[ECO] Chest-Based Shop for iConomy

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by uncovery, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I would be very very thankful for anyone who can write an iConomy based shop-system that is based on Chests.

    It should look as follows: A user creates a chest that people can take stuff out and are debited the money form their iConomy account. A chest could contain only a single type of item (or price), that would not matter.

    The goal is to setup physical markets where people own a shop (protected with worldguard if need be, with chest protection off) and can place item in chests with a sign that has the price on it. The shop-owners place items into it and the buyers go there, either look into the chest or read the sign and buy. The items obviously get transferred from the chest to the users inventory. There should be a warning if the users inventory is full, if he does not have enough money or if the chest is empty.

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    Hell yes. That's all there is to say...
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    I've been praying for a plugin like this! Lets all hope that sign shops get ported over to bukkit!
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    This would be awesome.
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    This sounds like tradecraft. I THINK that it was ported over, though I'm not sure.
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    Nah, searched a lot in the forums, could not find anything. There is a sign-trading plugin, but it's ver. 0.1 and does not support chests, iConomy and lots of other stuff.
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    Yeah it's really pretty terrible. It's like an admin shop moreso than one players can use to sell their items.
  8. I too would love this... but i haven't seen anything... Pretty depressing though :S takes away the possibility for towns markets.
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