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Is this good idea?

  1. Yea, but Ill old-fashion way.

  2. Yea, Im Gonna Use It

  3. No, why would that be good idea?

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    Hello Bukkit Community, i am wondering am i alloweled to make Eclipse plugin witch is going to Make Bukkit Projects automaticly, And make plugin.yml editor for Eclipse also, and Main Class auto maker (auto putting public classname extends, ... and onEnable and onDisable, and public final for logger) ? And what is vendor going to be?

    Anyone who wanna help is invited! You need to bring Java Knoweledge, i have other.
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    ArsenArsen This needs more attention... basically the Bukkit equivalent of Eclipse's built-in public static void main(String[] args){
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    The poor onLoad method... always neglected in favor of his brothers onEnable and onDisable.

    But seriously, this paragraph was painfully hard to read.
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