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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Camerode, Oct 23, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.16 -> 1.16.5+

    Suggested name: Eagle Site

    What I'd like: A plugin a bit like the Assassin Creed eagle, I'd like a command to bring out the eagle (parrot entity) and change your perspective to their perspective while keeping your character in the same position. I would like for the eagle (parrot entity) to be controllable and visible to other players. I would like the view of the eagle (parrot entity) to be seen just behind the eagle (parrot entity) and is controlled just like a 3rd person would be with flight. I also want the eagle to be able to die/take damage and if it does then it has to heal for 2 mins before it can come back out with the command /eaglesite. However, if it doesn't die then it can be called back out with /eaglesite whenever and is only retrieved when /eaglesite is entered again (a toggle function but with the eagle deaths cooldown). When the player goes into parrot view and leaves character behind I want the character to be able to die, if the character dies then the eagle dies also. Also as shown in the video, if you can mark enemies with a glow effect then that would be amazing!

    Ideas for commands:
    /eaglesite - Command where the parrot spawns on the shoulder, player keeps view until the parrot takes off and then switches into the 3d parrot view.
    /es - Alias command for /eaglesite

    Ideas for permissions:
    eaglesite.bypass - Bypass the cooldown for eagle death
    eaglesite.use - Be able to use /eaglesite

    An overview of how the Eagle (parrot entity) views is on Youtube:

    If something doesn't make sense then please tell me!
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    This is super cool and I really want to do this, especially since I was in love with AC: Odyssey and am currently playing this but no guarantees. Also what happens to your main body in the mean time while you're flying up there?
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    Great to hear! It's for a server I am creating, if you ever want to come and see! (I am a great fan myself :) )

    Anyway, the main body I think should just remain in the position it was left with, so if it was crouching it would remain crouching, standing then it would remain, if it was swimming then they'll just float to the ocean floor.
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    bro can i get an invite to this, private message, because ngl this sounds cool as all hell
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