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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Derf321, Jun 8, 2012.

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    I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that I wish I had the old piston mod back. Pretty much just like normal pistons, but without animation. Also the ability of pistons to launch the player or sand/gravel. The config would simply be just choosing which block to be recognized as a piston, and how many blocks a piston could push at once. Would anyone be willing to revive this old mod for the better good of all Bukkiteers? I for one would love you to infinity and beyond ;)
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    Probably not possible. Bukkit can't make new blocks
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    Deleted user

    I believe this plugin would be very hard to make, even if you use the existing vanilla pistons.
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    Actualy this could be made quit easily.
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    If its so easy why don't you do it?
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    I'm not doing a config though, just pm me the ammount.

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    Im not asking for new blocks, just use something like lapis lazuli blocks to do it, like the old one

    I saw that plugin, although it looks pretty cool, I'm mainly just looking for pistons being able to push more than 15 blocks at a time
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    dont you u just need to state in the plugin to create an entity that would be created when the piston exteds with a peice of sand or gravle infront of it this can be done with a player entity so why cant it be donn with a sand enity
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    But maybe you can check if the player is moving up and the block under the player ist a piston-head. Then set the Z velocity of the Player, or not?
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    This doesn't support pushing more than the current piston block pushing limit. Pretty much, I'm wanting a piston plugin that allows self-building structures and such like the old plugin did. I know it's not possible (at least from what i've heard) to allow the normal pistons by default to do this, but with old ones you can
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    >"EASY - Old Piston Mod"
    >plugin is actually impossible
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    Probably is possible. From that thread:
    so its a purely server-side mod. Only problem is it is for 1.2.3 not 1.2.5 and hasn't been ported to Bukkit.

    Maybe this is the line which needs to be changed to alter the piston block pushing limit:

                            if (l1 == 12) {
                                return false;
    The server could be patched to change this code, or a plugin could perhaps replace BlockPiston with its own, exactly the same but with a customizable extension limit. Anyone up for it?
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    How hard would it be to do this? That is the main feature I'd want, I'd be happy with it! I'm not experienced at all with modding (only followed tuts to make a couple basic ones) so I don't know how to port it to bukkit or anything
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    look at more physics it enables the sand and gravel thing
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    Would you be up for it?
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    If Sushi says it is "Impossible" then it IS "Impossible"
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    Some features are impossible but not all, I'm currently using Falling Blocks to bring back the old piston block "launching" feature. :p
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    This thread has been inactive for about 8 months.. :rolleyes:
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    Yea, I noticed that a few seconds after I posted, my bad. :(

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