[EASY] Automatic CraftBukkit Installer [Windows only]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by superpeanut911, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Automatic CraftBukkit Installer

    <Edit by Timtower: removed mediafire link>

    Feedback is appreciated! :D
    Want to have your own CraftBukkit server hosted on your computer? I know there are other automatic installers out there, but some of them are just so complicated. I, personally, do not like complicated installers. So, here it is! My super simple installer requires just one push of a button, and boom, server is set-up!
    .NET Framework v 4.5 (If you do not already have it, the program will install it for you)
    Please note: NO MACS! This will not work on a mac! Windows only! Also, This will not port forward for you or anything like that. It just sets up the server. Do not run the "Update Bukkit Version" button before installing, it will not work.
    More Info:
    All the server info is saved under your documents. It will be in a folder named "Craftbukkit" It comes with 1 plugin by me, RestrictCreative. You can find its link here. To install plugins simply drop the .jar in the plugin folder. To start the server, use the Craftbukkit.exe or .bat. Connect to the server with the IP "localhost" if it's not port forwarded. Just run the setup.exe!

    • v 1.1: Added Bukkit version updater & choose what CB version you want installed
    • v 1.0: Initial Release!
    Planned Features:
    • Create a desktop app to start the server (Current app is inside CraftBukkit folder created)
    • Option to update CraftBukkit from within application. (v 1.1)
    • Auto plugin down-loader (Coming soon)

    Simple video showing some of the programs features, sorry for the no sound :/


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    Removed shortened URL
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    Sorry, Didn't know shortened links were not allowed. Just wanted a download counter :p

    Just reased v 1.1! This one has an option to update bukkit from within the installer. It also allows you too choose what build you want to use on installation.

    I added a youtube video to show how it works some more :D

    Do you guys like it? Don't like it? Can someone give me a bit of feedback please? Lol

    259 downloads as of right now! <3 awesome guys!

    620 Downloads! :D I'll be adding an automajik plugin installer soon featuring some of the widely used plugins like WG and Essentials
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    Nice job peanut P.S. its skylin38
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    Everytime I try to set it up, it says : You cannot start application Bukkit Installer from this location because it is already installed from a different location. How do I find the different location???
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    dint work dont dowload this software its useless
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    After I click Recommended Build, an error message pops up saying "Access to the path... (Path to the Craftbukkit folder) ...was denied. Is there any fix to this?
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    You can port the application to OS X / Linux through Mono. It also seems as if the software doesn't work, if you need help with the code, I might be able to help.

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