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    CATEGORY: [Fun:Admn:Misc]

    I wan't a plugin that can create NPCs of things like Players, Guards, Mobs, etc.
    I have checked out other plugins but I can't find one that works how I wan't it to. The first thing is that you can create an NPC easily with the command: /npc new <Name> <Type>
    The <Name> is replaced with what you wan't to call him/her. The <Type> you replace with something like 'Human' or 'Creeper'. When you do this an NPC will be created standing exactly where you are. It looks at the nearest player (Unless through wall) and if you get close enough it can say something. Eg.
    <Herobrine> Only god can help you now!
    If you enter 'Player' as the type it will be a human, but with the skin of the player you entered as the name. A name tag is at the top of your NPC no matter what. Eg.
    A Creeper named Bob!

    You can delete these NPCs with the command: /npc remove <Name>. It will completely remove the NPC from the map, and the user files. There can only be 1 of an NPC with a name on a map (Multiple Herobrines cant be made).

    You can also move the NPC by R-clicking one and typing: /npc move (x) (y) (z). It will move the npc to that specified place (You can make Herobrine fall on someones rooftop xD).

    With the NPCs you can also make traders with the command: /npc new <Name> (Trader as type). The trader trades things for other things (Editable in files) Like a diamond for a iron chest plate. To trade, a player just has to R-click a trader with an item! With this plugin you can also make what I call: GLOW STONE GUARDS! You just do the same as any other NPC.
    /npc new <Name> guard.
    You just make a line of glowstone, put a guard on one side and a guard on the other, R-click one with a wand (Wood axe) and click the other. Then type: /npc setguard.
    When a player walks on the glow stone, the guards will chase after him and kill him, leaving NO drops xD (The guards are armed with diamond armor, and a diamond sword (Forever lasting)).

    I guess thats my ideas,
    If you can do this for me please contact me ASAP.

    Thank you,
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    Umm... I'm curious, which plugins did you check out? Because the (only) good one (in my opinion) is Citizens and does exactly this...
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    The power of the search bar!
    and (open)

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    That was slightly rhetorical -_-
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    Citizens. A great plugin.
    As much as I try it will not work.
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    The only solution to this is to ask for specific help with Citizens. No one is going to recreate Citizens, which is an amazing plugin as it is.
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    Another thing with Citizens, it uses "/t" over Towny! I hate that!
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    Ummm... No, it doesn't. I'm pretty sure every single one of the Citizens commands is either /citizens or /npc. For me, /t is the "tell" feature of Essentials.

    Also, again, no one is going to recreate Citizens. Especially since that you would be the only one using it, because Citizens works 100% fine for every other person.

    It's not Citizens using /t (at least Citizens2 doesn't use /t). Or, if it really is, please tell me what it does... Because I've never heard of /t besides /tell.
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    *facepalm* if you can't figure out citizens what makes you think you will figure out the same thing just recreated, it will be just as complicated if not more...
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    Exactly! And who would want to recreate Citizens? Its such a well-established and amazing plugin. Easy to use and all that.

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