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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Canownueasy, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Make a plugin in minutes!

    EasyPlugin just does as its name implies, creates plugins with ease! With EasyPlugin, you don't have to worry about creating configuration files, as well as avoiding low-level Bukkit features.

    Learn to use EasyPlugin
    With EasyPlugin, plugin development is as simple as extending a class. The compiler (and probably your IDE) will enforce you meet requirements for creating a plugin. Every part of EasyPlugin is easy to understand.

    Example plugin:
    package com.tnappo.exampleplugin;
    import org.bukkit.event.EventHandler;
    import org.bukkit.event.Listener;
    import org.bukkit.event.block.BlockBreakEvent;
    import easyplugin.Plugin;
    import easyplugin.configuration.Requirement;
    public class ExamplePlugin extends Plugin implements Listener {
    public ExamplePlugin() {
    protected void addConfigurationRequirements() {
    Requirement.getRequirement("disabled", new String[] { "Set to 'true' to disable the plugin." }, "false"));
    protected void registerListeners() {
    public void onBlockBreak(BlockBreakEvent event) {
    if (!getConfiguration().getBoolean("disabled")) {
    event.getPlayer().sendMessage("You broke a block!");
    In the case where you want low-level "root" access to all of Bukkit's features, extend "RootAccessPlugin" (easyplugin.RootAccessPlugin).

    New version 1.1!
    • Removed the configuration value retrieval from Plugin (you can use getConfiguration() only now)
    • Includes Java documentation and source!

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    failed to load Main-Class
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    Hello, I don't understand what you mean. Your plugin isn't loading? You need to have the EasyPlugin library in your plugins folder as well.

    New version 1.2!
    • Added command support! Just handle the event 'CommandEvent' (easyplugin.CommandEvent)
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    Wait is this a plugin or how do I get it to work?
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    Its a class you extend to make plugins faster.
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    hmmm i still dont get this can u explain in the most noob terms possible
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    You extend EasyPlugin instead of JavaPlugin and it automatically does some stuff for you.

    Noob version:
    if JavaPlugin is advanced mode, EasyPlugin is simple Mode.
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    wait so would I be able to copy like a class file and add a bunch of class files to one folder so like i can have the commands that I want on my server and literally delete the others and save me time with PEX
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    karatetoes this is for developers. not for server admins/owners.
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    Shouldn't this be in plugin development?
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    Mekixx1 i understand that this is for developers. I am trying to become a developer at the time and I am trying to figure out what you mean. So would i be able to take another plugins 1 command out of say like 10 and add that to my plugin and then delete the plugin I took outta the one im NOT developing but still have that 1 command I took out and put into mine from it.
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    hmm, i think you might benifit from building a wiki for this
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    Deleted user

    I don't see the features of this.
    What does this class do? Automatically creates, permissions, example commands... what?
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    are you aslo able to add a readwrite class? so....

    i wanna write to a txt file
    readwrite.set contents(file, contents) for example...

    and does the configuration thing work for something like (playername).yml

    so every player has one... similar to the way essentials keeps track of player stats?
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    I honestly am being a noob and don't know how to use this?
    I've tried just double clicking to open it, nothing.
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    karatetoes Ehm, no. That's not how Java or Bukkit works. Unless you somehow manage to pull that one command out from the plugin and compile it.
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    Moved to a more appropriate forum.
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    Are you trying to double click the *.jar file and expecting it to launch minecraft with bukkit and the plugin installed? :)

    If so, that's not how you do it, you need to drag the *.jar file to the 'plugins' folder, then either start or reload or restart your server. ;)

    I wish you the best of luck on your journeys!
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    I believe that this is a library that you import into your IDE (just taken a quick glance - sorry if I am wrong).
    It's not a finished plugin - more an assisting piece in the puzzle to develop your own.

    Good luck.
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    so wait? this is a thing that you can make plugins from your server and don't need eclipse?

    oh and what version of server will i need?

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    swagmuffin1105 You need an IDE, it is just a handy little library. I would recommend that you leafn some basic java first and then you will understand enough to use this. Know what classes are, methods, sub classes, interfaces etc.
    Good luck, it may seem hard but is worth it.
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    You should add a [Advanced] to the topic because it seems like it's really hard to understand for some people :D
  24. Jalau It's for people who already know how to make plugins, really. Not for advanced users.
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    Yeah i know :D
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    A few things:

    I find this to be almost a different way of doing what the BukkitAPI was meant to do, I don't think it makes anything much easier as far as setup.

    This should be a Util, not something that goes into your plugins folder. In order for this to go into you plugins folder I'm assuming your easyplugin.Plugin extends JavaPlugin, otherwise some errors would be thrown. This is very bad, as if the newer devs try to make a main class or instantiate your plugin, it will throw the plugin already initialized exception.

    In order to make it a Util, just post the two classes with the source code for people to copy into their IDE. It gives them much more power.

    Otherwise, good job.
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