or do You want different Banks with Different Konditions? or even Player owned Banks? (<= i dont think i ever will make this :p)

    If its Account Sharing, do you (or anybody) has an good idea how i can handle this the most ingame way? (i would love the feature myself ;)
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    I would not say play er owned banks, but a way to create a new bank account, say named "Bank_Something" and that would allow multiple players to access it, like a shared bank account. I would just use most of the original code but upon creating the sign to access the account, it would have its own name, instead of putting "bank" for line(0), it would just be the name of it like "bank_something", this is just one way you could do it, I will keep thinking of possible ways to write and access a shared account.
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    but thats really not an bad idea!
    I will think about this
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    Error still remains. Only the fist person under "accountnames" gets interests (additional without announcement)...

    //edit: Permissions don't work, too... I'm Using Groupmanager (Essentials) (OP still working)
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    Sorry for the first thing, recode is on the way... That Stuff will get handled much better!

    For Permissions you need to use SuperPerms, plugins like BukkitPermissions, bPermissions or PEX support this.
    Im not sure what Essentials does with this Problem. But the most of the Community changed to the new SuperPerm System. also the newest iConomy will force you to use SuperPerms (ive read somewhere on here)
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    I don't get my fault in the bukkitpermissions-config...

    authorize.login: true
    authorize.password: true
    authorize.register: true true
    citizens.use.trader: true
    essentials.afk: true true
    essentials.helpop: true
    essentials.home: true
    essentials.list: true
    essentials.mail: true true
    essentials.msg: true
    essentials.playerlist: true
    essentials.sethome: true
    essentials.spawn: true
    essentials.tpa: true
    essentials.tpaccept: true
    essentials.tpahere: true
    essentials.tpdeny: true
    essentials.warp: true
    essentials.worth: true
    featurepack.bed: true true
    featurepack.time: true true true
    iConomy.access: true
    iConomy.list: true
    iConomy.payment: true
    iConomy.rank: true
    jail.usercmd.jailstatus: true
    lockette.user.create.*: true true true
    mcmmo.commands.ptp: true
    mcmmo.commands.whois: true
    mcmmo.skills.*: true
    monsterhunt.rewardeverytime: true
    monsterhunt.usercmd.hunt: true
    monsterhunt.usercmd.huntscore: true
    monsterhunt.usercmd.huntstatus: true
    movecraft.motorbike: true true true true true
    towny.wild.*: true
    turnstile.use: true
    war.player: true
    war.warp: true
    XcraftGate.use.*: true true
    superpermbridge.authorize.login: true
    superpermbridge.authorize.password: true
    superpermbridge.authorize.register: true true
    superpermbridge.citizens.use.trader: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.afk: true true
    superpermbridge.essentials.helpop: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.home: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.list: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.mail: true true
    superpermbridge.essentials.msg: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.playerlist: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.sethome: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.spawn: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.tpa: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.tpaccept: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.tpahere: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.tpdeny: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.warp: true
    superpermbridge.essentials.worth: true
    superpermbridge.featurepack.bed: true true
    superpermbridge.featurepack.time: true true true
    superpermbridge.iConomy.access: true
    superpermbridge.iConomy.list: true
    superpermbridge.iConomy.payment: true
    superpermbridge.iConomy.rank: true
    superpermbridge.jail.usercmd.jailstatus: true
    superpermbridge.lockette.user.create.*: true true true
    superpermbridge.mcmmo.commands.ptp: true
    superpermbridge.mcmmo.commands.whois: true
    superpermbridge.mcmmo.skills.*: true
    superpermbridge.monsterhunt.rewardeverytime: true
    superpermbridge.monsterhunt.usercmd.hunt: true
    superpermbridge.monsterhunt.usercmd.huntscore: true
    superpermbridge.monsterhunt.usercmd.huntstatus: true
    superpermbridge.movecraft.motorbike: true true true true true
    superpermbridge.towny.wild.*: true
    superpermbridge.turnstile.use: true
    superpermbridge.war.player: true
    superpermbridge.war.warp: true
    superpermbridge.XcraftGate.use.*: true
    permissions: true
    permissions.*: true true
    superpermbridge.*: true
    authorize.*: true
    XcraftGate.*: true
    worldguard.*: true
    turnstile.*: true
    towny.*: true
    essentials.*: true
    monsterhunt.*: true
    mcmmo.*: true
    lockette.*: true
    jail.*: true
    iConomy.*: true
    featurepack.*: true
    worldedit.*: true
    dynmap.*: true
    citizens.*: true
    backup.*: true
    afkbooter.*: true
    xauth.*: true
    directbank.*: true
    bigbrother.*: true
    custommessages.*: true
    gianttrees.*: true
    group.admin: true
    - moderator
    essentials.give: true
    essentials.item: true
    iConomy.*: true
    monsterhunt.admincmd.huntstart: true
    monsterhunt.admincmd.huntstop: true
    auction.end: true true
    worldedit: true
    worldedit.selection: true
    worldedit.superpickaxe: true
    worldedit.wand: true
    worldedit.*: true
    worldedit.pos: true
    worldedit.selection.pos: true
    worldedit.region.*: true true
    - default
    permissions: false
    - Admins
    essentials.jump: true
    - default
    essentials.jump: true
    - default
    essentials.jump: true
    - default
    - Admins
    - Admins
    essentials.jump: true
    - default
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    omg Oo

    i never used BukkitPermissions xD i just tried bPermissions (has a very nice Import function, i think also for GroupManager) and PEX, pex ist just to mighty to let it go again ;)

    Btw normally .* dont work with SuperPerms, it depends on how the Programmer did his Programm. I didnt (yet) implement the .* syntax. (i eather do it in new Version's, there are "SuperPerms" like directbank.admin from now on and some sub perms)
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    great plugin but the people who aren't OP, they can't use, why ?
    Yet I have set in the permissions

    default: false
    - directbank.create
    - directbank.delete
    - essentials.afk
    - essentials.back
    - essentials.back.ondeath
    - essentials.balance
    - essentials.balance.others
    - essentials.balancetop
    - essentials.compass
    - essentials.depth
    - essentials.home
    - essentials.ignore
    - essentials.kit
    - essentials.mail
    - essentials.mail.send
    - essentials.msg
    - essentials.nick
    - essentials.portal
    - essentials.powertool
    - essentials.protect
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.signs.break.disposal
    - essentials.signs.break.mail
    - essentials.signs.create.disposal
    - essentials.signs.create.mail
    - essentials.signs.use.*
    - essentials.suicide
    - essentials.time
    - essentials.tpa
    - essentials.tpaccept
    - essentials.tpahere
    - essentials.tpdeny
    - essentials.warp
    - essentials.warp.list
    - essentials.worth

    sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language
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    I've updated to 0.9.2 in order to help with tests (server with about 200 people connecting every week)
    I've made another French translation.
    2 things :
    - There's no string for Interests : xx % all XX hours
    - I've translated You've earned XX with interests today thing into something wich says the same thing in French (Vous avez gagné XX aujourd'hui grace aux interets), but everybody have to change this if they set interests every hour for example (i think it's not possible due to the new config file)

    I've also not unterstood everything with the Shared Bank Accounts and Licences things, but i'll try it out.

    But BIG thanks for made interests working greatly !

    French translation :
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    Very cool dude!
    And thx, i will look at this to make more userfriendly/clear in the Output. i just changed the whole idea behind the Interest Loop.

    Shared Accounts are "easy", there totally the same as a normal Bank Account except theres only 1 Account per sign (there also can be more signs per Account). The difference in use is the User Management. You can add @kingseta and me (kingseta) is Co-Owner of the Shared bank. The thing that not everybody gets his own Shared Accounts everywhere is, you need a license for creating a shared Account. Those can be accessed from a Sign or with an Command /bank(x) license give USERNAME i hope this gets it a bit clearer. There will be a bigger documentation once i finished ;)
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    Okay, interests seems to do not work again :
    Interests time : 15 minutes
    Interests : 0,0625 % (i previously set 0,125 / 30 minutes, don't worked)
    Only the first player in the accounts.dat gets interests
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    Thanks for answering back, can't wait! :D :D :D

    Keep me updated :D
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    did you mean to quote me cuz of my suggestions? or what
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    LOL Whoops, nope just quoted the wrong person :p sorry
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    I really hate that Interests xD
    But anyway, i changed it a bit, Download here, the Thread is now "save" so when something goes wrong, it will display a message in the log and go on with its stuff. If still something went wrong, please post/pm me an Error message from the log (Something like "Exception in Thread-6 ....")

    @Clucky @Silentnight18
    The Shared Sign stuff requested from Silentnight18 is now Aviable in 9.2, except the sometimes missing interests, i hopefully fixed now, the build seems to work. I wrote a bit about the use in this post. You can wait a few days until more users tested it. Now there are 59 Downloads and only one Bug report (the interest thing) so hopefully its ok already ^^.
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    I am going to go ahead and Beta test my own suggestion, I will report any shenanigans I find =)

    found a bug already, small one. with the selling of licenses, when u purchase one, the sign still still say *0* when u hit it but the message to you says you have one purchased.

    Also, when depositing to normal games doesn't auto refresh amounts.

    possible suggestion for display when it says Interest(interest variable) all (time variable) hours, it would make more sense to read, for example, Interest: 1.15% every 24.0 hours.

    also, seems to reset my config file back to the default after i change anything and do a /reload

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    PermissionsBukkit support?
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    In my log :

    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [Bank] interest Time!
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: unfouenvoyage
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: 4652502345
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: paradaze
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: Biboxyde
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: aladin_of_jun
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: Omyneral
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: Alexxondre
    2011-09-07 11:43:03 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: CHlJoaliasbarb
    My interests file :

    #DirectBankX Money file
    #Wed Sep 07 11:49:03 CEST 2011
    Players who aren't in the log get interests.

    Edit : For some reason, the interests file as been rotated and players are not sorted as shown here.
    Also, players who didn't get interests previously gets interests now.
    I don't understand anything :p
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    Dorry worry about this quite yet, wait until you have the new coding done for a seperate database and whatever else you said you were doing with the plugin; but could you also add offline interest and a percentage for it, like so:

    offlineinterest: true
    offlinepercent: .01

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