Duplicate An Item With A Command

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    (If You Want the short version here it is. make a plugin that can duplicate the item in your hand at a cost pre determined in the config file by the owner. or pay 1 diamond to duplicate a stack of redstone. ETC.)

    Now Heres The More In Depth Version!

    Hey Guys, ive thought over a few if my past plugin requests and i think ive revised it enough to be used! So the idea for the plugin now is an item duplicator, as suggested by the title. now what id like to have is a block where you put it in, but since thats not possible, id like to have either a sign or a command to do that. A few examples being /dupli hand or a sign saying {duplicate} on the top row.
    If This is at all possible, id love to work with some people on developing it. i have basic knowledge with eclipse but i think this is more advanced. please take these points into consideration.
    -It Has to be a command or a sign
    -Economy Plugin Capable
    -Have an item to duplicate with(EX. Make 2 Diamonds for 5 pails of lava(lava in inventory))
    -Permissions(Group Manager ETC.)
    -1.3.1 Usable
    -Be able to Pre determin A price to duplicate an item(In The Config File)
    Please comment With ANY QUESTIONS or feedback. if this isn't possible, please tell me so!
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    It's possible to do it with a chest, or with a chest with a sign on it.
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    Ok, Is There A Possiblity You Would Try To Do It?

    oh im sorry. ill remove those. I didnt know you could edit!

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    No, I do not have time.
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    can you reccomend this to someone who may have the time
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    Use world edit and copy, paste
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    You could type /more and get a stack of it
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    BobTheHunted Dude...3 month necrobump... of a year old post...
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    Garris0n Then how did it show up? It still shows up as recent for me...

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